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Found 5 results

  1. I feel that weapons and equipment are way too light at the moment. Even the weakest rookies can carry pretty much everything needed. I can give first aid kits, tons of grenades and extra ammo to everybody. Shield guy can carry two shields, a stun baton, a pistol, some c4, extra ammo, grenades and first aid kit. A standard assault rifle guy can pack a rocket launcher, couple of rockets and grenades without breaking a sweat. A strong heavy weapon dude should be encumbered when carrying a machinegun and few belts of ammo. Strenght needs to mean more. Weak soldiers should only be able to carry a main weapon, few extra clips and grenades. This would make choosing new tropps harder than looking for highest TU's or ACC and also make designated medics a viable choice.
  2. So, I'd like the reverse of what it shows now. How much weight you can put on BEFORE a negative effect kicks in. The way I play this game are by adding grenades and stuff on my soldiers until they reach their max carrying capacity before negative effects, and the minor annoyonce of clicking one grenade too many, and removing the last one to make sure I've maxed my carry capacity is starting to become a mayor nuisance.
  3. So, I have finally bought the game on steam. I couldn't resist. And I must say, so far it's fantastic! Brings back so many memories. Still. I have some questions. 1. I have noticed that all the characters gets a stat increase after each mission. Those who survive at least. But I'm wondering, is it possible to see those stat increases anywere on the geoscape / base menu? 2. You can only have 8 soldiers on the ship. But I'm wondering why? It looks like there is enough room on the ship. I don't have a tank, so I should be able to cram in some more soldiers right? Is this hardcoded in some way? I had some more questions, but I have been drinking.. so I forgot them
  4. Hey folks, I'm trying to mod the game to try out a few things and I was wondering if anybody could help. Firstly I want to make the aircraft carry as many troops as possible. I figure for the Chinook this is 18, given the capacity. However I have not seen any of the other aircraft on the battle map, so I was wondering if somebody could tell me how many squares of capacity they have, assuming it is more than they have in the stock game. Secondly I want to make hangars and F-17s cheaper, but I can't find where this is on the XML, or which XML to look for. Any help much appreciated.
  5. One of the things I've been thinking about as a result of the "Is Unlimited Ammo a Good Thing?" thread is the soldier carrying capacity. Ultimately, having to manage soldier ammo on the strategic layer is a pretty boring thing in my view. Managing it on the ground combat should be a bit different, though. Ammo is something that the player should be worrying about, both in terms of how much is currently in their gun and how much the soldier is carrying. At the moment neither of these things are a major gameplay consideration. The first change we'll likely make then is to reduce the ammo capacity of each weapon, so you can no longer go entire missions without reloading. This will be most pronounced in the manufactured weapons, but the ballistic weapons will also have their ammo capacity reduced somewhat too (realism stops us going too far though). The bigger change will be to the soldier carrying capacity. At the moment, it is defined by a soldier's strength. A newly recruited rookie can't carry that much gear into battle, whereas an experienced soldier can carry pretty much anything he can cram into his inventory. Even if we ignore the fact it's a logical fail that a soldier can spend 20 minutes jogging around a combat zone and come back looking like Muscles Manmountain, but is incapable of gaining strength in any other way, it's not good for the game. The problem is that we can't make items too heavy, otherwise new soldiers won't be able to use them. But then that means that after a few missions, the experienced soldiers have a big enough carrying capacity that they can just take whatever they want to battle. Effectively, the only limit on the amount of ammo and grenades they can carry is their inventory size. I therefore am going to set all soldiers to have a fixed carrying capacity, probably 25-30kg each. This will not increase with time. The weights will be rebalanced to fit this. I want to create a situation where the player has to actually choose between a grenade and an extra ammo clip. We can do this two ways. We can either set a fixed value that is identical for each soldier...or we can keep it governed by Strength, and change the soldier progression system so that Strength can't increase. The latter would give you some variety between soldiers, but a soldier who isn't that strong will never become strong. I'm quite liking the second idea. Also, Strength doesn't really do much in the game at the moment. If we change carrying capacity that way, it's possible it might just become a "hidden" stat for each soldier that isn't displayed - the problem being that if soldiers have a visible stat that can't increase, it might confuse them. I'm probably going to include this change in an "experimental" hotfix so we can see how it works before implementing it into the main code.
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