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  1. Here's the place to discuss balance changes from the Geoscape in V21 Experimental 1.
  2. Right; because at Goldhawk Interactive we never do things by half measures, we have new set of hard-swing Geoscape balance changes for you to try out! The main things are: Air combat should be tactically easier, though later UFO speeds will still quickly outclass Condors. Auto-resolve should also produce slightly more "fair" results now. Additionally, I have heavily reduced the cost of hangars, as it turns out you need a lot of them and they were expensive when added to the cost of aircraft too. I've reduced the costs of the few other structures - though the specific ones escape me at the moment. Biggest change is a huge boost to national funding levels, but also an increase in the damage UFOs can do to that level - and the rewards you get for stopping them. This should hopefully lead to more dramatic game, but time will tell (actually you guys will, here, in this thread; that's why I made it). Here the change list for Geoscape balance for reference: - Geoscape funding increase, to re-emphasise national support -- Increased the player starting funds from $750000 to $1000000 -- Increased the funding provided by each nation by roughly 70%(!) -- Initially all countries will provide the same funding level (may be tweaked later) -- Tweaked relations values to compensate for geographic area (UFOs spend more time over larger countries) - Base building changes to make them much faster to come online, though a larger initial outlay -- Increased the cost of building a base to $500000 -- Halved Command Center upkeep from $250000 to $125000 -- Reduced Command Center build time from 20 to 10 -- Reduced Radar build time from 20 to 10 -- Reduced Hangar build time from 10 to 5 -- Reduced the building and maintenances costs of various base structures, very significantly reduced in the case of the Hangar - UFO balance changes to make both victories and failures more pronounced -- Approximately doubled the relations penalty caused by UFO activity over a country (including terror attacks) -- Increased UFO attack rate during their flight, to make sure attacks actually happen -- Very large increase in the relations benefit provided by shooting down a UFO, e.g. from 6 to 40 in some cases -- Reduced the health of UFOs to approximately 70% of their previous values -- Reduced auto-resolve strengths of UFOs accordingly - Disabled the "system damage" for interceptors in air combat - Reduced speed of "heavy" UFO projectiles to make dodging easier - Halved turn speed of UFOs to encourage more manoeuvring around them - Light Scouts have, after a bloody battle, been reduced down to slightly slower than Condors - Scouts have had their speed increased significantly, but health reduced; they will require Foxtrots to catch reliably - Balanced other UFO speeds so that there is a gradually increasing curve, rather than two tiers - Also changed some UFO speeds to avoid matching human aircraft speeds; now you can either catch them, or they obviously outrun you - Slightly increased damage of Avalanche Torpedoes, as they did not conform to the rule of slightly out-damaging light fighter weapons
  3. New build - not a huge number of ground combat changes, but lots of incremental improvements to the AI and the Terror Mission AI being altered, so I think it's worth a new thread. Also grenades - are they a bit less effective now? Answers on a post card.
  4. Some pretty significant balance changes in this build, so I am refreshing this thread to discuss them. The main change for the ground combat portion of the game is the AI has been updated so that alien use grenades, and understand when and how to use them most effectively; there have also been a variety of additional under the hood AI changes that hopefully improve their behaviour in general too. Additionally Xenonaut grenades now have a larger blast radius, and should be more reliable when throwing them in interior spaces (particularly UFOs). Stun grenades also got a bit of a buff again, while we search for their magical sweet spot. Feedback appreciated!
  5. Some pretty significant balance changes in this build, so I am refreshing this thread to discuss them. I have implemented a rebalancing of the air combat mini-game and the costs of base structures. Both of these will probably seem quite harsh - Condors have taking a beating in performance and should no longer be viable in the long term and base maintenance costs have increased, so money will be tighter - adjustment to previous strategies will likely be required! Here are the changes: - General update to air combat balance - too many changes to list individually, but generally: -- Ranges of starting aircraft reduced, so the Condor now has quite short legs! -- Speeds of aircraft and UFOs adjusted to encourage progression, Condors will have trouble catching UFOs reliably -- Damage of Xenonaut weapons adjusted: 2 heavy missiles now always do slightly more damage than the equivalent 2 light missiles + gun -- UFO health adjusted in line with the damage changes so that earlier weapons have an increasingly tougher time against later UFOs -- Turn rates of various craft adjusted to encourage more manoeuvring around larger UFOs in air combat -- Radar ranges of Xenonaut aircraft adjusted so they now progress from small to larger on later long range craft -- Maintenance costs of all aircraft set to a flat rate of $100000 per month for fighters, $50000 for dropships - no increase for later craft -- Auto-resolve rebalanced to take into account all of the above -- Build cost of Mig31 increased to 200000, as the above changes gave it a bit of a buff -- Reduced Refuelling time of aircraft by about a third -- Increased re-armament time from 30 to 60 minutes - Also rebalanced the maintenance costs of base buildings from around 10% of the cost of the building to 25% - Introduced a build time for new bases, and significantly increased the maintenance cost of command centre Thoughts away!
  6. I posted up a new build over the weekend, but only got around to updating these posts now. Notable changes: - New maps for the Middle East tile set (these are different from the "Desert" tile set). These are essentially final, but they will probably need fixes/tweaks, so feedback would be much appreciated. - Morale system has been rebalanced, with the intention of reducing the instances where the whole team panics and increasing the instances where individuals do. We also fixed a major hidden bug that meant the morale system was basically going unused - so I'm really interested to hear general feedback on how you are finding morale in general now; right now I don't think the morale system plays a big enough part. - Some minor changes to the AI, but which hopefully have a fairly decent impact. They should fire more regularly now, and spend less time trying to hide from the player line of sight. We are getting more of the internal AI systems revealed in a configuration file soon, so we will have more flexibility to make changes in future.
  7. The new experimental build is out, and it contains a bunch of new changes to the Geoscape portion of the game (Aside from the the very obvious new UI). Here are the main gameplay related ones: - Overhaul of UFO AI for the Geoscape -- UFOs now pick a target nation at random, then spawn over that nation, which should help reduce the prevalence of attacks on poor old Australia -- UFOs that pick a specific target (terror attacks, base supplies etc) should now fly a slightly more circuitous route so they are harder to pick out from normal UFOs -- Scout UFOs should now explore a bit more randomly -- Implemented a randomised variation of the interval between UFO waves, so they are much less predictable now - Aerial terror attacks -- Ground Attack missions now have a chance to spawn "aerial terror sites" (this will actually change to Bombing missions in future versions) -- These must be dealt with quickly, or the aliens will lay waste to the area causing a heavy national relations penalty - Added ability to hand off crashed UFOs to local forces for airstrike -- This allows the player to essentially skip very repetitive missions (or ones they are not able to tackle) -- The penalty for doing so being that the Xenonauts will not recover any alien technology -- A cash bounty is provided by the nation the UFO crashed in equal to about half of the value of UFO + crew if it had been cleared in ground combat - Implemented Radar stacking so that building additional radars at a base increased the range of radar coverage, instead of the detection chance (range increases offer diminishing returns for each new radar, and caps at 3) In particular I would really like to hear feedback on the UFO behaviour - they should both fly more "naturally" now (and you won't be able to pick out ones on a specific mission so easily) and they should distribute their attacks more evenly across countries instead of picking on ones in unfortunate geographic positions (like Australia). Also keep in mind the aerial terror sites will eventually be generated by bombing missions, not ground attack ones (we actually just made a mistake in our instructions to the programmer!). They will also grant a more substantial reward on completion than they do now.
