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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! New member here, I did the right thing and clicked that "Buy" button on Steam and now I'm here. So, I watched like 14 episodes of (playing through Xenonauts, great videos and he has some great input as well).These suggestions I am putting forward might already be considered or someone else might've already suggested it (I didn't search). But watching Yeti play made me often wonder "Why are there no binoculars? That seems like it would be something very tactical to use". Binoculars: - Day-time, being able to see further but more concentrated and focused (instead of a wide cone vision-field, it'd give a more straight line of vision). Nightvision Bino's - Same thing as above Thoughts? EDIT: I posted this in the wrong section, sorry. It should go in Suggestions and Feature Requests.
  2. This would be an early game researchable and possibly manufactured item that would be carried on the soldier to mitigate the drastically reduced night sight range. This would allow me to not get horribly demolished as badly on every single night map ever. Discuss!
  3. Strong suggestion for night missions: Generation II night vision devices were available in 1979. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_vision_goggles
  4. Two types: - binocular: improves daytime sight range (3-5 squares) - night googles: eliminates nighttime sight range penalties Both can be equiped/activated during combat, but not simultaneously. Both have a penalty to viewing angle. Both has no affect on weapon range and accuracy. Maybe some high-tier armour have one of them (or both) included.
  5. For reference. Its a reasonably common question.
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