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    Crash on Save + Deleted Sace

    I'm not sure, but I believe it's likely gone to the trash bin. I mean, it's worth a look at least.
  2. Supernova, the crash from him and yours is very likely very different. I would recommend you creating a new post and providing the save file, with the mods list so it could be solved.
  3. Podesta

    OpenXcom is spiffy, and with mods, it's even better.

    Necroing the thread here, but last time I tried openxcom, and original xcom in general one of my biggest problems was the lack of fog of war. Really, it is so damn annoying not knowing what you can actually see and what you can't, especially after you have already revealed the map. Does anyone know a fix for this? Is there any mod that grey out, or make it clear in any way what area is outside of the LoS of your soldiers?
  4. Yeah, it is true, it makes it harder to get higher ranked soldiers. Maybe it worked better with XCOM because you had those pretty massive teams. Maybe it's just me being nostalgic, but it doesn't really matter as it's not doable. Thanks.
  5. Drages, is it possible to mod the how the ranks system works? Like change it from being linked to the amount of skill points you gain and make it instead linked to a pyramid system, similar to the original XCOM? Like You can have only one one corporal for every 3 privates. Only one Sargent to every 4 corporals, etc...? That would be pretty cool, and an incentive to keep cycling the soldiers more often, instead of keeping only one "dream team".
  6. Yep, definitely crashes. There seems to be a problem with them on them on Alaska, you are not the first one. EDIT: Yeah, try the 0.33 HF1, from the changelog it seems to fix it.
  7. Maybe related to the problem from @SoulFilcher? http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/13189-Crash-related-to-alien-construction-ship-base
  8. Yeah, this one also crashes for me. It is curious because an earlier post said something about the game crashing when they were detecting things on the "edge of the monitor". For me, your freeze happened if I moved the geoscape or not, so my guess is not with the position of your view, but maybe with the location itself, maybe the coordinates, I don't know. Also, try posting this into the Bug report of the CE edition. Source of the problem I mentioned: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/13166-X-CE-0-33-Freeze-on-redetecting-ufo-with-interceptors EDIT: From the changelog it has been fixed in the new version 0.33HF1. You can wait for steam, or preferably check it out here> http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/13190-Xenonauts-Community-Edition-0-33-HF1
  9. Podesta

    [X:CE 0.33] Battlescape AI freeze

    If you want to I can pass the turn save and send it back to you until they can figure out what's going on.
  10. The TU's reserve points only for shooting, because there are so many possibilities, that adding them all would make it extremely clunky. You could have Reserve + tun 45. Reserve + turn 90. Reserve + turn 45 + crouch, etc... Every movement/crouch/turn cost the same amount of TU on every soldier, irrespective of the amount of TU's they have. Fox example crouching costs 3 TU. I believe this is an interesting suggestion, I don't feel like there is a need for it. You are having these problems because you just started playing, and are getting crushed by the aliens, which is normal. You'll soon learn how to better play the game, be more cautious, and get used to the TU system
  11. I also had no problem with that save, I can enter the battle without any problems. I'm on 1440x900 "windowed mode".
  12. Podesta

    [X:CE 0.33] Battlescape AI freeze

    It also didn't crash for me. Is it still crashing for you?
  13. Michael, most probably what is happening with the 1 or 2 extra TU's is that the place that you want to throw the grenade requires your soldier to face a different direction. Changing the direction you want to face cost TU, I believe it is 1 per 45ยบ. Number 2 is indeed an annoyance, I believe people have complained about it at CE, and they might work on it. Number 3 I believe is the same, but it doesn't take long to learn which grenade is each by the icon alone.
  14. Podesta

    Jsleezy's Real Armors Compilation

    @Jsleezy, I've made your mod compatible with the modular system. If you don't mind I can upload it here or send it over to you. It's basically adding a new .xml file so the mod tool can recognize it and reorganize a few folders.
  15. @Orlinos, yeah, we came up with pretty similar solutions. It all boils down to taking cover and how to prevent taking reaction shots when you are opening doors.