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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, first of all, I'd like to congratulate you all for X1, it is a game I really (still) enjoy playing, what makes me all the more anxious to play X2, so thanks for making the nerd side of me happy because of the sequel. Well, I really like Turn Based games, and even more so the "Middle-School" ones (Jagged Alliance 2, Silent Storm, etc), so for me Xenonauts was a big deal because it incorporated the approach to turn based that I have always wanted to find on a "light Scientific-Fiction" game, but although I am even currently recording a gameplay series on X1 (With Community Edition and some Mods), I find the game lacking some things, and things that I kinda have spotted again on the X2 Demo. First of all, I think you must have already studied deeply the changes the Community Edition makes to X1. The game itself is the same, but the tweaks make a LOT of difference. Also, the X-Pansion Pack adds some other things that also change the gameplay significantly. It would be an understatement to say that the Flamethrower has changed my way to approach missions, it is not just a "new weapon", it really creates a completely different way to advance and clear spots on ground missions. The AK-47, Alien Weapons Equip Tab, "120 degrees view angle", cover values/colors and other mods/changes make the game even more interesting and intuitive, so I really want to believe that these things were given the attention they deserve by the development team. I have never used the TU reserve tool, maybe I'm good with math or maybe I know that it doesn't reserve turn units for turning so I have never used it, so I ask: Is it really that useful to be kept? Oh, and also please don't use the "Hidden Movement" screen... let us see the enviroment, even though we can't move the camera and do not know what is happening. The "Hidden Movement" kinda breaks my strategy though process, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when Community Edition removed it from X1 and how sad I was to see it back at the X2 Demo. Now, comparing X1 and X2 with other games of the same genre is always a difficult thing to do, because Xenonauts has its own style and charm, but I do think it can be done if carefully, so I will try. After having played Jagged Alliance 2 and Silent Storm 2, the first thing that got me really frustrated with X1 was no strafe/peak mechanic. To be obligated to expose your soldier on corners is extremely frustrating in some situations, specially when inside constructions. I am a fan of smoke grenades, but damn they don't help at all on those situations. I do not think that implementing this mechanic like Jagged Allience 2 and Silent Storm 2 have done will break the feeling of X2, and that's why I am suggesting it here (And I am sure other people have also done the same). One thing I also miss, and that is something Jagged Alliance 2 more than anything made me too used to do is prone. Some weapons like Sniper Rifles and Heavy Machine Guns really must be shot from prone position or from a static setup to have its recoil better dealt with. Also, proning makes it a lot harder to get shot from a distance, which helps a lot in open environment combat. So, I've seen that in X2, now the kneeled position does not give an accuracy bonus anymore (And I'm good with that, although crouching would help to counter the recoil with better leg positioning), but gives a lower chance of getting hit. Would it be interesting to give soldiers a prone position where it is even more difficult for them to get hit and give them an accuracy bonus while using more TUs to get to it? (Of course, the aliens could do it too if desirable) Also from Jagged Alliance 2 (I think the 1.13 Mod gives this) is the ability to "shout" commands to friendly NPCs. In JA2 1.13 you could order friendly NPC combatents to come to your position, to advance and do other stuff that I do not remember right now. Although I would understand if you could not "shout" commands at panicked people, it seems only fair that you could shout something like "COME HERE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE" at the ones that are not. How many times have I seen a civilian run into danger even after I have killed every enemy near it, oh god... and those NPC troops, they like to die, don't they? Welp, just a thought. Now, the most delicate comparison to make: X1/X2 with Xcom EU/Xcom2 You know, when I play one and the other, I already go with different mindsets, because I have found out that one is not a copy of the other and that they even don't have the same approach. That has made all the difference for me and has taught me to enjoy both games in a very singular way. I congratulate you for that feeling, because it must be hard to live in the shadow of a so successful game as Xcom and still be able to make something unique and charming. That said, I still think there are some things that Xcom has that NONE of the other games has gotten even close: The "Action Drama". Xcom EU and Xcom2 look like a movies. You FEEL like playing a movie. Man, I remember when I played the single player campaing of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (COD4) and then after some years I played the Moder Warfare 2 (MW2) Campaing. While the COD4 was enjoyable and got me hooked for its "realism", the MW2 got me hooked because I really felt like I was in an action packed movie. Going back to Xcom (The newer ones of course), things look so franctic sometimes that your adrenaline is kinda always up. The camera movement kinda makes you feel anxious/worried all the time, and although X1 had some tense moments, I never felt really anxious/worried about camera changes or movement along the map. Man, I remember when I played Shadowrun: Dragonfall, I was literally BORED by the camera, and that is even when the game get other things right (And is from my favourite genre). I do not know if anything will or even can be done about this, nevertheless, I though that expressing my opinions about this would not hurt. OBS: Of course, new camera movements and angles without good animations is the same as a beautiful but tasteless