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  1. You're very welcome. I love this game, I'm happy to play it before it's released, even if there are still bugs to iron out
  2. No, the mouse works fine (and the game works perfectly if I use the mouse)
  3. When saving the game using the procedure described below, the keyboard stops responding (mapped actions do not trigger, escape key does not show menu, the only thing that works is alt-F4). press escape to show the menu select "save game" from the menu click in the "enter save name" textbox key in a name (I use numbers from 0 to 9) press ENTER and voilĂ ... no keyboard
  4. Hi ! (incidentally this is my first post here, so I introduce myself briefly : my name is David, I'm French, a programmer, and I looooooved XCOM - so thank you for this wonderful project) I work with an open-source project and we use Jetbrains YouTrack to track bugs and features requests. It's free, and very very good. Cheers, David.
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