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  1. Sometimes during game if I click on my base and then choose to check the equipment of my soldier game crash and close suddenly. Yesterday I've had fun on attack the alien base in north america, so I kill all the aliens and run to the Control Room and the commander it's on the back the room and the 2 guard on left and right. So I choose to open the door shoot and close it, I did it like 20 times always damage the guard on the right and then end turn. It was like he always get health stats on full every time I close the door of the control room, if I run suddenly in the room and burst fire it go down on first shoot.
  2. Nope, not in email, nor in spam, I check already all day, I have receipt of humble payment but not the key for activate it on steam. If you need I'll give you id of the transaction.
  3. yep, sorry for my bad english as per early access I mean the development prerelease build of Xenonauts.
  4. Hello, I was thinking that they send me an email with an activation key for steam but I still not get any email, you guys did preorder it and how much long you had to wait for get the key for early access ?
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