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  1. Game still unplayable. Current version is v22b2, and healing is a guaranteed crash to desktop.
  2. this is the first time in exp. build testing I've found the game to be unplayable and broken due to the accuracy. Worst sentence ever follows: -After basically firing and hitting the graphics of the alien 3 times in the row for over 50 shots without doing damage, not only once but twice, on the same map; and having alien crouching one tile away dropping my accuracy from 95% to 22%, or other times have accuracy increase as you move further away and basically pistol whipped every alien since shooting doesn't actually do anything anymore, I've given up this build after just one day.
  3. k, played 2 light scout missions in the new build, this what I found so far: (Setup used 8x rookie soldiers with shield, 3x all nades, and a 3clip handguns.) Major bugs: - Can't throw any grenade from outside a building into ANY tile within it who has a roof over it. Not even if its the tile next to your soldier. -Another UFO door bug, this time its the round after you've opened the door and closed it in the first round. This round to refresh and see whats inside it(or even register the aliens as target), you need to step inside it.(effectively possibly suiciding whomever volunteers). Oh, and if flash and smoke worked reliably against all aliens I'd use that instead of the close/open door, but eh, u know, it doesn't. Minor bugs: - Soldier with medkit in belt could not access it. Or remove hand gun. Had to drop gun to floor, and medkit, pickup medkit, use it, and get gun. Trying to reverse the process made the medkit unaccessable on the floor.(to any soldier attempting) This did not happen in similar situation on the 2nd scout mission thou. Then just putting the medkit over the handgun swapped positions like it should - Hand gun range. Artifact of the new mechanics; but is a hand gun from point blank really only gonna give me 20% chance to hit, while stepping 3 tiles back made it 55%? Also not consistent, with another identically geared and skilled rookie soldier I got the usual 90% chance to hit from point blank at the same target. - Playing the game from Windows Vista(windowed) the game goes into transparent "does not respond" mode if you click outside it while mission is loading. A minor bug as it fixes itself when mission is loaded, but still... 3 annoyances: - Reaction shot killed the alien from the first soldier queued to do so. The remaining guys shot the ground(or tried to) instead of cancelling their reaction shot on an already dead enemy(could be a bug, but would have been annoying if those reaction shots could have been saved for a secondary alien) -the C,R,A,S,H soldier setups look like crap. The fonts, the glaring red color, game nearly unplayable without the replacement mod once you've tried it. Why not upgrade this? - So, in old X-Com I liked to play my missions trying to enhance my guys in reaction, strength, accuracy and so on. Meaning the more I hit, threw nades or reaction fired, the greater my increase in the skill could possibly be. As it stands in this game now, I know that my guy will only get 1 point in reflexes even if he empties 2 clips as reaction shots in the mission. The maxing out of gear carried to get the guaranteed strength point...and so on. The lack of variable skillset and ability in my soldiers makes me quite frankly care less if they die or live. They are completely interchangeable anyway for any role.
  4. Since 3 incidents, very much in the vein of the original X-Com just happened to me in this mission I felt I should make a post about it in case there's some simple tweaks to the AI that still need to be made. 1. Early on I had a alien spawning inside a hayball. Not sure he was able to move, I basically pointed guns in the position he should be until he was dead, dead, dead. Me likes target practice. 2. Even earlier a silly farmer ran from his position into open fire...twice. And died. Did he died? Yes he did, me thinks a civilian farmer knows how fire looks and knows its bad, bad, bad. So why did he go there? Why oh why indeed. Stop giving me negative points I cant prevent, you civilian silly-person you. 3. Oh holy Spagetti Monster!, first time ever in Xenonauts, but I just had what I thought was a regular "killing the UFO crew sweep and mission end"- moment but it was about to drag on forever. There was a missed alien somewhere, spent almost 10 rounds sweeping the map for the last bugger hiding in a dark shadow close to my drop ship of all things. He must have lost his purse. I almost felt like I was back on a X-Com Terrors from the Deep Ship Mission. Everything missing was a dark spot behind some fridge in the kitchen. ye'all know what Im talking about. Yay for nostalgia.
  5. Game still crashes to desktop if you click soldier equipment tab right after a mission has been complete. (doesn't seem to matter if your dropship is still returning from mission, or just landed) Going into base, and then clicking soldier equipment tab will work. Same bug as reported in 19.7(and persistent in every exp build so far)
  6. the 15 TU cost at the moment is not a good solution. Its also silly for every other door in the game besides the UFO door. I can buy the fact that a intricate UFO door might take some more time to open, but a standard wooden door on any other building? Thats fail. (adding in the limited suppresion effect from flashbangs as of 19.7, whoever first fires into the UFO from outside will be gunned down by any other alien in there alive(which usually means all of them))
  7. So, I'd like the reverse of what it shows now. How much weight you can put on BEFORE a negative effect kicks in. The way I play this game are by adding grenades and stuff on my soldiers until they reach their max carrying capacity before negative effects, and the minor annoyonce of clicking one grenade too many, and removing the last one to make sure I've maxed my carry capacity is starting to become a mayor nuisance.
  8. I've also have this bug happening. A crashsite will often spawn multiple locations. The "false one" will move with the movement of the globe like a bug stuck at your windshield. If you click it, the game will crash. A save/load will often clear it up
  9. Yeah, Im thinking its my system. Using a rather old Windows XP 32bit, and its basically an artifact of the game locking up the system while loading ground combat.(the window shows "game not responding" while loading. Game never fails during this, so its minor. Thou its new for 19.7 The bug reported earlier about the CTD is reproducable. Almost 100% of the time the game will CTD if I click soldier tab after chopper returning with my troops from a mission. If I first enter base from another tab, and then click soldiers, this will not happen.
  10. Persistent bug all thru' every build I've tried so far: CTD bugs still rampant, and hard to pinpoint. Set the scene for the one that just happened to me. Troop transport returned after cleaning up one of two crash sites. Saving game after fighters have downed the 2nd light scout. And when clicking the soldier tab from geoscape to prepare squad for the 2nd engagement, game crashes. Noticed CTDs almost always happens linked to the troop tab, close to/or after a save and/or after a mission have returned bonus bug: New bug introduced in 19.7 - I play the game in windowed mode(might happen in fullscreen too), and whenever mission loads now, the game goes transparent or shows whatever is behind the window until ground combat is fully loaded
  11. Loving almost every change to the game in this build. Been awesome. Smoke Grenades in particular are just pitch perfect. Early on, I regularly lose 1-3 soldiers, unlike none in the previous build, which is much more interesting. Met 9 aliens in my very first mission this time around, and it decimated half my team. Epic! Its roughly how these missions should go with a novice squad The two minor hiccups: -Flashbangs. As mentioned by others, these are underpowered now, and you cant incapacitate a light scout interior with them, which makes them in effect useless. Still, since aliens seems to cheat with their TUs from suppression, and its a work in progress, not even sure this is an issue worth mentioning. Assume it will be ironed out -Smoke grenades triggering explosive equipment on the ground. Or whatever causes the immediate destruction of half my team on some missions. I often find myself dropping a smoke in front of a UFO entrance, and I believe this is an effect of the nade' exploding a possible alien grenade on the ground. Whatever it is, a visual indicator would be helpful if the game believes throwing a smoke into an area might cause the detonation of an object there.
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  13. I can confirm this bug. Its not any particular soldier. If you save the game during transferring of any troops, the game will CTD upon loading from that save
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