pie, so it needs to be carefully adressed. Although I have felt the upgrade from 2D to 3D, it seems to me that some animations are still a little "bland". But the grenade launcher weapon is awesome, the explosion feeling I got when shooting the northern building wall was on point. Also, inspired by the topic made by @visig, Morale is something very interesting to get a little deeper. If you don't know the "Grimy's Morale Mod" for Xcom2, I'll give his description of his own mod: "We Darkest Dungeon Now". What the mod makes is inflict penalties on the morale of every soldier that is the target of an enemy action. Missed shots will give little morale penalties, which can be remedied quickly, but if your soldier is the target of too many actions, even if they miss, it WILL get panicked eventually, so attrition conflicts become extremely inadvisable for any squad, even more so to rookie ones, that have not much experience in fights. In the mod, this morale penalty will carry on when your soldier gets to the base, and besides waiting sometimes DAYS for your soldier to regain its composure, you can only rank it up (which will restore its morale to full) or set him to R&R at the bar in the Avenger ship, which will make its morale (i.e "Will") recover faster. But that's not all, coupled with the mod Realistic Panic Behaviour you will now see your panicked soldiers ducking for cover or running to a cover they sometimes consider to be better suited for his needs. And you know what? Sometimes this saves the soldier, but sometimes this will activate even more enemy pods, getting your troops into a tougher situation that they may not get out of alive. And what do you know, this community is awesome. Reminded by @Obi, one of the things I missed so much in X1 was the Squad Creation from Xcom2. The Squad creation not only makes it more practical to deploy a squad of balanced soldiers, but also makes you kinda have a Squad A, Squad B and Squad C in case of missions. How is that useful? Well, imagine you need to take a squad to a mission, and the mission is not that hard and may be good for training your troops, well, then take squad C! Imagine a Massive UFO has landed nearby, but you feel that a base attack is coming (maybe your air game is not going that well), you can take Squad B to the landed UFO and leave Squad A defending your base! Anyway, the Squad mechanic is something that fits Xcom2 well because soldiers feel very unique and tend to not get that much killed. On X1 at least, I felt soldiers were more of an asset, to be used carefully of course, but an asset nonetheless. It will and must be spent to achieve a goal, so the creation of squads could be something that will leave the player managing the "holes" created from time to time (Don't get me wrong, I still feel that managing the "holes" left by KIA would be better than manually assigning them everytime you want to make a change on the deployment troops, as it is on X1). Also, on the newer Xcom series, the soldiers are very unique, so the creation of a balanced or specialized squad feels a lot more important than I think it would on X2 IF the only major differences between the soldiers are the stats and the weapons (As it would be on a realistic approach, and as X1 has used). All in all, I think squad creation would only add to the game. God knows how much time I have already spent selecting troops for missions on X1. (The full squad mechanic can be found on my answer at @Obi's post) I'm a guy that plays Xcom2 with 100+ mods + Long War, and sincerly, there are sooooo many interesting things there that I don't even exaclty know what could or couldn't/should or shouldn't be adapted to Xenonauts 2. About the Xenonauts Demo itself: I have read a topic about the performance and the answer that it will be fixed in the future, and that made me happy, because although I can run Xcom2 on my PC on minimal settings and enjoy playing it, It felt really weird to play X2 on fastest setting and still feel a little bit lagged. I also really enjoyed the Ctrl+Shift mechanic to see how shots will be taken from a position. I have indeed found myself in some positions while playing X1 where this would have helped me, so keep it, pretty please. (But the 4 TUs to crouch got me by surprise, I really though a soldier of mine was going to die after I had reserved only 3 TUs) I cannot remember anything else I wanted to say about X1 and X2, but there could be some that I've forgotten. If so, I'll edit (and leave it explicit) this post if I remember it. Then again, I hope you guys manage to finish X2 and create a game as charming as X1 was. I'll be waiting anxiously for it, you bet. Thanks for the patience (big topic, eh?) Jocko PantaleĆ£o PS: If you want to watch some X1 Gameplay with Community Edition and X-Pansion Pack, search for NIWIADGaming on youtube o/ Edit 1: Inpired by @visig, I have put my Morale thoughts here too, thanks man! I have also added some small but ultimately not important paragraphs and identation. Edit 2: Reminded by @Obi, I have put the my Squad thoughts here.
  2. So, how do the two compare? What makes them both different? One thing I notice is that Xenonauts doesn't have leg or shoulder inventory slots. Yes, UFO:EU, not XCOM:EU
  3. Alright so I found out yesterday Firaxis is making a new Xcom called Enemy Unkown that is supposed to be very close to basically the best game ever, 94's UFO Defense. So I become ecstatic, after figuring out how to download and setup the original and a few hours of that I started thinking about the choice of PC vs Console, which led me to do more research on the game, which led me to Xenonauts. Another Xcom: UFO Defense type game. SO my question is whats up with that? I am getting the impression that Xenonauts is going to be a very close replication of the original with a different story line and a bunch of different proper nouns. Firaxis's game seems to claim to be going for a replica while slighltly simplifying the game (only one base, 4-6 man teams, no time units, which they may be able to make work). I seem to be able to find more information on Xcom: Enemy Unknown though, so could you guys help me out and give me a detailed response comparing the two?
