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Found 7 results

  1. From this thread: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11718-The-AI-is-cheating-but-I-guess-that-s-ok "Fun fact: there are even more advanced AI capabilities that are turned off for performance reasons now, and that are good enough to guess the location of your soldiers really often." I see that there are overhauls like "X - DIVISION - Destiny Denied" and "XNT- INTO DARKNESS V6.0" which state that they made AI behavior improvements, and I plan to play through them next... But for now, I am on my first play-though on Insane (not Ironman though) and anything to make my current play-through more fun would be welcome. Main question: I don't mind waiting a few minutes for AI to decide what to do during it's turn - are there any edits to some configs I could make to improve AI performance? Secondary question about one specific AI behavior: Right now I am playing with Dynamic UFO's and Armoured Assault mods, as far as I know they don't alter this, but one of the most consistent and bewildering behaviors I am seeing are suicidal Reapers. These enemies made somewhat nervous at first when I saw how far they can move during their turn and their one hit kill attack. But during the 4 encounters with them, they have consistently used up their entire turn to run into middle of my formations, sometimes getting into blind spots of my soldiers. That's nice and all, but end result is that when I know a reaper is nearby, all I need to do is hold position, end turn, and if reaction fire doesn't kill it, next turn it will be standing behind one of my guys for easy target practice... Any way to fix this mid game?
  2. I've played the game several times now and am starting to find it stupid how Reapers can outright kill a soldier whenever you're forced into a confined space (even with a shield facing the correct way). Can we change it so they can only zombify a soldier by killing a soldier normally--or maybe a cooldown period before it can zombify again? Of course one could make the argument that I should avoid industrial maps with sebillians--but then again; I shouldn't have to avoid those due to extreme risk of losing a veteran soldier.
  3. I'm a big fan of the original X-Com and have had my Eye on Xenonauts for years but decided to wait until it was actually out to pick it up. I did so yesterday and have been enjoying it immensely however I have a couple of questions/issues I'd like to discuss. Aerial Combat I genuinely enjoy the new style of Aerial combat. I just have one issue with it that may or may not be a bug. A couple of times when I've intercepted an enemy the auto-resolve has been at 100%. I've then engaged the enemy manually anyway to minimize damage and get more experience with the new combat system. I've then hit the enemy with everything that i have, not missing a single shot or taking any damage... and they haven't gone down. I've then had to retreat. Is there some kind of locational damage on ships? Or is this a bug. Reapers I know, I know, reapers are supposed to be hard. I know they're supposed to be terrifying. I know that everyone complains about them. TBH After the new X-com game I was actually pretty happy when I saw the reapers and how far they could move and pleased in theory that they could 1hit kill Because I remember the first time I encountered a Chrysallid in X-com and I like how dangerous they're supposed to be. However; It seems to me that at the moment reapers are actually unfair. Maybe they're supposed to be, but nothing else in this game [so far] has been, and nothing in the original X-com was either. I'll qualify that statement with; If you know that Reapers are on the battlefield then they stop being unfair, sort of. However in two recent battles I've been destroyed by reapers through seemingly no fault of my own, because in both situations I had no idea I was facing reapers until the damage was already done. I put these examples in spoilers for people who want to read them. Situation A Situation B So i guess my question with this one is; did I do something wrong? Should I always act as if there are Reapers until I know there aren't? But I feel like if I do that i'd never get anything done Sorry if this seems a little whiny so if you read it all then thanks I'd absolutely be up for general advice if people want to give it. Like I said loving the game, so happy with the way it turned out. Going to start another save because all of my good units got reaper'd in the alien base
  4. Is it just me, or are the Reaper dudes SERIOUSLY over the top? I mean, they are the most annoying things in the game 1. One hit kills 2. Reproduces by one hit kills 3. Tough as balls to kill Now, reproduction is quite an awesome mechanic, I always like that in both XEU and here. However those one hit kills get me worked up more than they should. But I just lost 3 predator-clad troopers to one Reaper. I just think that at least full body armours (sentinel/predator) should protect from them: normal armor -> one hit kill -> zombie full armour -> needs to kill (take them hps down to 0) -> zombie While, additionally, I think that zombie->reaper transformation shouldn't be instant. It should take at least one turn, methinks. It's just highly improbable for a human to transform into a zombie-bloat AND from zombie-bloat into a Reaper in, what, 10 seconds? Amount of energy required would rip that thing apart by itself. I am trying to start a discussion, not a flame war, so please don't yell at me
  5. assuming I have the correct name - I mean the purple things with the claws that turn your team into zombies? They cause so much damage at an early level - I think an improvement would to keep them as strong in close combat but make them much less resistant to firepower - especially at an early level. Having them rely on lurking then charging when a unit was in range. This would ensure you would have to leave TU's for reaction fire when entering areas liable to ambush. As it is they just charge you and even with 3 lower level troops they can't be taken down. Another option would be to have the reapers attacks take 2 turns to turn a soldier, perhaps with a 50% chance of the actual attack failing to work. I understand that the emphasis is to require upgrades to the teams arsenal to keep them effective but the 1st time you meet these things you usually loose the entire team and I remember in the original you would usually get some players surviving most of the campaign.
  6. Not sure if there are a lore reasons for not doing this, but if the aliens are smart, they should withhold some reapers to defend their ship, seeing how confined space full of smoke cover is the best place for short ranged melee units.
  7. In the Cold War... no one cares if you scream. With X-Com2012 out there and at least a little while before Xenonauts is ready to go, why not look to entice yet another set of games fans towards the game? Aliens Colonial Marines is out in Feb 2013. Now who remembers this, from the Kickstarter goals:- Reaper (Chryssalid) Hive tileset ($40k) – in addition to the normal alien base missions, we will add Reaper (the Xenonaut equivalent of Chryssalids) Hive missions to the late-game. These would feature “nodes” that spawned infinite numbers of Reapers until destroyed. Yes, I have been playing Space Hulk. To get you in the mood, here's a flash game based on Leading Edge's rather brilliant board game of some years ago. Xenonauts would be onto something pretty good to recreate that sort of tension for such missions. Aliens Flash Game Naturally, Corporal Hicks will want a nuke 'em from orbit option in there
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