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  1. At the beginning of the mission, all my soldiers appear as if they have no shields. There are four guys in the screenshot below: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/579024353773895818/1627BF5EC301036E4B7069CC08B39EC429BB8F9C/ Reloading the save fixed the problem. [ATTACH]4067[/ATTACH] disappeared_shield.sav disappeared_shield.sav
  2. A brand-sparkling new game, started in v22 experimental 5. Anyway, I suppose this is nothing new, as I remember the same issue being there intermittently from version to version, now it seems to be back once more though. Water tiles are black. Not a huge issue, but looks rather unfinished. Screenshots attached. System specs: core i7 920, Geforce 750Ti (forceware driver version 335.23), two displays and running the game in fullscreen mode at 1920x1080 ps. About the reporting. I'll do better next time. I promise.
  3. hello, when i load or go to this mission and im in fullscreen the game crash. When i in the window-mode the game crash not. by the way not by all resolutions is the window-mode available. Here are the save: http://www.mediafire.com/download/u2a75i7579z82p5/2014-01-26_05.06.26.zip i don't know how i to uploaded here so i use mediafire.
  4. I do meet the systems requirements for this Xenonauts. However, when I started the game, the main menu flashed with a black screen lasting several seconds. I cannot play the game like this. My system is Windows 7, and I have 2 GB RAM. I also restarted Steam, and it did not solve the problem. I also waited a couple minutes, it didn't work. I ran Xenonauts in a window, and not in a window. Nothing is working! My version is v20 Hotfix. I also uploaded a video on youtube to elaborate. Here's the link: If the video is not working, just use your imagination.
  5. So, I started a brand new game, (Normal Difficulty with Ironman), queued up some new base construction, then proceeded to modify each class loadout to suit my style, and applied it across the board. A UFO popped up within the first game day, and I shot it down. When I went to land at the crash site, all the 'nauts were sporting their original default loadout, complete with flares in the quickslot. I may have heard of similar bugs, but not in this particular circumstance. (Sorry if this is a known issue).
  6. Sometimes during game if I click on my base and then choose to check the equipment of my soldier game crash and close suddenly. Yesterday I've had fun on attack the alien base in north america, so I kill all the aliens and run to the Control Room and the commander it's on the back the room and the 2 guard on left and right. So I choose to open the door shoot and close it, I did it like 20 times always damage the guard on the right and then end turn. It was like he always get health stats on full every time I close the door of the control room, if I run suddenly in the room and burst fire it go down on first shoot.
  7. I've been playing on easy, mostly just to see how much is already there and I noticed an number of very odd things after I attack an alien base. I cleared out all aliens (including stunning some with electro grenades, including the officer). First thing I noticed was that the text on the right hand side of the mission finish screen was overlapping. Then I noticed that my troop carrier was not returning to base. He just sat where the alien base was; I sent him back manually. I then noticed that I couldn't click on any of the base functions from the Geo screen. I went to full speed, a bombing and terror mission appeared, but they weren't on the map and I couldn't send anyone. Then the game crashed. I turned out it was crashing on Autosave. I reloaded from the last save (still in alien base) and all the above happened again. Even saving manually causes a crash. I was planning to put offer a save, but I managed to delete them all (oops) while messing around with beta settings in steam. I'm going to start the game again and see if I reproduce this.
  8. Local forces invite the Xenonauts to a mission. Selected deploy team from North Africa No icon shown for the mission. Chinook goes to the soviet union , where the mission presumably is/was. Chinook sits there with near infinite fuel. There are no other interceptions for the next week and a half and the game finally CTD around 24/9.
  9. I had a soldier killed in my first mission. The chinook is returning to base. I select the replacement soldier for the one killed on at the base. I then go to a new crash site without returning to base, and my new recruit is part of the team.
  10. I was assaulting an alien base and my armored car got blown up in the first corridor, blocking the way for my troops. To clear the wreckage, I placed a C4 charge next to it and took cover behind the corner. To much of my suprise, the explosion not only cleared the wreck but also turned my explosive expert into chunky salsa. Here's a recreation of the bug: http://imgur.com/a/B8vGh
  11. Just caught one of my soldiers doing that. This [edit]also happened sometime before in previous build, didn't end so well either - some poor dude walked through a wall right into an office building and crashed into a copier, remained stuck there until the rest of the battle. I suppose the salvage team had to cut him out of there afterwards. Seriously though, I think this is related to how some stupid aliens end up stuck in various farm equipment. save files: http://share.cx.com/KpYkzg
  12. First mission in v20, my guys suddenly can see through the light scout hull, and at an unusually long distance at that!