  8. The new experimental build is out, and there are a few important changes in it I would really like to here your opinions on. Here are what I consider the main ones: - Fairly major changes to accuracy and shooting system: -- Accuracy percentage displayed on crosshair should now be unequivocally the real chance to hit the target -- The game performs a single test on this percentage, if it comes out as a hit then the bullet will now always hit and never be intercepted by props etc... -- If the game rolls a miss, then the bullet is completely prevented from hitting the original target -- The missed shot then scatters at random around the original target (including hitting the ground tile the target is in, without hitting the target itself) -- The scattered shot also has a chance to hit other units, however there is a negative penalty applied to hitting them meaning it is now less likely to hit units by accident -- NOTE: A consequnce of this is units can perform reaction fire "through" each other, and they will sometimes hit comrades doing so. This will be fixed. - Improved the way accuracy information is communicated to the player -- If a prop is in the line of fire it is highlighted in red and shows the percentage penalty it will apply to the shot -- If there are multiple props in the line of fire then only the one with the highest blocking chance (the one used in the accuracy calculation) is highlighted -- The stopping chances of other props are shown in grey for informational puposes -- Multi-tile objects will now only display their accuracy penalty once -- All tiles from a multi-tile props are now correctly ignored when shooting over them while standing adjacent to them - Jetpacks have received a major update in functionality -- Jetpack units can now hover in the air, they do not always have to land as previously -- Flying units cannot attack, react or perform any other combat action until they land again -- If a flying unit is killed it is immediately destroyed along with carried items - The combat shield now also has a chance to block shots coming in at 45 degree angles from the direction it is facing (but the chance to block is lower) - Tweaks to morale system to make it more likely individuals will panic, rather than the entire team at once (these changes are preliminary, bigger ones to come) Obviously the changes to the accuracy formula are going to have the biggest impact - so please go ahead, shoot some aliens, and come back with your thoughts!
  9. I am just going to refresh this thread now that V19 Stable is out. For those of you who might not visit the forums as often, the purpose of this thread is to gather feedback of the current state of balance of the Ground Combat portion of the game (i.e. the turn-based tactical combat part) so we can see if the gameplay is shaping up the way we want. This is specifically NOT for bug reports - they go in the bug reporting forum (and are gratefully received!). As V19 Stable is quite a milestone for us, I am interested in hearing more general feedback on how people feel about the Ground Combat - do you find it challenging, frustrating, fun? Are there parts of it that get on your nerves, or that you feel are particularly effective, and if so, why? I'm really hoping we can also get some feedback from people who have only been playing V18 up until now, as they will have quite a different perspective from those who have followed every experimental build and all the attendant minutiae (feedback still welcome from the usual suspects too of course )
  10. I am just going to refresh this thread now that V19 Stable is out. For those of you who might not visit the forums as often - the purpose of this thread is to gather feedback of the current state of balance of the Geoscape portion of the game (i.e. the world map, including air combat, base building, research, manufacturing and soldier equipping) so we can see if the gameplay is shaping up the way we want. This is specifically NOT for bug reports - they go in the bug reporting forum (and are gratefully received!). As V19 Stable is quite a milestone for us, I am interested in hearing more general feedback on how people feel about the Geoscape - do you find it challenging, frustrating, fun? Are there parts of it that get on your nerves, or that you feel are particularly effective, and if so, why? I'm really hoping we can also get some feedback from people who have only been playing V18 up until now, as they will have quite a different perspective from those who have followed every experimental build and all the attendant minutiae (feedback still welcome from the usual suspects too of course )
  11. I just spent half a day playing with the free OpenXcom, which is a free much improved version of the original Xcom. Although it has been 10 years since I played the original, I don't remember it being this difficult. In my first mission, 4 of my soldiers were killed before they got their feet on the ground: as soon as a soldier steps on the ramp, he is picked off my an alien, and if he manages to jump to the side after the alien has used up his 3 shots, he is immediately picked off by one or two other aliens. I figured maybe I was just unlucky, so I continued with the next mission, which happened to be a Terror mission (daylight). My whole squad was killed before they killed a single alien - as soon as an alien came into sight, it reaction fired and killed the spotting soldier. Another mission to a crashed scout had a similar result, so I gave up. Too bad, this could be a fair aspirin until a really playable version of this one comes out. BTW, reloading a saved file is no help, because the game will just repeat what already happened. So I just hope that the devs will not make THIS game that difficult. There are players who like the original Xcom just because of this difficulty, but I am no masochist and I believe that the "easy" level should be just that.
  12. A pretty long list of changes for this build (viewable here). The most noteworthy being the changes to the Xenonaut vehicles (hopefully a pretty big buff), the rework of the carbines into shotguns and - a minor change that may have a big impact - changing the damage randomisation from a +/- 20% spread to a 50% spread (to give an idea the original Xcom had +/- 100%). Thoughts away!
  13. There is only one major change for the Geoscape in this build, but it is pretty big - the time needed to perform all research has been doubled. "But why?" I hear you cry - I want to see how far we can push the timings on the research before people start having to make critical decisions about which tech they want to research first - up until now it seemed like you cruise through the game with a relatively minor science staff, and still have them idle fairly often. So pencils out, noses in books.
