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Found 7 results

  1. I have a suggestion for the explanatory tooltip for the geoscape. "Alien UFOs will periodically spawn on the map." The word "spawn" is way too gamey and does kind of detract from the immersion. "Appear" would be a much better word.
  2. If this is something that will happen with the new UI, I apologize. The tooltips are way too slow. This is particularly noticeable in the facility construction screen--I was trying to find out which buildings I already had and was very frustrated with how long it took me to find out. Mouseover... wait three seconds. Repeat 4-5x. It should be instant.
  3. So this may be in progress or mentioned before but I did not find a post on it by searching so: I was playing a bit after buying the per-order and I realized all the buttons are pictures and I don't know what they do. So I though I would mouse over and it would tell me like most games... and I was wrong and still a bit lost. any chance that will be added later? ---Side notes I just downloaded from steam and played the first time yesterday so with fresh eyes and as someone with no prior play in the game I noticed some other things. - Changing the Equipment on ships is not very intuitive for a first time player, did not figure it out in the 10 mins I had to play - Ordering equipment is not very intuitive for a first time player, did not figure it out in the 10 mins I had to play - Ordering personnel is not very intuitive for a first time player, I did not realize at first that the number was the number I had and I was adding to it to order more. I did eventually order 5 more soldiers so I got there. - Building bases structures is not very intuitive for a first time player, I built a few buildings but 1 it did not high light the build square and the original X-com even did that, 2 the shapes of the buildings and locations of the starting base structures is annoying and hard to build from, 3 I was hovering over structures to see what they were and it was very glitch and showed some building and not others as well as I had to point one square high so it was really only 2 square vertical structures and square only structures that worked. If they were horizontal I could not see what they were. I know the original X-com kinda through you out there with no guidance and I figured it all out, however while I am not asking for a tutorial a little more intuitive menus would be better. In fact I found the original game fairly intutiace and did not have much issue ordering gear, order personnel, equipping craft or building bases. Your screens look great but the original UI layout and function may be a little better for beginning players, though I imagine it has more functionality for veteran players to Xenonauts who have had more time to figure it all out. Due to the long load time and well wife aggro, I did not get to actually play a combat mission I will post again if I see anything that strikes me on first play there when I get a chance. (I did see the message about final project having faster mission loads. So no complaint there I know your working on it.)
  4. One thing I keep grumbling about is that the hot spots for the mouse cursor are really really small. Even when there is a box defining the location of the hot spot, you have to click around repeatedly in a small box to find the tiny, tiny good spot. I have several time happened upon tool tips that I had no idea were there because I just happened to hit a hot spot in an odd place. Even loading a saved game is an exercise in shotgun clicking in the area you know hides the hot spot. Hopefully easy to fix, but it really should be fixed.
  5. Firstly i have a few questions; When does the AI decide when to use large ships ? Im not to far into the first year and Iv detected Massive size craft with Large escorts. I have a fleet of interceptors that are still no match for these vessels. Would you consider making the whole base defense process a little more interesting ? I noticed theres a panel on the Personnel/Training screen "#####", once soldiers are placed in training for 10 days there unable to be reassigned. Is this intended ? At the moment is there any benefit to using burst vs single ? I dont expect an answer to this last question because its of low relevance, I just thought id ask incase you wanted to comment.; I see the F 17 Condor(based off the F 16) was chosen, Wouldnt the F 14(Tomcat) be better suited for air to air combat ? If im not mistaken I think its capable of longer range and has a wider weapon payload. A few suggestions: -One of the first things i noticed, some buttons dont have tooltip overlays. This could be very helpful by providing useful information for new players. -Alot of dialogs seem to display cut short and are difficult to read. -The Ballistic Rifle info show a 30rd mag but only gives 20 ingame, the same with the Precision Rifle, info shows a 15rd clip but only 10 are of use. -The CH 48, Xenopedia states it can accompany 10 soldiers but you can actually only assign 8. -Regrading the Xenopedia info on facility's are absent. -There seems to be room for two vehicles in the CH 48 instead of only having one. -I like the idea of of having two square hangers instead of the initial 4 square like in the legendary X-Com but if there are going to be 2 square Living Quarters, Labs, and Workshops why not be able to select between horizontal & vertical during placement giving the player the option to utilize space.
  6. First of all I'm not complaining, I know the game's still being worked on so have no problems with that, and also, I'm loving the game so far but there are a few issues i thought i would throw in here. I did a quick search on the forums to see if any of these issues / suggestions had been mentioned before, but didn't see any so if i am repeating other peoples posts, I do apologize for that. So the first thing i need to mention is tool-tips and descriptions, I've noticed that so far (I'm only up to 2nd of October or so, so not too far in) some items, weapons and vehicles have no tool-tips, or just show up as a box with the hash symbol in them "####" This is happening on the engineering section of the game when i click on; for example, the armor or the scout vehicles, there is no details of what the item actually does, protection it gives, how long it takes to build, how much it costs or sells for .. things like that. (As a secondary note, I think things you build should sell for slightly more than it costs to make, so we can earn money from not only doing missions) Second thing is I would like to build a new base ... I'm loosing money everywhere because i cant cover more than a few continents, yet when i try to build a new base I'm just told "You don't have enough money" ... Maybe a tool-tip or something showing how much it costs to build a new base would be a good idea. The third idea i had, was after a mission when it comes up with your soldiers and their increases in stats, maybe have a Number/Number effect, showing the before and after. I'm just not sure if bonuses are single points, double or more, so would be good to see a little kind of "comparison" note. The fourth thing i noticed was that the scout vehicles say they more farther than soldiers, Mine only moves half as far, I'm not sure if this is a bug, or maybe my soldiers are higher rank and therefore just have a greater movement allowance. Maybe the scout could have two options, The one it has now, or maybe a "Fast" travel, maybe increasing movement by 50% but allowing no firing ... Just a thought, as it's not much use as a scouting vehicle if its lagging behind my men ... Maybe it could gain experience, "Or" takes one of your soldiers to pilot it, therefore allowing it greater movement based on the "Pilots" skill. Last thing for now, is money. Yes i'm earning some cash doing missions, but i'm not earning enough to make a difference in the game, building new base features or bases. (as above) I'm thinking that items created should have a greater sell price, even if its only 25-50% of the build cost ... I really don't want to have to resort to cheating or editing files to make cash, would rather put my engineers to work to make it. That's it for now ... Great game, keep up the awesome work!
  7. The tool tips are a bit massive: I think a tool tip should just give you the name of what that symbol or button does/is. This reads more like a xenopedia entry should.
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