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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I will tell something bold about this games development. This game development got issues. More then 3 years passed after Kickstarter ( 2018 June Kickstarter started and they already started to make a game before that, so the development/team was already on it) and you still changing designs.. not little ones, not some details but you still try to figure out how to make the main systems like armor. This kind of big design changes needs a rebalance/recalculations/retests of the whole game and this takes time. And you are just remaking your game... You already gave up many good things like modular old UFO style UFO designs (and now adding a new ufo as modder will be nearly impossible like X-1) and big units, more then 1x1 tile, for both enemies and humans.. You change designs every time when some random people tell you otherwise. You did this at everything, you even changed the whole game to a X-1 remake. You changed, geosphere, air combat, ground combat, management.. everything. Some where good, some where unnecessary, some of them ruined it, some of them gave you much more work load for nothing but old lame UFO nostalgia. I accept to see that in first 3 month maybe but now, you still do it. This is not acceptable. You can't change a design of a very core system like armor in 4. year of development. I don't talk the changes are good or bad, just you can't do it so late. And if you want to see the results of this kind of systems, openxcom got everything you said for long time. You could try to make some mods on it and test how it works. It would not same but you will get the idea. Again, you talked about civillian and soldier armor models to be done. Why would you wait for this kind of basic things which won't change in future after 3 years? You give the model designer what you want and 3D modeler/animator does it. There is no excuse to do it so late still. Development is ultra slow and it does not work as it should, as you already pass the design loooong time ago and you should have all the visuals and you should be finishing the game these days.. I watched some game play videos after your last kickstarter update and the tactical combat was a big "mehh" and dull. I did not see any visual difference then X-1. Animations were bad, not better then X-1 for sure. This is the result of 3 years of development of a direct remake? Original Xcom got a nostalgia factor and for that reason it will live forever with openxcom even the graphics sucks and there is no animations. X-1 is not, for that reason it's dead as an old game, this is normal. The problem is you can't make same game and success same time in 2022. Most of the backers even forgot that X-2 is a thing.. Yes, I know you will release a "game" someday so it's not directly a kickstarter scam BUT there are many kickstarter games tagged "spam" as the development is very slow after 1 year... we are at 3+ years now and the result is, you know.. I just think there is a big management and design problems about this game and you act like a "hoppy" rather then a funded kickstarter project which people expect something from you. This is not professional and even not amateurish right now for me, someone with games for 30 years. If I make sad some people, I am sorry. I just said what I think about this project as one of the greatest fan of X-1 and gave 2+ years to mod it.
  2. 1. Soldiers development system should be changed. - right now they gain 1 point of ech stat every ground combat, so i takes ~40 ground combat missions to make super heroes of whole squad , with ~100 of main stats (tus/ strenght/accuracy), - light scout short missions develop soldiers pretty the same as terror / big ufo / base long missions (maybe stats development and soldier promotions should depend on kills count and current rank of the soldier?) - soldier stat improvement should be more complex / not linear 2. It shame that shrike has the same speed as Chinook and Valyrie. (We can read a fine description abut new landing craft and its superior supersonic engines) Why not to put lets say : Shrike - top speed: 1800 km/h acc: 600 Valkyrie : 3000 km/h acc: 900 and Chinnok 550 km/h acc: 100 ? (It is chopper at last) I have already changed it in game files (it's half minute work). 3. to be continued later...
  3. I'm a software developer (for backend Linux systems... definitely not a game developer), and am curious about some of Xenonauts development practices. Like, what language is it being written in? And does the engine use either OpenGL or DirectX (i.e. is there any possibility of eventually porting it to platforms other than Windows)? And do you guys unit test? I'm a big supporter of unit tests, but have never really thought they'd make as much sense for video game development (where so much of the code is UI) as they do in other contexts. I get the impression that game shops generally use QA teams instead of automated tests. Also, what, if anything, do you use for version control (i.e. subversion, git, etc.), and do your artists commit directly to it too?
  4. I'd like to ask about a few things that relate to the making of a game. 1. What is it like to make a game? Also, what is it like designing the graphics/animations and the story design (Coming up with enemies, weapons, plot, etc.). 2. What level of importance would you rate a story designer and animation/graphics. Also, which do you value most of those to and of all of the other jobs. 3.Would you recommend getting into the gaming industry and graphics/animations and story design sub-jobs. 4. What training would you need to become an animator/graphics designer. 5. What are the day-to-day jobs of an animator/graphics designer. 6. What would be the the job of a story designer. Also, do they have a seperate job or are just part of the team in general. 7. Do you plan to make a sequel. Betuor
  5. Hi ! (incidentally this is my first post here, so I introduce myself briefly : my name is David, I'm French, a programmer, and I looooooved XCOM - so thank you for this wonderful project) I work with an open-source project and we use Jetbrains YouTrack to track bugs and features requests. It's free, and very very good. Cheers, David.
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