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Found 8 results

  1. I had a soldier whom I was sure was dead, I could have sworn he was listed as KIA. When I got to the mission screen, I had a -2 points on my score for 2 Xenonauts casualties. However, when I went to the soldier development screen, I believe it said "soldier recovered" over his head, he was at 2 % HP, and promoted, given the medal for suffering a grievous wound in the service of humanity, etc, etc. it was AWESOME! Does anyone know how likely this is? Or was he never dead to begin with, just stunned? Also, if he was stunned, how? This was literally my first mission on a new play-through with the new patch, and he wasn't hit by any flashbangs or anything like that. (the other casualty was just dead, poor guy, but nothing surprising there)
  2. I noticed one of my soldiers had gotten "cloned" one day. Also, there was a slot stuck in my chinook. I only had 5 guys and a car, however, it was still full. When I went to battle, one of my soldiers was instead, he was always a bit hurt. When I tried including both this "invisible slot" and the "real" soldier I got literally a clone of my other soldier, but when he shot a rocket and reloaded, a rocket dissappeared from both soldiers's inventories. After a while my "real" soldier became so hurt he couldn't participate, I found that his clone was also hurt, but was still on my dropship and couldn't be removed. After this I decommissioned my chinook in favour of the Shrike, hoping this would fix my bug. But alas, my soldier is now stuck forever in the infirmary as "Wounded 11 days". Is this just another "deal with it" problem or is there some magic solution?
  3. Is it a bug or is it left like that for whatever (easier testing?) purposes intentionally? I remember this happening way back in october, kinda weird that it hasnt been fixed yet... surely this bug has been reported countless times. What happens is my guys get killed in combat but i can see them in med bay with the "wounded for 17 days" status.
  4. Can't seem to get Mrs. Got-Herself-Shot-and-has-to-recuperate-for-20-days out of that precious WOLF BATTLE ARMOR. Right now she gets miraculously cured once the next mission starts but when that's fixed she'll be lying in bed hogging a vital military asset Not to mention peeing into a bottle while wrapped in some pounds of alien alloy seems unnecessarily uncomfortable The Armor is displayed in the BASE PERSONNEL TAB. Just add a combobox there .. or remove the armor just like the rest of the gear once the soldier gets removed from active duty.
  5. Until now I was fairly sure these numbers (and yellowish name) indicated a wounded yet deployable soldier. After my last mission almost all my soldiers went to 89% but none of them were wounded. However multiple stat increased occurred including resilience. As it is a common bug/design flaw to have "max hp" increase upon "level up" but leave "actual hp" at it's previous level ("Hey I'm tougher now! Ouch that hurt!!). I am carefully concluding this might be the case. If so please move to bugreports. If not one may please enlighten me about these cute yellow percent values inside those shapely brackets.
  6. I suspect Chris already has plans along these lines, but when the revive mechanic comes into play and a solider is revived, it would be nice to have something that implicitly shows that this mechanic exists. I propose adding "Resuscitated" either in red or orange in place of the wounded text at the end of a round, or just underneath the solider's portrait but before the stats. It might also stop questions/bug reports on it.
  7. What happens when a soldier gets wounded? It told me that he was out for 12 days, but I see I'm still able to re-assign him to a chinook.
  8. If you send a chinook to a second battle without returning to base your wounded soldiers get healed up, and your dead ones join the fight. Disappointingly, he did not appear to be a zombie or any other kind of undead creature. He did not have any gear other than armour though.
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