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Found 12 results

  1. Why not? Simple: make submap buildings include surrounding ground/props so they are a whole and complete map 'segment'. Then make "template maps" that have a basic outline (like a street down the middle with the alien ship area and Xeno ship area preset) and then fill the rest of these maps with these submaps. The submaps will be randomized by having multiple submap choices within each folder, right? And so you have a mostly randomized map each time you load it. This is how the original game did it, and I see no reason it can't be done now, today with the current system. So, why not yet?
  2. Are the maps in this game randomized, like they were in the original X-Com, or are they pre-built? The lack of the randomly generated maps was part of what disappointed me in Enemy Unknown, and while I'll definitely buy this game eventually (because I love this type of game), that's going to pretty deeply factor into when I get it.
  3. What is the provision for increasing the amount of maps in the final version?, if the decision is to remain that there will be no random map generator will you be allowing the community to create maps? I think it would be a decent idea to allow the community to create maps that are then submitted to the development team for approval, they can then be added into the final game. This would alleviate work load from the development team whilst allowing a 'buy in' to the community and allow them to feel that they have contributed to what I feel at least, is the most true to x-com remake to date. If this has already been discussed prior to now then forgive me.
  4. The creator of the original X-Com, every time he's interviewed, has pounded home the concept of procedurally-based combat zones. The way I see it... If all of the effort that is put forward into developing static maps were put forward into generating a procedure; You'd never have the tedium of playing the same map, ever again. You'd never have to design another map, ever again - you'd only have to tweak the procedure. It would make it easier for modders as well, because they could add or subtract simple elements of the procedure - rather than having to create an entirely new map. It would solve some of the elevation problems, by making them a universal situation, rather than something that is singular to a particular map. It would add some thrill to the game - with each player understanding that, every time they land, they won't be able to predict the environment. All-in-all, I think it would make the game better, and would detract absolutely no time or effort from development. So... why hasn't it happened, yet?
  5. I understand that the maps consist of an overall 'blueprint', consisting of blocks of 'area types' (ex. warehouse), from which a random selection from a pool of that type of area (ex. warehouse 3 from the pool of 8), which is a nice system to mix things up a little. What I'm wondering is that in that blueprint, is the location of the UFO one of the area types, or is the UFO placed randomly? I would assume it's dictated by the blueprint as an area type, but I'm wondering why not have the UFO location randomized as well... in that you'd pick the area block it is to be in, and then replace whatever WAS previous allotted for that spot with a UFO 'area'. It just seems a bit disappointing that the UFO would always been in the same known spot. (Obviously, the more maps that are made available, the less this becomes an issue, but until there are loads of maps, you will start to instantly recognize the maps, and the mystery of where the UFO is gets lost). At worst, why not at least have maps contain multiple possible UFO locations (the unpicked ones then being replaced by some other area type)?
  6. Sorry if this has been posted, I searched and nothing came up. Is there a random map mod somewhere I can use? Or are do the developers have that on there list of future features? The game is awesome already, I just want to make the game tougher on myself haha. I don't want to remember most of the maps and know where to go to find the best cover and things like that.
  7. Just a quick question, will all the maps in the final product be preset, or will the game implement random tile generation as in X-Com? If the answer is the former; do we know roughly how many maps the game will contain? Thanks.
  8. Sorry if this has already been posted, but i didn't find anything similar. One thing that could make the game much better is randomizing the ufo and alien spawn points. Starting a battle already knowing where the ufo crashed and consequently where the majority of the aliens are or where they will be coming from is not fun. The original X-com as i remember had completely randomized maps. If randomized maps is not possible, please create the maps with at least two possible ufo crash positions, and preferably two start positions for the Xenonauts dropship too, even if this does mean more empty spaces. Even in the terror mission started when you choose quick battle, i know where the majority of aliens come from. One suggestion to avoid having many empty spaces due to randomization...swap the crashed ufo position with a big building position....or even smaller buildings. You will have quite some randomization this way...
  9. Just a small suggestion about the air combat - I was holding off till v9 to mention this in cash it was implemented It would be a "nice to have" if the interceptor the alien craft targeted was random. At the moment they always go for place number one which makes the tactics pretty simple for air combat. Should be a small change to make it random - would add to the suspense a little when starting air combat? Cheers Resis
  10. Hi all, Sorry, just a quick question that I'd like a little clarification on. I've read the information I can find regarding the way the tactical mission maps are going to be semi randomly generated, but I just want to clarify something. At present, in the current build, every time I have a tactical mission, the Chinook lands in the bottom left of the map and there's always a large open area to the right and a fenced off section directly in front of the exit ramp. How will this change in later versions of the game? Are there several basic setups for each tileset (so, there'll be a city map where the Chinook lands in the upper right corner, next to...a warehouse and a shop, for example)? Or is it just the limitations of the current build which means I'm getting the same landing zone every time? Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. I wonder if maps will be random like in UFO EU. I have doubt because there's level editor includeed.
  12. I know there's a big update planned for air combat, but I've been thinking about this a bit and figured I might as well offer some suggestions Currently, most air combats play out pretty much the same way due to the spawn placement of combatants. You're either on a stern chase of a fleeing scout, or flying head-on into a couple of UFOs at a time. As there's very little room to maneuver, you pretty much always do the same thing; this is very different from ground combat, where even combats on the exact same alpha map can play out completely differently due to differing spawn locations for aliens and the crashed UFO. I propose that air combat have a semi-randomized spawn placement as well, to simulate the chaotic nature of an actual "furball" and allow players some room to maneuver their fighters to gain advantage. In order to minimize the chances of one of your $300,000 fighters getting a horrible spawn and getting blown up right off the bat, this could take the form of just placement at any point along the player's and alien's map edge, like so: (Red represents the player spawn, green represents the UFO. Bit counter-intuitive, sorry) Thoughts?
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