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Found 10 results

  1. So after getting the stun technology, I figured I'd try out the rocket launcher with stun rockets. Thing is I can't seem to find a way to make the rocket already in the tube be anything other than the default. I searched around, checked the manual, tooltips, etc. and got nothing but stumped. I did find a few bug reports from previous versions (I'm using the the latest Experimental) and some implication that it's possible, but nothing about how to actually do it. Much thanks for any clarification you can offer.
  2. So quick question... Title says it all...Where are the old incendiary and AP(armor penetration)rockets?
  3. I was wondering how can I load the rocket launcher with the alenium rockets. After I discovered alenium rockets, I'd like to use them as the default projectile for rocket launchers. When I try to associate them to the rocket launcher in the equipment screen, the projectile is put in the hand slot, replacing the rocket launcher. Am I missing something here or is it not yet possible? Currently the first rocket fired in a ground combat mission is the default rocket, then I equip the alenium ones. It does not seem correct to me.
  4. I've got a couple questions regarding these. First off, what's the proper way to use flares? I know how to throw them, but when I throw them a bit outside of my sight radius it doesn't seem to reveal anything. I figured that was the point? Secondly, can you use rockets to blast through the side of a UFO?
  5. With the development of technology simple RPG's are replaced with alerium, plasma, ect. and are no longer available as rounds. While it is logical to take this approach, there are differences between those items - basic RPG has a greater explosion radius and thus sometimes is more preferable. I personally use them to shell the shit out of command centres in alien bases and landing ships. So yes, please either allow a possibility to use "outdated" technology, or make new RPG's as effective in suppression and choking of aliens. cheers, K.
  6. As per thread title. Hitting an adjacent tile gives a decent chance of incapacitating aliens (Caesan and Sebilian alike) by the smoke generated. This kind of breaks the research sequence as stun weapons become superflous, and gives super early access to advanced medpacks and damage bonuses. I'm guessing not intended?
  7. There are times when an object close to the shooter blocks what appears from a bird's eye view to be a clear shot. It seems reasonable that a shot attempt would be auto-inhibited in such a case...as in a shooter being 'aware' that a portion of the dropship tail section will block the shot. Especially when they're firing a rocket munition. messy...veeery messy. In this instance the forensics lab recreated the tragic event and determined that all but the smallest sliver of the red trajectory path indicator was obscured. This ultimately led to a finding of no negligence on the part of the eye-in-the-sky mission commander. Or am I missing an important nuance of the experience asking that the soldier not comply with the 'fire' order in such instances.
  8. Well I gave the game another go, and unfortunately the game crashed on the second interception, so I guess I am cursed to never make it to month 3. Anyways, I was playing, and here are some things that kinda bugged me, and some things I found that I liked. The C4 packs are weak. I threw one at a brick fence and all it did was make a 1 tile crater. It didn't even hurt a xenonaut 2 tiles away from it, or destroy the brick fence. Needs to be buffed, or maybe you guys just haven't gotten around to it. Rockets are awful for building destruction. I fired an HE rocket at the broad side of a barn and made some nice smoke clouds. No damage to the wall though. Haven't tested AP yet. Map generation. This could be related to why the game crashed, but I went to a UFO landing, completed it, and then went to a UFO crash site and it was the EXACT SAME MAP. Is this like a placeholder or something? Lack of aliens. Good news. The landed UFO has more aliens than a crashed UFO. Bad news, it has 1 more alien than a crashed UFO. Should be a min of at least 5. Other than that, the game was pretty good. Im gonna start a 4th game and see if I can get to month 3 yet again.
  9. This is probably me being an idiot, but I had never used the rocket launcher until 12.1, when I decided to try out the new AP hypervelocity rocket. (Incidently, damn. Just..... damn). I have been unable to find out a way to preload my rocket launcher with AP rockets at base, which means I have to do that during the mission which is annoying. If this functionality isn't present and isn't planned, could the developers please allow weapons which can be loaded with a variety of ammo types to be preloaded with any of those ammo types at base, please, and to remember the ammo type between missions. The first way I tried, which I suspect will be the most common way was I dragged an AP missile over to the rocket launcher, only to watch it swap places with the rocket!
  10. Hi, Not really had the chance to play the game much, despite pre-ordering and now I've sat down with it. Kitting out my troops for their first mission- I notice the rocket launcher doesn't appear to have any ammo associated with it in the inventory window, despite one of my soldiers having been equipped with it by default and having 2 rockets in his backpack. I can't find the rockets to increase his ammo... Am I being thick or .... I have searched the forum for it, can't see the question's been asked so I think it's something I'm doing wrong, or misunderstanding? Thanks in advance
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