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Found 9 results

  1. So, what I was thinking was something along the lines of say having two charlies and having both drop troops on the same objective at the same time, maybe in different areas sometimes. I just think it might be cool
  2. I would love if you could re-order the way soldiers appear in the roster and consequently in combat. My main gripe is that I like to put my guys in squads, but it's hard to move the soldiers in squads when they're all over the place in the roster (i.e. Soldier ALPHA Scout is hot-key 1, but Soldier ALPHA Heavy is hot-key 7, and Soldier ALPHA Sniper is hot-key 9). If it were possible to re-order the roster (even just alphabetically/numerically) in a way that would persist from mission to mission, it would be much easier to move guys around in squads instead of clicking through all the hot-keys or hunting around the map for your sniper or heavy. I could then put all my ALPHA guys at the beginning of the roster, and my BRAVO guys at then end, so I can move them using hot-keys 1-4 for the ALPHAs and hot-keys 5-8 for the BRAVOs. It would make giving orders in combat a little easier and less time consuming in my opinion. Also would make it easier to separate the experienced grunts from the cannon fodder on the base management screen.
  3. In my current, first playthrough (I'm at middle of Oct 79), I tried taking Hunter AC on my missions, relying on it especially when I had to advance through open terrain to provide cover. But despite its 150 HP, it seemed to me as really fragile. Couple of hits took it out. ATM I'm leaving ACs in the garage, trading it for two extra troopers. So my current mission composition is 1 LMG, 1 sniper, 1 assault trooper, 1 dedicated medic and 4 riflemen. I have couple extra men at base to supple for wounded and occasionally 2 rookies in training. LMG for pinning down enemy in open areas, preferably killing him in the process. If sniper can take advantageous high ground, he will, but rarely have I come across map and circumstances where that was possible and doable in time, before I eliminated the enemy some other way. Otherwise he acts as regular rifleman, sweeping area, providing fire-cover and just shooting at whatever moves. Assault-guy with a shotgun comes to play when I'm entering buildings and UFOs and can expect encounter at minimal range. What I considered deeply and eventually found very useful was a dedicated medic. She wields a medkit in one hand (pistol in the other) and can thus easily make it to the wounded soldier and stop his bleeding in a single turn, and heal him back to current max HP in a sec. This is a real time-saver, comparing if I had a regular soldier with medkit in his backpack, so he has to switch it with his rifle first. And she has additional medkit in her backpack. I'm wondering if you can give me any tips, or what combo are you guys using...
  4. Mine can't decide on rose or green blusher. I keep trying to tell them it doesn't matter, but they will argue.... *ahem* Sorry. How is your squad composed? Mine is like this: Tier 1 Harry the Hunter (who's a terrible coward and runs away from all the aliens when it spots them) Rocket-gal (I always give the rocket launcher to a girl. It's more awesome that way) Rocket-gal jnr. (who vies with Rocket-gal for the most kills) 2 LMG guys. 1 Rifle guy. Mr Shotgun, or the Man With No Fear Tier 2 Sammy The Scimitar (who's ever so brave and always there for a buddy) Rocket-gal (now with added extra rockets!) 2 Scatter Lasers 1 Laser Rifle (aka The Scout. Boink!) 1 Precision Laser (G'day!) Mr Carbine, or the Man with Even Less To Fear I don't usually go beyond tier 2.
  5. Right now you can put you guys in any place on your chopper, but their battlefield numbers can't be modified that I've seen. As in the hot keys for selecting your units. 1-8 for starters etc. The reason I mention this, I run usually 2-3 seprate groups on the field. 2, 2-3 man rifleman squads and the third a heavy weapons/backup. If I could put my troups in order by numbers how I wanted then when I'm going through my troops it cycles through the members of each group instead of jumping all over the place as it is now.
  6. For us alpha-testers who keep playing and playing and playing these builds, how about an option to export our squad (name, callsign, stats) to a simple text file and import them into another game? Yes, editing the text file could lead to rampant cheating, so remove it in the beta or only leave it in for premium builds or something... But that way we can keep working with the same people, instead of having to remember new sets of names every single time we start a new game to try something different with modding or file editing or tech trees or due to bugs or etc.
  7. I was wondering, would it be possible to send two chinooks as part of the same flight squadron to the same mission allowing us the choice of doubling the amount of soldiers for a single mission? If not, how hard would it be to mod this into the game ?
  8. I searched the forums and couldn't find a thread about this, weird. I just started playing and I noticed there was no quick resolve option (Though I'd never use that) but more importantly you can't move squad members in a group. On very tricky missions who would want to do that, however on the repetitive missions I really believe this is a must. I don't want to move every member of 10 to the edge of the map over 10 turns, it's a grind and it's boring. Also (and tell me if I should post this in another thread) I'm available to fill in some item descriptions for free if you want, I do freelance article writing online and write science fiction
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