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Found 11 results

  1. Is such a feature planned or feasible? I've had a couple situations where splitting a squadron could have been useful. Something like grouping a Mig and a F-17 together to take out a close target, not expending the Mig's missiles and then detecting a far-off target while the squadron is still in the air. Meaning that the Mig still has the fuel to get that target, but the F-17 doesn't. Similarly, it could come in handy to be able to merge squadrons, for example if you launch several single interceptors to take care of a couple of scouts only to detect a fighter squadron or corvette or whatever once they're in the air. Or for attacking a single, very powerful craft with craft from two bases. Interface-wise, I could imagine it working as a menu similar to the interception launch one, with the planes that "stay in base" forming one squadron and the "launched" ones another. Opening that menu could be an option when a squadron reaches a waypoint (for splitting) and when you have one squadron "intercepting" another (for merging).
  2. I'd love the ability to - mid-air - split a squadron, if for some reason several UFO's appear, and all of my fighters are currently enroute. Secondly, I'd like Squadrons to be able to reform, basically able to rendezvous with fighters or dropships enroute and continue the escort. (Obviously the fuel level would drop to the lowest amount if that is going to be an issue) I think this would add more to the game, and also means that if you have long range fighters out, and they engage an enemy UFO you can have them rendezvous with the dropship you may have moved by itself half-way.
  3. I think that if you send one plane to attack a UFO then you should be able to call for backup, like if you call for backup it take a short [or long] time for them to get here Although this is just an idea I would love to see this system in the game Thanks!
  4. Is it possible or will it be possible to fly multiple charlies together? I would imagine this would be difficult to balance against and it would be rough on the UI but I would like to see something where I've got two dozen personnel sweeping the field. Just a thought
  5. I think of several features: 1) Dynamical (in air) squadron management: - possibility to split squadron in air (example: low-fueled F's come home while MiG continues pursuit) - possibility to join several planes (even from different bases) in a squadron to allow them attack UFO together (of course, planes to-be-joined must be in same waypoint or tailing same UFO) 2) Dynamical (in air) base/hangar reallocation: - if a base have a free hangar and my plane (from another base) is near it - why I cannot land it here? - why do I need unarmed C-17 to move my MiG from base to base, when distance is less then MiG range? (Interface: when selected waypoint for squadron is base but not home, and have enough free hangars, popup "Fly to waypoint/Land and set as homebase/Cancel") I do not know if these features are possible, and if possible how hard to implement. But IMHO they are useful and give even more reality without breaking game balance. Maybe in add-on if not in final release?
  6. Anyone else think we should be allowed to have more in our squadron than 3 when launched? I would also like to see set attack formations.
  7. Today I was chasing after a landing craft with the F-17s (silly me) and a Chinook because it was landing every few minutes. Unfortunately as I reached it it took off again so I decided to engage to see what would happen. I lost. Then I lost the chinook. It struck me as odd that given it was me being the aggressor that the Chinook got shot down. I can understand it gets shot down when you are being pursued or attacked by the enemy but not the other way around. Its not a massive issue in that you can choose not to engage when the aircraft takes off again, but then it would be preferable if you could split the squadron into Chinook and F-17s first so that you can engage with the only the fighter aspect (which others have suggested) - tbh this would be achieved through just making it so that the Chinook remains affected by aggressive aliens and not passive ones.
  8. When I send fighters as an escort with a chinook dropship, if the squadron encounters fighters on the way, after victory the squadron will default return to base. Could this be changed so the squadron continues on to the crashsite? -T
  9. It seemed kind of weird to me that the troop transport has no means of defense against attack from land or air. The first time my transport got clipped that was a WTF moment. At the very least we had Huey's with "60s" and rocket pods. At most we had A-10 Thunderbolts along. Warthogs ain't pretty but they are ungodly effective. Minigun in the nose with phosphorus rounds will pretty much melt anything it comes in contact with. Slow enough to fly with helicopters. Bad enough to turn anything that tries hurt the escorted "into shit fast" as we used to say. It is well within the time line and can be bought rather than have to be researched. It can be sent with the Chinook as you would send two or three of your planes to intercept a ufo. Only difference is the icon would remain the helicopter. If a ufo does attack, the air combat screen just pops up as an "oh shit moment". Then let the fun commence. Nothing says the the ufo would not win the engagement but it's better than your Chinook was lost. You spend a lot of time renaming your troops. Making sure they have the right armament for their stats then their just gone seems sort of unrealistic. If the game is moddable then you might be able to include close air support in terror missions. Doesn't have to have a sprite as much as a calculation in the ground combat screen. If it gets shot out of the sky then the Chinook goes back unescorted then you can sweat Just a thought....
  10. If I have one interceptor tailing a UFO and another interceptor arrives, it seems there's no way to join them so they could attack the UFO together. Is this option planned (or already implemented and I'm missing something)?
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