  14. So I modded the shotguns to have 9 (vice 3) pellets. Feels right to me.
  15. Caution: Wall of Text Ahead! So I've been thinking about the whole "research now takes twice as long" thing. I'm trying to examine this from an honest point of view here, so if you have comments, I encourage them. I played my first game of 19.7 with the intent of seeing what would happen if I doubled the amount of scientists I had online in order to try to keep up with the pace of the game in 19.6. I wanted to examine how it affected the overall game play and how hard it got. Or if it was even possible for me to do. So here are the research costs as I see them: Fully staffing your first lab costs: 5x$10,000==================$50,000 Building a Fully Staffed Research Lab: 42% of Living Quarters:========$21,420 Build the Lab:===============$200,000 Hire Scientists, 15x$10,000=====$150,000 ================================== $371,420 Monthly Research Lab Costs (per lab): Lab maintenance: ===========$20,000 15xScientists: 15x$10,000=====$150,000 42% of living quarters: =========$2,142 ================================== $172,142 So assuming you want to get to two full labs going by month two, you would spend $421,420. Each subsequent month, you pay $172,142x2=$344,284 So assuming you maintain a roughly even funding level (about $1,000,00), research accounts for ~34% of your overall funding in maintenance alone. That's pretty steep. How I think this affects the game: Assuming that none of the pacing has been changed, you would have to spend considerably more than 100% more cash to research the same amount. This means a couple of things: 1. What order you research things in becomes much more important. For new players, this can possibly mean starting the game over. Knowing what research paths lead to what greatly affects your research strategy. Not knowing that can be rough. This isn't necessarily bad, it just needs to be recognized. Since a lot of fans of this Xenonauts played the X-COM series, I'm not sure how much of an issue this really is. 2. Lots less money for everything else. This basically delays the deployment of all manufacturing. A lot of the gear is extremely expensive. So it gets to the battlefield slower. That means that the missions are harder. Killing Androns with ballistic weapons isn't fun. 3. The cost of research must be balanced against other needs. This means it's a meaningful choice where you put your money. And a lot of time thinking about how the shiny new toys the soldiers want affects your bottom line. Makes you feel like you are prosecuting a war. That's a good thing. 4. It makes the game harder. Again, this isn't necessarily bad! Considering the the above factors, all things being equal, you will be less prepared with fewer assets to deal with each era of escalation the Aliens bring to the game. 5. New players won't see this coming the first time through. X-COM was legendary for it's brutal economy until you learned you could sell laser cannons for a profit (). How it's affecting my game: 1. Building the second base became a lot more important for me. I felt needed to get it online more quickly. This delayed my deployment of certain other assets, such as my first Foxtrot (I didn't have the cash to build it, even though I had the hanger space). Once I got to Jackal Armor, I had just enough to manufacture one set. 2. The atmosphere seems more desperate. I'm enjoying this aspect, actually. You end up sending a lot of guys into the breach with no armor and starting weapons. My first Scout attack was straight vanilla. 3. You definitely get the sense of having to juggle the finances around and never having enough resources. 4. Having that much research online is great until you run out of research. Then it's like setting wheelbarrows of cash on fire. Conclusions: 1. I like what the increased research costs bring to the game. The tension amps up, and it makes it feel a lot more like you have a big problem and not enough money to solve it. 2. The battles are more desperate, because you don't have the latest gear, and collecting UFO parts is a considerable amount of your funding. 3. Increased costs will encourage grinding UFOs for cash. I'm not sure I like this aspect. 4. As the game eras progress, the challenge of keeping pace with the escalation level is going get out of hand quickly unless you are very, very good at balancing finances. Recommendations: 1. Create a base research cost for everything. Add a modifier into a drop down difficulty setting that you can change. Perhaps have a Easy, Normal, Veteran, Superhuman levels being 50%, 100%, 150%, and 200%. Multiple difficulty levels allow the player to customize the game to suit his/her tastes and abilities. The player may not want to deal with quite as difficult of an economy but may like very challenging tactical combat. Keep them separate and everyone wins. 2. I think the current Geoscape difficulty is suitable for Veteran or above level of game play. A Normal game shouldn't be this hard.
  16. This build really only has one major balance change, but it's a pretty big one so warrants a new thread: The accuracy of the vast majority of the ground combat weapons in the game has been boosted by a significant amount - this combined with the increased close range accuracy bonus in the last round of changes means that combat will be much deadlier. Here is an example of the increase for the standard ballistic rifle, before the change: Single shots AP="20" accuracy="30" AP="30" accuracy="60" AP="40" accuracy="80" BurstFire AP="40" accuracy="20" And then after: Single shots AP="20" accuracy="40" AP="30" accuracy="90" AP="40" accuracy="120" BurstFire AP="40" accuracy="30" Also, alien bases now have a new layout style which is much more interesting (and much easier for us to produce) than previously - please give them a try (only small bases appear right now due to a bug, but it should still give you an idea). Finally I spent quite a bit of time redoing the UFO doors so they now function correctly - they leave a frame when open and so can be manually opened and closed; they are now destructible, C4 is probably best for this; and they no longer auto-close. Additionally I cleaned up some incorrectly set UFO floor tiles, and after that I have been unable to reproduce the "low accuracy inside UFOs" bug, but if anyone sees it please let me know how you did it.
  17. This new build doesn't contain a great deal for the Geoscape, mainly the air superiority flights have been given a cool down so they no longer repeatedly lock the players fighters in an inescapable loop, multi-UFO combat/auto-resolve should no longer crash and the auto-resolve function has had some minor tweaks to balance heavy missiles. Probably the most useful thing you guys could give feedback one is how you are managing with the Geoscape economy and how well research and manufacturing tasks are filling your time and making you make difficult decisions.
  18. This latest build added some pretty major balance changes to the alien invasion: UFOs should now have much greater variety, and there should be far fewer of the non-crashsite UFOs. In addition there's the new air combat auto-resolve feature, which is very raw so a bit buggy and unbalanced, but worth discussing. Here's the the new Geoscape balance changes: - Extensive rebalance of Geoscape UFO forces throughout the alien invasion -- Scouts and Landing Ship UFOs will now appear throughout the entire game to help train rookies -- Much more variety of UFOs, there will always be at least 2 main types available -- Reduced the rate at which non-crashsite UFOs (fighters, bombers) spawn - Reduced the frequency of alien attacks on Xenonaut bases by about 50% - Refuelling rate for interceptors increased from 0.12 to 0.2 - Implemented monthly maintenance costs for all aircraft at 20% of initial cost - Implemented monthly maintenance costs for base buildings at 10% of construction cost - Reduced cost of new Xenonaut base down to 250000
  19. Suggestions: higher damage more radius on advance granades and a 1 round delay for the Grenades so that the AI will move from a cover or empty a room incase it senses a grenade that is in radius. Then you can use your troops to make them attack with reflexes while enemies are moving. Armor shows the what kind of defence its showing, Rear, Front and back just like the tanks do. i guess this will be available when the armor value is known to be set. If not implemented? that the AI will have less Reflexes while not facing you and viceversa. Training facility for late game troops ( saw this somewhere as a suggestion though just want to remind ) Medic facility to be a research option first because i often build the facility as a must option in any case. a cheap scout plane with more fuel and radius that is used to spot a UFO when a event happens. Maybe could fit in a garage instead of a hangar also and that the garage will be cheaper. the problem to send you normal planes to a event is that they will probaly not reach or have fuel left to fight if its far away. If you do so anyway there is a high chanse that a Ufo will get spotted close to your base just when you sended your ship far away or is home fueling up. if you have your last base selected it will show the fuel levels of your plane in a corner or so to se when your planes are fueled up and ready to send out instead of constant clicking to see when they are at 100% Remove stun grenades/missiles and Save stun baton and add a crossbow with tranquilizer darts or a short range stun pistol. Indoor Aliens? MORE accessories like mines, night vision, short range scanners, Enemy mines, mine sweeping tools, Door blocker, Door passing detector, Mini Grenade Launcher, Laser Spotting device for greater aim, guile suit Camuflage ( while crunched down and not moving you will not be seen before shooting). Combat Knife or rifle but attack animation while closeup All this must be implemented or i will kill myself.