  13. This one's pretty simple, so I don't think I need to upload a save, or anything. Basically put, I have my sniper take a second-floor so I can have the sniper... well, snipe. It's a night mission, and I want to see, so I have him shoot out the window and chuck a flare as far as he can. The appearance of a parabolic arc later, the flare is lighting up the street across the way. Except when I toggle down a floor (you guys really need to make it possible to set scroll-down to the mouse wheel,) I find that the flare disappeared. It turns out, the flare levitates. Although it's more "unimplemented feature" than "bug", as well, you can throw onto the roof of a multi-story building at the same distances you can throw across a level field.
  14. So I just bought the game an hour ago, waited for the download to finish, and I can't open it. I downloaded it on Windows format, and did everything I should have. The file doesn't even show up as anything, just as a text document. Did I download it wrong and is there a way I can re-download my game without paying for it twice?
  15. Local forces have kindly shot down a UFO for me. Just as my Chinook is approaching to land on the mission, a UFO appears above the site. It's just like the terror missions. The shot down alien head icon remains. I complete the ground mission. UFO breach is part of the mission. The airborne UFO is still on the map and begins to move off. It was a Light Scout Sebillian mission, so I would not have expected it to behave as a terror mission.
  16. Hey! Having some problems with electroshock nades going off as smoke. Happened to me today at least 3 times, and once an alenium nade went off as smoke as well. I was trying to pinpoint the behavior behind this, and it seems that if you switch the nade selection in belt right after you throw something else, it might affect the detonation. So, in a nutshell: Smoke going off in enemy feet after ending the turn, even tho Im 100% certain that I've only thrown electroshock nades there Playing in Ottawa terror mission, using huge amount of smoke and electroshock grenades. I hope this bug is known already, and is being fixed
  17. I recently picked up Xenonauts on steam and when I try playing the game it lags severely, but that's not the main problem. For some reason the Title screen is flashing with between it and the geoscape before I have even selected new game(lag making it unplayable). Keep in mind my PC is within the system specifications. Help would be really appreciated.
  18. - Following a successful mission, the little alien head icon will remain on the Geoscape. A save and reload clears it. - An interception is successful. Little alien head appears. Upon zooming into the location, a second alien head appears. It's as if one is at one zoom level and one is available at the highest zoom. Upon selecting intercept, boit alien icons have mission options. - UFO crashed at sea, but is available for a mission (had a few of these now in 19.5) Save Game :- http://www.sendspace.com/file/kxevvc
  19. It's the end of October. The first corvette has been destroyed. The interception mission said it had crashed at sea. There's a mission icon on the geoscape. I click on one of the icons to equip my soldiers. CTD
  20. Check out this save - my guys are going to a landed medium ufo mission right next to an alien terror attack, the thing is that after i successfully finish this mission i get several messages that there is a terror attack (i click on "center on event and set time to 5-seconds" button), one immediately after another, and then i get a message that terror attack is successfully thwarted. I reproduced this bug three times already with different terror (or is it "panic"?) missions and landed medium ufos. Is there a reason they all land next to a terror missions or is it just me being lucky? This is the save from ground combat just finish couple of aliens in the ufo and then check out those messages on Geoscape.
  21. i'm trying to throw a grenade inside medium ufo through a door that has no "open" tooltip (the door that separates furthest section of this ufo). I'm throwing it by cpt. JONATHAN VESSEY to closest alien. See savegames - this one for throwing grenade and this one for door with no tooltip. Grenade just flies out of the ufo and explodes at top left map corner
  22. I'm suffering extended delay when I successfully end the mission (before the Mission End screen appears). In V18 Steam stable, it happened only occasionally and the delay lasted for about 10 seconds after my final move and the screen appearing. Now in Experimental, it happened to me each time, and the delay was between about 30 and 60 seconds. It's nothing major, but it's a real nuisance. Also, after I ended my move and after the NPCs have moved (the Hidden Movement screens are all gone and there's nothing going on movement- and sound-wise anymore), there's a delay of a couple of seconds before I'm able to move. The screen is already scrolled to center my activated soldier, but the AP are still visibly reduced in all the mini-stat-displays from the last move. After 1 to 3 seconds or so, the AP visibly fill up and then I'm able to act. This wasn't the case with the stable build, either. I can't say if the 2 delays are related, tho.
  23. When in a terror mission in Cairo the last alien left was a reaper minion, but when I killed it (and saw the Reaper spawn animation) the mission ended in success. Essentially, I won despite a reaper being left on the map. Don't know if this has been mentioned before, or if it is a general problem or specific to my play through. Was ironman, no saves. Nothing else out of the ordinary at the time.
  24. Whenever i complete a mission either by killing all xenos or holding a UFO the game freezes (either looking at the last thing i looked at, or on the hidden movement screen if i have held a ufo for 5 turns) strangely if i exit and re start from the auto save the missionwill play through and end normaly, this isnt a huge deal but having to play 3 in every 4 missions twice. gets boring and irritating...
  25. Hi, if I pick the crashsite or charlie over the crashsite and then choose the crashsite, the game shut down with error. http://www.file-upload.net/download-7585672/2013-05-11_21.46.53.zip.html
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