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Found 14 results

  1. Background pictures (scientist, engineer, ...) should offer several versions based on game progress. I think the game is about progress and discovering new things, the background pictures takes serious amount of gameplay time but they are still the same. Result is, game feels static, frozen in time - boring. Proposal : Make a system where background picture and responsible person are two entities. Then - link the background picture to general game progress - make 4-6 versions showing new tech or even some destruction (after base attacked) - link person visuals to projects done - engineer build an air-plain >> put WW1 air-plain googles on; scientist make research of lizards - his hand is bitten off and replaced by artificial steel hand. and so on. I can make dozens of these in no time. :-] Target is clear I guess, offer variety for players and some fun on top. Avoid static scrreen for whole gameplay - it is specially deadly for re-playability. Also would be nice make background a form of animated gif. e.i. a small moving parts in a loop. Which helps remove the static feel of the whole base interface. Thanks for reading
  2. Sorry for "noob question" but can not find any recipe / script to extend base building space (more than 6x6) in content of topics in the Forum GHI... Is it possible and how to do it? Thank you in advance
  3. Hey! Just started playing Xenonauts after quite some time. Right off the bat when building your first base the 3 circles around the center of your base puzzle me and all tutorials, manuals and similar sort of documentation I could dig up only show outdated versions where there is only one circle. Please explain the circles to me as seen on the picture: My assumption after giving it a quick think: 1) Interceptor or Landing Craft 2) Interceptor or Landing Craft 3) Radar range Please help! Cheers! *** Update *** Correct answer:
  4. So I go to make some plane hangars in my 2nd base, and decide to change the layout a bit. I rotate two hangars to face sideways and place them, and everything seems fine. UNTIL the planes ship in, as they are surprisingly squat. That's when I realize that this happens with all the base room art. The rotation effect doesn't actually rotate the images, but just squishes them, as seen in the following two pictures: Steps to reproduce: 1) In either your initial base or a new base, build a new room that is two by one squares. 2) "Rotate" the room in the planning phase by turning your mousewheel. 3) Select the location of the room by clicking on two unoccupied horizontal squares. 4) Notice the room's art is the same rotation of the initial art, but just flattened. Suggested fixes: Well, obviously, actual rotation of the art would be be preferred. But while on the subject, is there any way to get a tool tip here on rotating the pieces of the base? I mean, I had no clue I could do this for quite some time. Additionally, some overlay arrows showing the facing of the rooms would be helpful once rotation is in.
  5. I've not bothered with building base defences. Partly, it's because I need every cent to build other things. Partly, it's because I like getting the loot from all the aliens. But for this post, it's partly because I've never been that convinced they do enough damage to justify their use. Has anyone else been using them in Xenonauts. If so, do you notice a marked improvement in defending your bases.
  6. Is there a source of specific information within the game that details exactly what each base building does? For example I've had a few questions pop in my mind while playing: -Something that tells how much storage space is provided by the storeroom -Something Describes what the missile battery actually does so that the player can determine if they need/want more than one in their base. Is it for interior defense, or exterior defense -Describing which buildings allow access into the base (IE hanger/garage; both, one or the other) -What a medical center actually does (increase recovery times i would imagine) To solve this, i think either a new xenopedia section should be created specifically for buildings, or to incorporate tool tips when the mouse is hovering over the structures. Just a thought to address some of my confusions, otherwise I have been thoroughly enjoying the game throughout its development.
  7. I built a second base in C America, the first being in Middle East. I added 8 troops to the second base, and later on began to train 2 of them. Upon trying to allocate troops for a mission, I found I could only allocate 5 of them. On entering the battlescape I found that the Chinook contained duplicates of my troops. I have been able to complete two missions from this base with no crashes. Possibly related to transfer bug reported earlier, but I didn't see any note of duplicate troops in another thread. Will post screens/save game when I get a chance.
  8. UFOextender for the original X-COM has this neat feature where you can plan base structures in advance. The construction of queued structures will start as soon as they get connected to finished ones. I think it would be really nice if Xenonauts too had a feature like this
  9. Starting a new game and trying to place a base while zoomed out near a city causes "Game Over". Steps to reproduce: New Game Zoom in the map to the furthest zoom level that still shows the city names. Click near a city with other cities close by. Cairo, Tel Aviv, Baghdad for example. Pop-up appears to select a city. Selecting any city will trigger "Game Over". Starting a new game after this will show a "Mission launch control" window that has no information in it.
  10. When hiring personnel the increase in wages is overlaid with current wages making it unreadable. I'm also assuming the lack of data for most research projects (#### is what is displayed when starting) is known? Also, when playing in windowed mode, you miss that last few lines of completed research as it goes off screen.
  11. Hi, I've reach July, the 25th and medium UFOs are often spotted on the geoscape. Because of the escort and the toughness of them, I can't crash them, so I let them live on my beloved earth. But sometimes, one of them finds my secondary Xenonauts base, and causes a CTD: BUG When a Landing ship reaches a base, 2 cases: 1°) there is no soldier to defend it, then the base is lost (it's not a bug, just cry baby!) 2°) there are soldiers to defend it, with weapons and armor and amos and naked pin-up on the wall. In this case, the game crashes during the loading of the map, just before the ground combat begins. This is very ennoying because I can't go further in the game, this bug/CTD occuring very often due to the probability for landing ships to attack my bases.
  12. Hi, I looked for such a report in the masterbug topic, but I didn't found it. My main base has just being attacked by a UFO, missiles did not damage it, so I expected a ground mission to defend my Lucina like int UFO:EU, and... CTD. This bug occured 3 time (I saved just before the UFO appeared) in the same conditions. Specifics are: Date: July the 25th Base coordinates: X:4639 Y:1509 (Northern Africa) UFO type: landing ship escorted by 2 fighters
  13. First off, not sure if I'm really running v10.2; this just seems to be the latest build and most of the recent bug reports are against v10.2. I downloaded it last night through Desura; if this is not the correct build number, I'll edit/delete-and-repost for correctness. When setting the initial base location it is not possible to choose Crete as it is not "active" like other landmasses. Crete does light up when the mouse hovers over other parts of Europe, however. It's too bad, too, because Crete offers excellent radar coverage of western Europe and northern Africa. Repro: 1) Start new game 2) Try to place initial base on Crete (large, thin island with East/West orientation, South of the coast of Greece in the Mediterranean Sea). 3) Build initial base elsewhere; try to place subsequent base on Crete. Expected result: Base is placeable on this large, visible land mass that appears to be part of the Europe area within the Geoscape. Actual result: Crete does not become active with mouse-over, so is not selectable as initial or subsequent base site. Edit: Version is 10.21
  14. Having just paid some attention to the full art for the research screen, I have to say that I like it a lot more than the screen with the scientist in it. By optimising the menus around the art and making them more opaque, it would have looked really good. It also fits in very well with the stores and barracks pics I saw, and that I also like. To me, the research screen is bleaker, and hints of dark R&D projects, where the scientist one seems brighter (even if he is scowling). There's a quiet desperation about the above pics that the new UI just doesn't have for me. I also think they fit in with the misery shown by all of the soldiers. Way too late, but I thought I'd share.
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