  20. I think grenades should weigh slightly more, a 1.5 KG vs 1 KG type situation. Suppression needs to be switched to a gradient scale that reduces TUs instead of Success/Fail. Reaction fire from Aliens need to be added to everything a player does, tossing grenades, turning, everything. (If it is, I havent ever noticed it, which should indicate where to start fixing it) Suppression is ducking behind cover and not being able to move out of cover for risk of being shot, and not being able to easily return fire due to not wanting to get shot. It has nothing to do with being in a "harmless" state if a guy walks up to you and starts clubbing you, the other bullets flying over and into your cover arent going to prevent an Alien from shooting you in the face if you try to melee them. The "accuracy" of grenades needs to be reduced/changed. If you toss one towards your max range it is going to have poor accuracy, it isnt going to land at the Aliens feet 90% of the time. They should suffer a varying accuracy penalty based on range. Also STR progression I know is being discussed. That could be changed to a situation where average starting STR was around 50, and increasing from 50-60 was at a pace of 1 STR per mission. 61-70 would be a half point per mission, 71-80 would be a quarter point and so forth. There are several reasons why grenades are OP, and adjusting the various reasons is going to give better results than going crazy on a single reason in an attempt to fix it.
  21. There is a kind of uncertainty principle in balancing the game. If battles are too easy, it can become boring, but if it is too hard, one can fall behind the curve and spiral into disaster. Let me illustrate with simple statistics. Let us say for illustrative purposes that in each mission, one soldier is wounded; typically it takes about 10 days for the soldier to heal (or let us suppose that). This means that after 10 missions, one would have 10 inactive soldiers and unless one has a huge reserve, one would have no soldiers to carry out missions. Actually one would already be in trouble after 3 or 4 missions, when half of the soldiers would be out of action and one would have to carry out missions with 3 or 4 soldiers. This actually happened to me today when I found myself with only 4 active soldiers after 3 or 4 "successful" missions. This means that one of 3 things should happen: 1) One should have a reserve of about 10 soldiers; or 2) most missions should not have any wounded soldiers at all; or 3) the game should allow one to refuse 9 out of 10 missions without any serious drawbacks. None of these seems perfectly suitable, but an approximate solution might be to slow down the pace of alien growth, thus giving the player more time to recover, or equivalently to make soldiers heal faster. Here is another balancing problem: if by balance one means that the alien soldier should be equal to one's soldiers in combat ability, the by the well-know military fact that to win an assault against a defensive position, one should have a 3:1 advantage in numbers assuming equal strength. In this game, the aliens are always on the defensive, but are fortunately not equal in fighting ability, since one can fairly easily win a battle with equal numbers with light or no casualties. Note that "winning" in real life does not mean taking no casualties, but it often does in this game. From the above considerations one can conclude that 1) most missions must be won with no casualties at all, or that 2) replacements should be much easier to get. My guess is that (2) is a better solution, since it would make combat more interesting. It is my impression that in Beta 19.5, the solution has gone in the wrong direction, that is the battles have been made more difficult, aliens have been strengthened in various ways and the player weapons have been weakened. So I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the balancing problem for this game is between keeping battles interesting and challenging, without crippling the player over the long run by the resulting casualties.
  22. This latest build makes some important changes to Xenonaut equipment in ground combat - armour has been significantly buffed, gaining more protection and losing the sight penalty; and grenades have been nerfed harder than a nerf herder, losing 3 tiles of range and gaining the overdamage property, which means they destroy equipment being carried by their target. Additionally I have made a pretty major overhaul of the numbers and composition of the alien forces appearing in each ground combat mission - there will now generally be more of them, and better use of the "defensive" and "command" aliens inside UFOs. Here's the balance changes: - Extensive rebalance of the composition and number of aliens spawning in every UFO and Alien base -- Alien numbers now randomised to make missions a little more individual -- Generally, you can expect up to 50% more aliens than previously in a UFO -- Better use of Passive (lurking), Defensive (UFO bound) and Command (UFO command room bound) aliens -- Larger UFOs now have proportionally more aliens on the defensive inside them -- Alien bases should now be much more busy, though they are sometimes affected by the note below -- Unfixed bug: it seems later UFOs/bases do not always load the correct set of aliens; please report this if you see it - Close range accuracy bonus increased from +8 per tile to +15 to encourage closer engagements - Grenades now cause overdamage, meaning they will destroy the equipment an alien was carrying - The various types of Xenonauts armour all now provide an extra 10 points of damage protection (e.g. Jackal now 30 up from 20) - Heavier armours (Jackal, Wolf and Predator) now now longer have a signt range reduction - Alien battle rifle damage increased from 70 to 100 (but 20 armour mitigation removed) - Base grenade throw range reduced by 3 tiles - The extra TU required to vault low walls has been reduced to 6 from 12 - Stun grenades made slightly more effective (both initial blast and gas) - Flashbang stun damage halved - Reduced range of sniper rifles down to 25 (both human and alien) - Sniper rifles now cost an extra 10 TU per tier to fire - Reduced range of some drone weapons down to 20 - Xenonaut stats progress has been capped at a single point for each stat per mission - Final mission has been tuned a bit in terms of layout and alien numbers; still very rough but should be more playable (remember most of the art in that mission is placeholder)
