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Found 8 results

  1. This mod is currently version 3 and has been tested in v19 experimental, hotfix 2. The mod launcher is currently not working, as far as I know. To install the mod, you'll have to extract the files into your Xenonauts folder. Sadly, this mod will not work with Sathra's, WalrusJones', or anything else that alters the same files. When I get closer to what I want, maybe I (or they? I'm not sure of the etiquette) will merge mods. Download. Mod description: I find lightscout and scout ground missions to be a bit on the dull side. Yes, Caesans are different from Sebilians. But they're both using the same plasma pistol or rifle, and it gets old. There's none of the variety that the mix of alien weaponry later on provides. This mod tries to change that a bit. Introducing the overloaded, stabilized and focused versions of alien plasma pistols and plasma rifles. Overloaded guns: these guns have had various safety mechanisms disabled, making them deadlier, but also making them rather unreliable. The result is that they now deliver an explosive blast. It also means that the user cannot snap shot, take reaction fire, or burst fire, for fear of the gun exploding in their hands and eradicating all matter within a respectable radius. Stabilized guns: These guns have been modified to deliver a near-constant stream of plasma. To achieve this, the punch of each individual shot is notably weaker than a typical version of the weapon. The upside is that they can pump out blasts without worrying about the reliability of the gun, granting lower TU costs, higher suppression (in terms of suppression value and suppression radius) as well as a 6-shot burst fire. The shots do now have armour mitigation, though, so don't underestimate anyone using a stabilized plasma pistol or rifle. Focused guns: this modification delivers a charged, tight beam; this grants a bonus to the weapon's range, higher suppression and a more accurate standard/aimed shot. The downside is that snap shot is less accurate, the charge-up time makes burst fire impossible. Version 3 introduces feral sebillians. They can withstand impressive amounts of damage, but have regressed to an even more bestial state, so they cannot use items. --- Files modified: in assets\ aiprops.xml items.xml weapons_gc.xml weapons.xml strings.xml in assets\ufocontents airplane.alien.lightscout.caesan airplane.alien.scout.caesan airplane.alien.corvette.caesan airplane.alien.lightscout.sebilian airplane.alien.scout.sebilian airplane.alien.corvette.sebilian To-do list: I need to play around with (I reckon) strings.xml so that the different plasma weapons don't show up as "weapon.StabilizedAlienPlasmaPistol" and the like. [Done as of v2] I need to sort out graphics for human soldiers who want to use these guns.
  2. Hey hey, been a while since I posted on here, but recently got back into playing and I'm having a few issues, Not sure if they're bugs, or just me being bad, so I'll list them here and see what you all think.. Alien Weaponry Researched and picked up a few alien plasma's, Can shoot them in missions but as soon as the mission ends and I go back to base, there's no alien weapons to choose to equip my squad, And the weapons I had picked up during the mission are gone. Is this a bug, if not, now do I equip my squad with the weapons, or more so, how do I "keep" the weapons equipped? Shield Use I've been using shield carriers for a while, Shotgun chasing up behind me, makes for a nice tactic, but recently in the past few games, They've been getting one shotted, No shield degradation, just plain "one shot - One kill" on my troops, Is this normal? Air Combat Only in month one but already, every aircraft I have is out of commission due to none of them being able to win a fight against even a light scout. I've tried manual combat and I lose constantly, head to head just ends up with my aircraft and the ufo sharing the same pixel on the map and while the UFO can shoot at me, I can't shoot back Big Black Map Areas Loaded up a crash site earlier, and where I Assume buildings are meant to be there was nothing but giant black squares on the map, It hasn't happened since, but was wondering if anyone else has had this at all. Alien Health I know aliens have more health, but 6 Shotgun blasts to the face at point blank range? ... Is this normal, First few missions I was taking out the aliens with one shot, now its taking 2 men 3 shots each to kill one of the basic red-shirts
  3. Sorry to open a thread for this. But i couldnt find it in the search. Why isn't there an option to equip soldiers pre-combat, even when you can actually use them in combat?
  4. Alien ammo limits were removed a long time ago because they were causing code problems (at least that's what I remember.) That was before the new AI developer came onboard. Can this now be put back into the game? You're going to have to have some type of working reload / weapon switching functions to use the alien grenades properly anyway. This was in the OG. Can we have it back now?
  5. Is it right, that we don't need to research alien weapons first in order to use them? Not sure if it is a bug or feature so just asking
  6. hi guys,i play with the V18 and after some hs of playing and in memory of the old EC i have found some guess to expose.. 1)possibility to recover and sell alien weapons/dead aliens?it might help the founding.. 2)balance the founding..the my main problem is that..with the current money i barely build and keep a 2nd base..not to say the equipment for my soldiers..i fight the alien elite forces armed with plasma cannons and hvy plasma with a pair of lasers and a courple of jackals armour because all my moneys go in keep expenses,impossible to build veichles and some other things that make the game more deep and less frustrating.. 3)in alien bases the enemy see me through walls and gates and fires dozens of hits everywhere..destroying everything even other aliens!!the alins never go down of ammo?i think is a bug.. 4)absolutely needs missions to retake lost countries!i feel strange seeing a superpower like USSR or USA leave me alone only after 2 months..and the drop of founding is too fast.. 5)make the reapers a little faster?it would be interesting and a bit scaring 6)more maps and randomness of them?and possible soviet weapons without modding the game?i have try a mod for soviet weapons and maps and the game crashes..i have to reinstalling a back up.. for the rest the game is good a bit of balance and is perfect..thanks the developers!
  7. my first alien base, i go in with my brave xenonauts, i clear a few rooms, and since i am that kind of guy that checks corpses for awesome l3wt, i found this item! Alien advanced grenade >=) and it does make a big boom! and very nice explosion visual i am sorry for the xenonaut that gets this thing thrown to its head! http://rapidshare.com/files/2458582734/xenonauts%202013-06-19%2002-11-34-01.jpg enjoy =)
  8. I have just realised i have a sizeable stockpile of alien weaponry in my warehouse from my men picking them up in combat, and i have no way of using them.... i think it would be nice if there was a section that alowed you to equip you men with the captured weaponry (obviously you would be limeted by the amount of ammo you have captured but it would still be nice) Also instead of just selling alien weapons automaticaly it would be cool if they just went into your warehouse for you to sell or use later
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