  4. 1. In the original x com, my soldier would stop what he was doing when he first saw a particular alien, instead of continuing to walk out into the open and draw avoidable reaction fire. I do not want to play this game moving my soldiers one square at a time just to avoid this! -I'm told this was a bug and the game does this already. 2. In the original, the rocket launcher could level most earth-made small buildings, or at least open wide passages into the walls and/or destroy any cover, but the blast radius on the Xenonauts version seems much smaller, and usually only destroys one tile in the center, if it even does that. I'm not sure why I should continue to bring the thing along. 3. In the original, the equipment that was brought to a mission was the same even if one of my soldiers was killed or wounded. I only needed to make sure that another soldier was equipped, and later in the game, armored. In Xenonauts, I have to remember what that soldier was equipped with, go to the soldiers screen, make sure the replacement has the same equipment, equip the replacement to the Chinook, go to the load out screen, and finally look at where the new guy is sitting in the helicopter. It's a lot of work if I lose a guy. There's certainly some improvement in that there's a load out screen at all, and in that there's a point to equipping your guys with more than one type of weapon, but I think this process needs to be streamlined in some way. I posted in another thread that it would be nice to see and modify a soldier's equipment from the Chinook load out screen, but I'm sure there are other ways. 4. Should I be worried about base layout in case of alien reprisal? 5. I like the idea of the iron man mode, but it should be implemented differently. Instead of greying out the save feature, allow me to overwrite the previous save. Sometimes I really needed to put the game down, and coming back to it and losing the last 2 ground missions I did was very frustrating. It also kind of defeats the purpose if I can just quit and load an auto-save from before the mission started. So, change the "quit" option to, "save and quit." 6. I'm hesitant to bring this up, since the end game content hasn't been implemented, but without being able to screen for 90%+ psi-defense soldiers, and depending on a psi defense that gets cut the moment one of your guys gets mind controlled and starts killing his teammates (morale), I think there ought to be more stun weaponry in the game, or at least the late game. Something light weight (So I can give it to most of my troops as a sidearm) and with a short range. Either that or my personal armor out to be able to take a few of my own shots, even on the harder difficulties. Or both. I like the game. I hope you can iron out everything before your expected release date.
  5. After playing yall's game, X-Com just isn't the same. It kindof sucks. So many things are outdated and/or missing. I think yall have done an excellent game so far, can't wait to see the finished product.
  6. Hi There, I found out about Xenonauts from Steam where I play a lot of the old X-Com games and it was just after the Paypal Fiasco. Am looking forward to being able to pre-order so I can a) help fund getting the game complete but b) more importantly actually playing the game. One thing I wondered was what do the developers and people who have access already think the key differences are between this game and the X-Com style, free game (UFO Alien Invasion). I guess this is a nice opportunity to "sell" the game to me albeit chances are as soon as pre-order comes back I'll be ponying up some cash but let's assume for a second I'm not ;p
  7. I mean, I get it, this is fan remake of first game. But I fricking hate it when people are like "FINALLY true successor to XCOM series!", "I've been disappointed with XCOM fan games, but this one looks like it will actually be good" and "Finally good XCOM game after TFFD!" First point because of two reasons 1) Nothing can replace XCOM to me, to me only true XCOM game is good XCOM game with the name XCOM ( New game coming by Firaxis does change some features causing me being annoyed, but still better than FPS one and it does show promise in some respects) 2) I don't want to play XCOM clone games and comparing to original game, did everyone compare FPS when they were called "Doom clones" to Doom all the time? I want XCOM type games to be good on their own and not just because people are feeling nostalgic. Third point because my first and favourite XCOM game is XCOM Apocalypse(I still love original one, TFFD not so much because I don't feel like its true sequel) It feels kind of lonely with people hating it simply because they have nostalgia for first game, probably no helped by the fact that first sequel is basically expansion pack with all original weapon reskinned and slightly altered along with altered enemies to make game unbalancedly hard because developers didn't know about difficulty bug in original game. I've played other XCOM spiritual successors/fan remakes. I played UFO: Afterwhateverfirstgamewascalled and UFO: Alien Invasion. And I liked those. But not because I considered them "Worthy successors" but because they stand out as their own games. UFO: Afterwhatever series is essentially XCOM with Realtime with pause gameplay and conquering areas and such. UFO: Alien Invasion is freeware remake of first game(and its still in development), but with some many things changed/upgraded that it doesn't feel like its copy of original, it feels distinct enough that I don't feel annoyed. Though admittedly, if someone did remake of XCOM Apocalypse with all originally intended features in, I'd probably start worshiping that guy too Anyway, my point is that I feel like this game is ruined for me by people who keep claiming its "true/worthy/only successor" to XCOM series. Though people do that to UFO: Alien Invasion too so I'll probably get over it. There is that I haven't played Xenonauts much yet because loading times are too long at least last time I played. Also, game needs to be able to hold on as its own game, not just because fans want to play original game again. But considering that all XCOM fan games have so far felt like their own game(with exception of maybe Open Xcom and such games that are visually identical to first game I got no good words at those, if I want to play original XCOM, I play original XCOM.) BTW, why is it that all XCOM fan games have more realistic military style than original game? Original game was pretty much playing as G.I.Joes only with high casualty rate.
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