  23. (EDIT - it was Lightzy's idea, not StellarRat's) posted this in another thread, and the idea struck me as quite novel (it's rare an idea on the forums does that these days). Essentially, it is as follows: interceptors cannot be destroyed. In combat, if "destroyed" they in fact have performed an emergency disengage after sustaining heavy damage. To make this work, we would have to increase repair times significantly and put a large penalty in place for dropping below 1% health - so if your plane manages to disengage manually without being "shot down", it is much quicker to repair than if it was reduced to 0% health. If "shot down", you could see them out of action for a week or more. This sounds very strange at first, but it does solve a major problem on the Geoscape - the fact that aircraft are a massive investment, which means losing one can effectively be game over. The way the air combat works means that players can quite easily accidentally lose a plane, and when we implement auto-resolve I can see the problem being even worse. In short, we've got three options: 1) As now, with the planes being enormous investments of time and resources and destroyable. This makes what should be a relatively minor part of the game (the actual air combat) extremely important, as it can make or break the game. 2) The planes are destructible, but don't take as much time or resources to build. This would allow the player some leeway in terms of losing them. Doesn't make a lot of sense that they'd be faster and cheaper to make than vehicles etc, though. 3) Indestructible planes, as above. It means that planes can be a big investment and people are punished for using them badly in the air combat, but not that harshly. You still can't shoot down UFOs that too powerful for you, so it doesn't unbalance the game, it just makes things more forgiving. I'm strongly warming to this idea. To an extent, it is dumbing down the game - but given how much aircraft have to cost relative to other things, I think it's quite sensible. What does everyone else think? EDIT - I've posted a few things on the thread up to page 7, this is my concluding post: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/5193-Indestructible-interceptors?p=63807#post63807
  24. Difficulty - Normal (Beta Testing) [september 01] Created a Base in N. Africa. Started Construction of Medical Bay, (2) Hangers, Living Quarters. Hired 5 Scientists Funds = 150,000 Switched around Assigned and Unassigned Soldiers keeping those with highest Bravery assigned to Charlie-1 (The UI for Assigning Soldiers on the Personnel Tab seems buggy/hard to click) Soldiers and Loadouts Pancaldi - [Heavy] Ballistic Machine Gun, (2) BMS Ammo, (2) Smoke, (2) Grenade Popova - [sniper] Precision Riffle, (5) PR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (4) Grenade, Medkit Evans - [sniper] Precision Riffle, (5) PR Ammo, (3) Smoke, (2) Grenade, Medkit Fischer - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (3) Smoke, (1) Flash, Shotgun Tanaka - [Heavy] Ballistic Machine Gun, (3) BMS Ammo, (2) Smoke Ivanova -[Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (3) Smoke, Grenade, (2) Flash, Medkit, Shotgun Kuznet - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (3) Smoke, Grenade, (2) Flash, Medkit, Shotgun Miller - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (3) Smoke, (1) Flash, Medkit, Shotgun [Time - 01.00.55] UFO-1 Detected - Small Intercepted - Condor 1 UFO Crashed (N of Moscow) - Condor 1 = 50% Health Charlie-1 sent to UFO-1 Mission - (Daylight) Minor Damage (Grenade overlay is nice, AI seems improved, Grenade throwing/aiming seems improved, Smoke Grenade Effectiveness altered due to Alien Stats?, Reaction Shots from Aliens change noticeable, Grenade Throw/explosion animation speed slightly more delayed?, UFO haul still disappears) Mission Score: +19 (Values = 0, not listed) 3 Aliens Killed, 1 Captured Alien Alloys = 9 Sales = 36,000 Items Recovered - L. Scout Datacore, Alien Alloys, Seb NonCom, Seb NonCom Corpse, Aien Plasma Pistol Soldier Development: Pancaldi - +Sergeant, Str-55, HP-62, TU-63 Popova - STR-61, TU-54 Evans - STR-54, HP-62, TU-60 Fischer - STR-52, AC-60, HP-57, TU-63 Tanaka - STR-59, TU-58 Ivanova - STR-57, HP-61, TU-63 Kuznet - STR-56, HP-62, TU-62 Miller - STR-52, HP-61, TU-56 [Time = 08.33.41] [Time = 12.52.20] UFO-2 Detected - Small Launched - Condor-2 Intercept Failed - UFO Landed, Condor - Ran out of Fuel Launched - Charlie-1, Success, S. Africa Mission (Night) - Undamaged Mission Score: +18 4 Aliens Killed, 1 surviving Civ, 1 Local Forces Killed Alien Alloys = 14 Sales = 44,000 Soldier Development: Pancaldi - STR-57 ACC-59 HP-63 TU-65 Popova - STR-63 ACC-63 HP-55 HP-55 TU-56 Evans - STR-56 HP-63 TU-62 Fischer - STR-54 HP-58 TU-65 Tanaka - STR-61 ACC-58 HP-56 TU-60 Ivanova - STR-59 ACC-55 HP-62 TU-65 Kuznet - STR-58 ACC-54 HP-63 TU-64 Miller - STR-54 ACC-53 HP-62 TU-58 [Time = 18.58.12] Funds = 230,000 [Time = Sept.02 - 01.08.44] Research Complete = Alien Invasion Research Started = High-Speed Interceptor Soldier Layout Change Pancaldi - [Heavy] Ballistic Machine