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Found 11 results

  1. It would be nice if I could keep my looted alien weapons after the mission ends. If I am in a battle and put something in my backpack it should stay there when I get back IMHO.
  2. are the basic weapons going to stay unlimited supply? also what about alien weapons? well we be able to use them/reverse engineer them??? Is any of that even implemented yet? I haven't been able to get past the first month or 2 without a CTD and i forget to save
  3. how about you can sell alien weapons/ corpses. because you can use alien weapons, why not use them, I mean as soon as you can use alien weapons
  4. Hi guys, I don't understand why the game is auto selling the alien pistols on me? Can't I use them to fight back?
  5. The alien heavy missile (fired by heavy fighters and interceptors) really should have it's fuel total either increased or decreased. As it stands the missile can almost make a full round and hit an interceptor that dodged it the first time. But it can't QUITE make it, so it really just wastes about 5 or 10 seconds per battle while you wait for its fuel to run out. So increasing its fuel total would let it actually have a shot at hitting an interceptor on the second run, while decreasing the fuel would just make the wait less boring after you dodge it once. Or possibly just increase its turn rate. Would make it harder to dodge, too.
  6. This one is confusing me... is there any point to keeping the alien grenades and plasma clips? The bodies are automatically destroyed, the new tech goes to the labs and the rest is sold, but these two get put into the stores.... and sit there until I sell them. Is there something I'm missing with these? they can't be assigned to a trooper, they don't appear to be a component in building anything. So why?
  7. I'm sure this must have come up, so apologies if I'm repeating a thread I've not been able to put my finger on. I like the concept that everything has to be reverse engineered. Your pilots can't fly alien ships. They have to be changed to enable humans to interface with them etc. But plasma weapons seems a little in the middle. You can't store them in your arsenal, but they can be used on the battlescape. Having used them there, the Xenonauts are strangely possessed to sell them off at then end of a mission. If they are clearly functional, then surely Xenonauts would keep hold of them and use them when needed. It just seems a bit silly. You'd also think they would be a more direct link into xenonaut plasma research, since the troops can already use them in the field. Personally, I'd remove their capability of being picked up in the field and used, under the excuse that they are actually an extension of the alien's physiology. Therefore, more extensive reverse engineering would be required. As I said, I'm sure this must have come up as it does strike me as a little odd.
  8. Greetings. I have a question regarding things and bodies xenonauts revcover from ground mission. Am I correct that some part of it might be lost in transporting? I had a mission where two sebilians were shot and saw both bodies and weapons on a ground via inventory screen. No explosives were used, but mission result screen stated that both corpses were "destroyed". Also, plasma pistol was reported as found and plasma firle was reported as sold. Did I miss something?
  9. Hi I'm new to xenonaughts so some of these issues could just be ignorance: 1. I cant find the option to train soldiers anywhere. Is it yet to be made or am I missing it? 2. I completed a ground mission but I got no alien tech from the ship? Are they not always there or do i have to tell them to pick it up? 3. There is one empty square in my chinook but I cant put another soldier on? Why?
  10. I never really liked how most of what alien equipment I get is automatically sold off. In the X-Com games I always held some stuff back, like heavy plasmas, to quickly equip my troops once the technology becomes available then sell the excess.
  11. First, I apologize if these points have been covered elsewhere already. I've searched here and haven't found anything on them, but I haven't perused the entire forum yet! Plus I haven't pre-ordered yet and thus haven't tried the Alpha version to see how things work in game so far. Descriptions. One thing that bugged me about most games of this type is that your soldiers in the field find a dead alien and his weapon, pick it up and... 'Oh, it's a plasma rifle'. Names of technology (or aliens themselves) are immediately apparent when they show up in most of these types of games. Personally I'd prefer placeholders based on the order in which they show up in game ('Alien-Type Alpha', 'Alien Rifle 01' etc) and once research has been done then replace these placeholders with 'plasma rifle' etc. With placeholder variables the names can be replaced everywhere in the game fairly easily (if care is made in the placeholder names versus the final names) Reverse engineering. Are alien artifacts going to be manufacturable (if that's a word)? In Xcom1 once you research plasma rifles you could build them and the ammo for them easily and that always seemed odd to me. I can understand making a version of the ammo for it (works on alien weapons, but gives less shots or something), and making a human designed weapon based on the technology but copying the alien tech perfectly despite the vast gulf between the two techs always seemed silly. Plus having one research field for reverse engineering then another (or more than one) for understanding the underlying tech and then reproducing it seemed more realistic
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