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Found 7 results

  1. Has anyone made (or is anyone planning to make) a tool to edit Xenonauts save files? Doesn't look like they're stored as XML like most of the game data. Such an editor would be kind of kind of useful to experiment with content and soldier stats at this point.
  2. This game badly needs one. Specificly to edit soldiers. why? Because I like to customize them. One thing the new XCOM did right is give you customization options (apperance, name, callsign). Alas, it kinda sucks that the soldiers specilization is not something you can choose, nor can you edit the nationality. It took me a while, and some tweaks (friggin nationalities nad specs), but I managed to create the Expendables team. Arnold "Terminator" Schwartzenkegger - Heavy Dolph "Dragon" Lundgren - Heavy John "Sly" Balboa - Assault Chuck "Allmighty" Norris - Sniper Jason "Transporter" Stahaam - Support Bruce "Die Hard" McLane - Assault etc... I want that in Xenonauts. But in Xenonauts you can't edit the picture/apperance, nor nationality, nor name... That makes me a sad panda.
  3. Maybe its to early to ask but its already been stated that a editor of some sort will be coming with the final game. What kind of editor will this be exactly ? I ask because im trying to change the layout of the base on the battle scape. Some of the facility's seem a little cluttered.
  4. I just found this cool mod that lest you change all the text in the game. I can't believe this one slipped by me all this time. You load the exe files into the editor and them edit away. I'm assuming save the patch file into your xcom folder (I assume) and launch xcom with your customised game. I'm just playing about trying to get it to work at the moment. For some reason I can't get it to work yet??? ANY IDEAS??
  5. Hey, I'm trying to launch the Sub-Map Editor on windowed mode (I have two monitors), but the option is greyed out. Any fix?
  6. For those who have tried out the ground combat map creation tool with the recent builds. If anyone has any tips for making a good map or changes to the tool that may make map making easier please join in My personal experience is limited but I have only found one real problem so far and one thing I would like to add. - Tiles cannot go of the edge of the screen. This causes problems with things like roads. If you need to make and place a separate road section at 1, 2, 3, and 4 tile thicknesses for each direction it is going to slow down map creation and make people give up. My suggestion is to allow certain tiles to clip off the edge of the map, this could be a flag in the tile xml. It is annoying when you get to the end of creating a masterpiece only to realise you are going to have a road that ends four tiles from the screen edge. - No preview of what you are placing. This is a little more difficult to do but it would be nice if you could get a rough image of the object you have selected. May not happen but would be a nice touch.
  7. Currently, a map is seen as a collage of yellow rectangles (the submaps), all labeled with a more or less descriptive text. I suggest that someone who generates a submap can save a thumbnail of it's ingame looks (or a crayon drawing...) to the same folder. This would not 100 % represent the exact submap because obviously, that is chosen at random when a battle map is generated. It would, however, show a generic overview of the level because something barn-like would be some kind of barn, a N-S road would be some kind of N-S road... No true WYSIWYG editor but a huge step towards user-friendliness because you could "see" how the level fits together.
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