Gun, (2) BMS Ammo, (4) Smoke, (2) Grenade Popova - [sniper] Precision Riffle, (5) PR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (4) Grenade, (2) Flashbag, Medkit Evans - [sniper] Precision Riffle, (5) PR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (2) Grenade, Flashbang, Medkit Fischer - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (1) Flash, Shotgun Tanaka - [Heavy] Ballistic Machine Gun, (3) BMS Ammo, (4) Smoke Ivanova -[Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (2) Grenade, (2) Flash, Medkit, Shotgun Kuznet - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, Grenade, (2) Flash, Medkit, Shotgun Miller - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (1) Flash, Medkit, Shotgun [Time = Sept.04 00.08.18] Items Arrived = 5 Scientists Scientists added to current research project [Time = Sept.05 12.58.14 Research Completed - High-Speed Interceptor Research Started - Seb Analysis [Time = Sept.06 00.00.01] Construction Completed - Med Center, Living Quarters Hired - 5 Technicians, 1 Soldier [Time Sept.06 01.02.35] UFO-3 Detected - Small Intercept - Condor-1 UFO-3 Landed -Failed Ran out of Fuel Intercept - Condor-2 Intercept - Charlie-1 Condor-2 = Failed, UFO Position Lost Condor-2 Headed to Last Know Position = Ran out of Fuel Charlie-1 Headed to Last Known Position = Success, Engaged landed UFO-3 Location = East of Sverdlosk, Russia Mission Start - (Night, Son of a #&@) - UFO-3 = Undamaged Mission Result: Soldier Development: (First Blood goes to me for reaction shooting myself) [Time = Sept.06 - 19.12.33] Funds = 243,000 [Time Sept.06 - 23.22.51] Research Completed - Seb Analysis Research Started - Alien Interrogation Soldier Layout Change: Pancaldi - [Heavy] Ballistic Machine Gun, (3) BMS Ammo, (-3) Smoke Popova - [sniper] Precision Riffle, (5) PR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (4) Grenade, (+3) Flash, Medkit Evans - [sniper] Precision Riffle, (5) PR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (2) Grenade, (+2) Flash, Medkit Fischer - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (+2) Flash, Shotgun Tanaka - [Heavy] Ballistic Machine Gun, (3) BMS Ammo, (+5) Smoke Ivanova -[Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (2) Grenade, (2) Flash, Medkit, Shotgun Kuznet - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, Grenade, (2) Flash, Medkit, Shotgun Miller - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (1) Flash, (1) Grenade, Medkit, Shotgun [Time Sept.08 - 09.51.56] Research Completed - Alien Interrogation Research Started - Alien Alloys [Time Sept.08 - 15.31.05] Local Forces Downed Small UFO Strike Team Deployed - Charlie-1 Location = Houston, Texas [Time = Sept.09 - 00.01.37] Ordered Items Arrived at Base - 5 Technicians, 1 Soldier Mission Start - Sept.09-03.44.19 - (Night) - Undamaged Funds = 291,000 [Time = Sept.09 - 03.44.19] Research Availible - Caesan Anaysis [Time = Sept.09 - 15.46.37] Research Availible - Alien Biology [Time = Sept.10 - 00.11.46 Construction of (2) Hangers Complete Workshop Project Started = Foxtrot Interceptor - (2DAYS 16HRS) [Time = Sept.11 - 01.12.34] UFO-4 Detected - Small - (Moscow) Launch Intercept - Condor-1 Engaged - 04.25.35 (X:4665, Y:East of Moscow Result: UFO-4 Crash Landed, Condor-1 = 61% HP, 53%Fuel Launch Intercept - Charlie-1 [Time = Sept.11 - 06.41.08] Research Completed - Alien Alloys Research Started - Caesan Analysis [Time = Sept.11 - 09.27.14] Mission Start - (Day) - Minor Damage [Time = Sept.12 - 00.53.43] UFO-5 Detected - Small - (X:5508, NE of Kabul, Afghanistan) Launch Intercept - Condor-2 Engaged - 04.56.42 - (X:5813, Y: !!!!! Result :UFO-5 Crash, Condor-2 = 40% HP, 46% Fuel Launch Intercept - Charlie-1 [Time = Sept.12 - 10.34.03] Mission Start - (DAY) - Minor Damage (Ivanova won the "First Soldier to run through a flaming tile caused by spontaneously combusting hay bales award) Funds = 237,000 [Time = Sept.12 - 17.13.21] Research Completed - Caesan Analaysis Research Start - Alien Biology Soldier Dismissed - Jane Jackson - Bravery = 52 Hired Soldier - 1 Funds = 227,000 Soldier Layout Change: Pancaldi - [Heavy] Ballistic Machine Gun, (3) BMS Ammo, (+5) Smoke, (+1) Grenade Popova - [sniper] Precision Riffle, (5) PR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (-3) Grenade, (-2) Flash, (+1) C4, +Shotgun, Medkit Evans - [sniper] Precision Riffle, (5) PR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (-1) Grenade, (2) Flash, Medkit, (+1) C4 Tanaka - [Heavy] Ballistic Machine Gun, (3) BMS Ammo, (5) Smoke, (+1) Flash, (+2) Grenade Ivanova -[Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (+3) Grenade, (+4) Flash, Medkit, Shotgun Kuznet - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (+2) Grenade, (+3) Flash, Medkit, (+1) C4, Shotgun Miller - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (+2) Flash, (+2) Grenade, Medkit, (+1) C4, Shotgun +Oliveira - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (2) Flash, (3) Grenade, Medkit Workshop Project Completed - Foxtrot-1 Workshop Project Started - Foxtrot Interceptor (2DAYS 16HRS) Funds = 77,000 [Time = Sept.14 - 03.43.03] Research Completed - Alien Biology Research Started - Alien Plasma Pistol [Time = Sept.15 - 17.22.57] Items Arrived at Base - Soldier = 1 [Time = Sept.16 - 02.13.16] UFO-6 Detected - Small - (X:5161, Y: SE of Moscow, By Water) Launch Intercept - Foxtrot-1 Engaged - 04.08.45 - X:5457 E of Moscow Result = Foxtrot-1 = 100% HP, Disengaged [uFO-6 = 67% HP Heavy Damage] (Forgot I only have Avalanches, lol) Launch Intercept - Condor-1 Engaged UFO-6 - 07.26.56 (x:5244, y: SE of Moscow) Result = UFO-6 Crashed, Condor-1 = 100% HP, 59% Fuel Launch Intercept - Charlie-1 UFO-7 Detected - Small - (x:5278, Y: S of Dubai, UAE) [Time = Sept.16 - 08.13.58] Workshop Project Completed - Foxtrot-2 Launch Intercept - Foxtrot-2 