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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, I tried to search this forum for my idea but was not successful (this doesn't mean I am not dump) Inspired how this is done in Rise of Flight with community skins - it would be great if there will be possibility of voting about integrating sub-maps created by community into game. This would greatly increase sub-maps library and thus levels would be more random. It should looks like following : there will be separate thread for each sub-map and creator of sub-map will post source code as well as screen shots and some justification of this map. And we will vote if we wants to have this in the game or not. If there will be at least 50 or 100 votes then result will be valid. These sub-maps could also be added in form of patches after release What do you think guys?
  2. Was thinking about the Mascot thread, and it occurred to me that the Xenonauts have no motto! Now as far as I know, most armies, companies, etc. have a motto of some sort. I was thinking maybe some of the community might have some ideas as to what could be a good motto? I reckon it'd have to be one which isn't used by any existing service, and should probably be in English or Latin (one is quite universally spoken, and the game will come out in English, and the second is well known to add that extra touch to mottos and sayings) So if you can think of any cool/bad arse/motivational mottos, lets hear them! Happy posting!
  3. OK, so for the purposes of this thread, we won't be discussing changing the suppression to a "by bullet" system as I want to give this one a run first (and it gives us more leeway to tweak burst fire and how that works). How do people like suppression at the moment? Is it useful? The other thread suggests some people find it too easy to suppress units - is this generally the case? Also, peculiar behaviour - firing at close range can lead to you suppressing your own troops, including those behind the shooter. I can imagine that's a bit weird - are there other odd behaviours I should know about?
  4. Since the issue is near and dear to my heart, I'll hang on to all that expended brain sweat. =) Flat attribute boosts would be a Bad Idea™ because they annihilate the need for soldier experience. What is a much better approach is to let an armour give a % increase to a stat. A 130% strength armour is not going to turn a 30 strength soldier into the Hulk. It only goes up to 39. This way a heavy suit of armour can let a soldier use very heavy weapons that unaugmented soldiers can't use or can't use very well. For the really good stuff you still need a naturally strong soldier, though, so soldier experience always stays valuable.
  5. I've narrowed down the T-shirt discussion to my shortlist of three possible T-shirt designs. I'm going to open this for voting and leave it open until the Kickstarter goes live, so everyone has a chance to have their voice heard. The community's choice is not necessarily final, but I'm pretty sure I'll go with it. The designs are intentionally simple, so that people can wear them anywhere. I think that means they'll appeal to the largest number of people come Kickstarter time. Please vote using the attached poll.
  6. So, I've spent a good ten minutes coming up with T-shirt designs and I was wondering what preferences people have? I'm only going to be offering one T-shirt type with the KS, as that's the only way we'll get any economies of scale. Offering multiple ones would mean we'd just have multiple short runs and the shirts would be very expensive. I've gone for a black T-shirt because it's the game's colour and everyone looks good in black. Ideally I want a T-shirt that is subtle enough that people will be happy actually wearing it. This is what I've come up with so far. Thoughts, anyone? I'm personally leaning towards #1 simply because it's obviously a Xenonauts T-shirt, but at the same time it's a bit more subtle than #4.
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