Condor-1 New Target Selected - UFO-7 Engaged UFO-7 (Foxtrot-2) 09.57.28 - (X:5265, y: SW of Dubai, UAE) Result = Foxtrot-2 = 100% HP, Disengaged [uFO-7 = 67% HP Heavy Damage] Condor-1 = Ran Out of Fuel (SO damn close) UFO-8 Detected - Small - 11.06.55 - (X:5186, Y: NE of Nairobi, Kenya) [Time = Sept.16 - 11.50.56] Mission Start - UFO-6 - (DAY) - Minor Damage Funds = 125,000 [Time = Sept.16 - 11.51.17] Started Construction on Hanger [Time = Sept.16 - 19.03.56] Launch Intercept - Charlie-1 @ UFO-8 (Landed, X:5263, Y:SE of Bagdad, near water) [Time = Sept.16 - 22.58.40] Mission Start - UFO-8 (Night) - Landed, Undamaged Funds = 73,000 [Time = Sept.17 - 00.32.07] Research Completed - Alien Plasma Pistol Research Started - Stun Weapons New Target Selection - (Charlie-1) - UFO-7 (Landed, X:5718, Y:Water edge N of Mumbai) [Time = Sept.17 - 05.21.22] UFO-7 Has Escaped to Space [Time = Sept.21 - 07.46.34] Research Completed - Stun Weapons Research Started - Improved Combat Armor [Time = Sept.22 - 18.23.04] Research Completed - Improved Combat Armor New Manufacture - Jackal Armor [Time = Sept.26 - 00.59.13] UFO-9 Detected - SMALL - X:5171, Y: W of Dubai Launch Intercept - [squadron-1 = Foxtrot 1, 2] @ UFO-9 Engaged = [squadron-1] Tail Until Over Land Engaged = [squadron-1] - UFO-9 @ X:5736, Y:S of Delhi India Overwater Result = [squadron-1 = 100% HP, 40% Fuel] - UFO-9 = Crashed into Sea [Time = Sept.26 - 11.53.02] Construction of Hanger Completed Time = Oct.01 - 00.07.12] Monthly Performance: N. America = -11.200 Europe = 0 N. Africa = 0 Indochina = -25.000 Soviet Union = +34.800 S. America = -5.000 C. America = 0 Middle East = +10.500 S. Africa = +9.000 Australasia = -26.666 [Total Monthly Change = -13.566] Funds = 724,425 [Time = Oct.01 - 00.07.50] New Base Created - N.America Base @ X:2257, Y:Florida, N of Miami Construction Started - [N.America] - Radar Array Funds = 24,425 [Time = Oct.01 -01.24.39] UFO-10 Detected - SMALL - X:3797, Y:Over Water near land, N of Dakar, Senegal Launch Intercept [squardon-1 = Foxtrot-1,2] @ UFO-10 Engaged (UFO-10, Scout)= [squadron-1] Tail Until Over Land [Time = Oct.01 - 05.49.47] Engaged UFO-10 Over Land Result = [squadron-1 = 100% HP, 57% Fuel] - UFO-10 Crash @ X:3934 y:Water edge S of Lisbon Portugal [Time = Oct.01 - 05.52.06] Soldier Layout Change: (02) Pancaldi - [Heavy] Rocket Launcher, (7) Stun Rockets, (1) Smoke Grenade Popova - [sniper] Precision Riffle, (5) PR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (+4) Stun Grenade, (3) Grenade, (2) Flash, (1) C4, +Stun Baton, Medkit Evans - [sniper] Precision Riffle, (5) PR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (+4) Stun Grenade, (1) Grenade, (2) Flash, (1) C4, Medkit, +Stun Baton Tanaka - [Heavy] Ballistic Machine Gun, (3) BMS Ammo, (5) Smoke, (+2) Stun Grenade, (1) Flash, (2) Grenade Ivanova -[Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (+4) Stun Grenade (-2) Grenade, (-3) Flash, (+1) C4, +Stun Baton, Medkit, Kuznet - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (+6) Smoke, (+4) Stun Grenade, (2) Grenade, (2) Flash, Medkit, (1) C4, +Stun Baton Miller - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (5) Smoke, (+4) Stun Grenade, (2) Flash, (-1) Grenade, (1) C4, Medkit, +Stun Baton Oliveira - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (+6) Smoke, (+2) Stun Grenade, (2) Flash, (3) Grenade, Medkit, +Stun Baton [Time = Oct.01 - 05.52.17] Launch Intercept [N.Africa] - Charlie-1 @ UFO-10, Crashed [Time = Oct.01 - 06.17.13] UFO-11 Detected - Very Small - X:3837, Y: Overwater SE of LAGOS Launch Intercept [N.Africa] - Condor-1 @ UFO-11 [Time = Oct.01 - 08.40.27] Mission Start - UFO-11, Crashed (DAY) - Minor Damage Funds = 88,425 [Time = Oct.01 - 08.40.27] Research Available - Alien Plasma Rifle, Alenium Research Started - Alenium [Time = Oct.01 - 11.28.46] Condor-1 Ran Out of Fuel Launch Intercept [N.Africa] - Condor-2 @ UFO-11 [Time = Oct.01 -16.37.19] Condor-2 = Ran out of Fuel Launch Intercept [N.Africa] - Foxtrot-1 @ UFO-11 [Time = Oct.01 - 13.42.17] Engaged = [Foxtrot-1 @ 62% Fuel] - UFO-11 (Fighter) - X:3538 , y: Over Water S of Dakar, Senegal Result = [Foxtrot-1 @ 100% HP, 59% Fuel] UFO-11 - Crashed into Sea [Time = Oct.04 - 05.34.47] Research Completed - Alenium Research Available - Alien Alloy Fabrication, Alenium Explosives Research Started - Alenium Explosives [Time = Oct.07 - 02.35.42] Research Completed - Alenium Explosives Research Started - Alien Alloy Fabrication [Time = Oct.11 - 01.00.15] UFO-12 Detected - Very Small - Launch Intercept [N.Africa] - Condor-1 @ UFO-12 UFO-13 Detected - Small - Launch Intercept [N.Africa] - Foxtrot-1 @ UFO-13 UFO-14 Detected - Small Launch Intercept [N.Africa] - Foxtrot-2 @ UFO-14 [Time = Oct.11 - 01.14.17] UFO-15 Detected - Small Launch Intercept [N.Africa] - Condor-2 @ UFO-15 S.Africa [Time = Oct.11 -02.33.21] Engaged [Foxtrot-2] - UFO-14 (Scout) N.Africa Result = Disengaged - [Foxtrot-2 = 100% HP, 55% Fuel] UFO-14 = 75% Damaged Engaged = [Foxtrot-1] - UFO-13 (Scout) Result = Disengaged - [Foxtrot-1 = 100% HP, 53% Fuel] UFO-13 = 75% Damaged New Target Selection - Condor-2 @ UFO-13 New Target Selection - Condor-1 @ UFO-14 [Time = 04.26.29] Engaged = [Condor-1] @ UFO-14, N of Warsaw Poland Result = [Condor-1 = 100%-HP 55%-Fuel] UFO-14 Crashed [Time = 05.25.02] Engaged = [Condor-2] @ UFO-13 - Spain, S of Madrid Result = [Condor-2 = 100%-HP 51% Fuel] UFO-13 = Crashed [Time = Oct.11 - 05.26.40] Launch Intercept [N.Africa] - Charlie-1 @ UFO-14 [Time = 08.23.42] Mission Start - UFO-14 (DAY) - Minor Damage Funds = 188,425 [Time = Oct.11 -09.49.23] Research Completed - Alien Alloy Fabrication New Projects Availible - Wolf Battle Armor Research Start - Alien Plasma Rifle [Time = 10.01.54] Launch Intercept N.Africa [squadron-1] (Foxtrot-1,2) @ UFO-15, Over Water E of S.Africa Launch Intercept N.Africa Condor-1 @ UFO-12, Europe [Time = 13.30.39] Condor-1 = Ran Out of Fuel Launch Intercept N.Africa - Condor-2 Engaged = [squadron-1] @ UFO-15 Result = [squadron-1 = 100% HP 61% Fuel] - UFO-15 (Scout) Crashed - Middle East [Time = 13.35.34] Launch Intercept N.Africa - Charlie-1 @ UFO-13 [Time = 16.00.24] Engaged = Condor-2 @ UFO-12 Result = Condor-2 = 75% HP 54% Fuel, UFO-12 = Destroyed, Middle East [Time = Oct.11 - 16.35.05] Mission Start - UFO-13 (DAY) - Crashed, Europe Funds = 299,425 [Time = Oct.11 - 18.46.53] Began Construction @ N.America - (2) Hangers Funds = 99,425 [21.03.26] Soldier Layout Change: (03) Pancaldi - [Heavy] Ballistic Machine Gun, (5) BMG Ammo, (+5) Smoke Grenade, (+3) Stun Grenade, (+2) Flash, (+1) C4 Popova - [sniper] Precision Riffle, (5) PR Ammo, (+6) Smoke, (4) Stun Grenade, (-2) Grenade, (2) Flash, (1) C4, Stun Baton, Medkit Evans - [sniper] Precision Riffle, (5) PR Ammo, (+6) Smoke, (4) Stun Grenade, (+2) Grenade, (2) Flash, (1) C4, Medkit, Stun Baton Tanaka - [Heavy] Ballistic Machine Gun, (3) BMG Ammo, (+6) Smoke, (+3) Stun Grenade, (+2) Flash, (2) Grenade Ivanova -[Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (+6) Smoke, (4) Stun Grenade (2) Grenade, (-2) Flash, (1) C4, Stun Baton, Medkit, Kuznet - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (6) Smoke, (4) Stun Grenade, (2) Grenade, (2) Flash, Medkit, (1) C4, Stun Baton Miller - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (+6) Smoke, (4) Stun Grenade, (2) Flash, (+2) Grenade, (1) C4, Medkit, Stun Baton Oliveira - [Rifleman] Ballistic Riffle, (5) BR Ammo, (6) Smoke, (+3) Stun Grenade, (2) Flash, (-2) Grenade, Medkit, Stun Baton [Time = Oct.11 - 23.52.53] Launch Intercept N.Africa - Charlie-1 @ [uFO-15] Crashed, Middle East [Time = Oct.12 - 04.41.05] Mission Start - UFO-15 (DAY) - Minor Damage Funds = 209,425 [Time = Oct.12 - 04.41.25] Worshop Project Started - Foxtrot Interceptor Funds = 59,425 [Time = 04.44.34] Research Started - Alien Plasma Rifle (I should have started sooner, error due to game crash, and forgot to start this again until now) [Time = Oct.14 - 20.45.12] Workshop Projected Completed - Foxtrot-3 [Time = Oct.15 - 01.34.40] Research Completed - Alien Plasma Rifle Research Available - Alien Plasma Technology Research Started - Alien Plasma Technology [Time = Oct.16 - 01.00.57] UFO-16 Detected (Very Small) - N.Africa Launch Intercept N.Africa - Condor-1 @ UFO-16 [Time = 01.54.38] Engaged - Condor-1 @ UFO-16 (Heavy Fighter) - N.Africa Result - Condor-1 = 75% HP 82% Fuel - UFO-16 Destroyed [Time = 02.11.29] UFO-17 Detected (Very Small x3) - Over Water W of S.Africa [Time = Oct.17 - 22.33.05] Research Completed - Alien Plasma Technology Research Available - Laser Weaponry Research Started - Laser Weaponry [Time = Oct.20 - 19.29.56] Research Completed - Laser Weaponry New Research Avaiable - Heavy Laser Weaponry Research Started - Heavy Laser Weaponry New Manufacture Avaiable - Laser Pistol, Laser Carbine, Laser Rifle, Precision Laser Workshop Project Started - Laser Rifle [Time = Oct.21 -00.16.23] Construction Completed - N.America - Radar [Time = Oct.21 - 00.51.03] UFO-18 Detected (Small) - Middle East Launch Intercept N.Africa - [squadron-1 = Foxtrot-1,2] @ UFO-18 [Time = 02.20.13] UFO-19 Detected (Very Small) - Middle East [Time = 02.36.31] Engaged - [squadron-1] @ UFO-18 (Scout) - Soviet Union Result - [squadron-1 = 100%HP 68% Fuel] UFO-18 = Crashed [Time = 02.38.25] Launch Intercept N.Africa - Charlie-1 @ UFO-18 (Crashed) [Time = 03.43.38] Engaged - Condor-1 @ UFO-19 (Fighter) - Middle East Result - [Condor-1 = 62%HP 76% Fuel] - UFO-19 = Destroyed [Time = Oct.21 - 06.49.48] Mission Start - UFO-18 (Day) - Minor Damage Funds = 114,425 [Time = Oct.21 - 17.15.37] UFO-20 Detected (Small) - S.Africa Launch Intercept N.Africa - [squadron-1 = Foxtrot-1,2] @ UFO-20 [Time-18.50.31] Construction N.America Completed - (2) Hangers [Time-19.42.34] Engaged - [squadron-1] @ UFO-20 (Scout) - Indochina Result = [squadron-1 = 100% HP 59% Fuel] - UFO-20 = Crashed [Time-21.52.01] Assigned [Tanaka] to Chalie-1 Launch Intercept N.Africa - Charlie-1 @ UFO-20 [Time-03.25.35] Mission Start - UFO-20 (DAY) Minor Damage Funds = 224,425 [Time = Oct.23 - 11.41.15] Workshop Project Completed - Laser Rifle Condor-2 Relocated to N.America Began Workshop Project - Foxtrot-4 [Time = Oct.26 - 00.50.49] UFO-21 Detected (Very Small) - N.Africa [Time - 00.51.01] Launch Intercept N.Africa - Condor-1 @ UFO-21 [Time - 01.35.15] Engaged - Condor-1 @ UFO-21 (Fighter) - N.Africa Result - Condor-1 = 75% HP 81% Fuel - UFO-21 = Destroyed Funds = 74,425 [Time - 03.37.49] Workshop Project Completed - Foxtrot-4 Workshop Project Started - Laser Rifle Foxtrot-4 - Rearmed - Alenium Torpedos Funds = 34,425 [Time = Oct.26 - 06.49.08] UFO-22 Detected (Very Small x3) - Over Water, E of S.America [Time - 13.07.28] Research Completed - Rapid-Fire Lasers Research Start - Wolf Battle Armor New Manufacture Available - Scatter Laser, Gatling Laser, Pulse Laser [Time = Oct.28 -19.40.21] Workshop Project Completed - Laser Rifle [Time = Oct.29 - 10.04.25] Research Completed - Wolf Battle Armor Research Start - Hunter Scout Car New Manufacture Available - Wolf Battle Armor [Time = Oct.31 - 01.10.41] UFO-23 Detected (Very Small) - N.Africa UFO-24 Detected (Very Small) - N.America Launch Intercept N.America - Condor-2 @ UFO-24 Launch Intercept N.Africa - Condor-1 @ UFO-23 [Time - 01.59.07] Engaged - Condor-2 @ UFO-24 (Figher) - N.America Result - Condor-2 = 75% HP Fuel 79% - UFO-24 = Destroyed [Time - 02.15.19] Engaged - Condor-1 @ UFO-25 (Figher) - N.Africa Result - Condor-1 = 50% HP Fuel 76% - UFO-23 = Destroyed [Time - 22.38.44] UFO-25 Detected (Small) - Over Water W of S.Africa ***Continued in Following Post***
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