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Found 8 results

  1. If I recall correctly pre-release version had a sight range bonus for being on higher ground, why is it removed ? It's ridiculous, and a sebilian standing in open field, with bad eyesight as xenopedia says, can see and shoot at my hovering soldier with a bleeding edge headgear on, but not the other way round. I'm all for hardcore xcom, but limitations such as this look to me like punching player in teeth just because "xcom:eu is for wussies, we be making real xcom cuz its hard hurr durr, and yeah we make computer cheat to know your soldiers' exact location and remaining action points because it's cheaper than to program a half decent AI" Anyway, is there a way to get LOS at least as long as of aliens' ?
  2. I think it has been reported before, but I'm posting these screencaps as they clearly illustrate the issue. note: chance to hit, line of fire, alien visibility icon, movement path
  3. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to start complaining about this, but I'm just going to go ahead and do it anyway. First let me say that I've clocked up 17 hours playing the game over the last week and for the most part I'm really, really loving it. But to be honest I'm starting to feel like the cover system is as bad as Enemy Unknown. I regularly have aliens shooting at me through solid walls where they can't possibly have line of sight. That's not cool. Often, my troops are getting shot at but apparently I have no line of sight to my attacker, and that's not cool either. Super frustrating! Also, why can't I lob grenades over things! The number of times I've tried to lob a grenade and it just lands at my feet again. It makes me so mad! And another thing: Sometimes aliens seem to just disappear from view. I just played a mission where the tile that an alien had been in was fully illuminated, it's not like it had gone black again because I had no line of sight. It was visible, and it was empty. So I figured the alien had moved away. Nope. I walked my guy over there and suddenly the alien is just back again. I was so upset about it I decided to register on this forum and make this post. And I am naturally a very, very lazy person, so you can appreciate just how upset I must be right now. Oh, and if I shoot an alien in the face at point blank range with a shotgun, it should be dead. If I shoot it twice in the face at point blank range with the same shotgun it should be especially dead. Seriously, I was no more than two or three tiles away. With shotgun. Twice! I mean, come on! Maybe if I understood the mechanics behind this it would all make a bit more sense. But I guess my point is that it just "feels" wrong when this sort of stuff happens. It feels unfair, and unintuitive, and it takes me out of the game. But for the most part, really great game. And being a huge arsehole, saying nice things does not come easy to me. So, you're welcome.
  4. I dont see why humans have such short eyesight (even in daylight) ive spent many missions geting gunned down as i exit my dropship by enemies concealed by the fog of war. im sure there is a reason for this but it seem unrealistic and gives aliens an advantage they shouldnt have over humans, expecialy when they out number, out range and out gun you... (reptiles for example generaly have poor eyesight but in this the xeno equivalint can see further than a veteran sniper....)
  5. The line-of-sight angles are above 180 during night missions. Has anyone else had this problem? Also, changing the LOSangle and coneAngle settings in the config and armour_gc files respectively do not change anything about LOS angles. EDIT: they are more like 360...
  6. Sorties I loved the feeling of surprise when I first strolled up to a UFO door only to have the aliens rush out and shoot me. Likewise, I appreciated it (even if I didn't like the death of my entire team) when, having wondered around the alien base blasting a few sleepy Wraiths, I first approached the control room and was rushed by a load of psychotic, armoured, alien-RPG-wielding maniacs. I've got a feeling that there's a precise on-off trigger for this behaviour though. In the case of the alien base, it seems to be opening of the outer door (but that's based on just 2 missions, so I may be wrong). Variety of trigger and variety of response would be a good thing. Triggers might be 50% outer door, 25% inner door and 25% one/more of the doors elsewhere. Response might be 50% sortie and each turn after the trigger it'd perform the check again with a reduced probability (say 50%, 25%, 13%, 6%, 3%, 0%). Perhaps also a 1% chance each turn that they'll just rush out anyway, trigger or no. Similar triggers could apply to the UFO sorties. Line of sight I've often heard shooting and alien screams and wondered what was going on. In a base defence mission I got to see; the aliens in other hangers were firing at closed doors and walls in an effort to kill a guy one of their buddies had spotted. That's fine, assuming they have a chance of drilling through the walls, although they might be better off trying to join the fight. A bigger problem is that, whilst I don't think they shoot at their own, they don't mind shooting the avalanche torp and killing their own or themselves. Thinking about it, I'm sure I saw a UFO explode in v18.3 because of a similar thing.
  7. I think we can all agree that the ability to plan is pretty important in a tactics game. When setting up overwatch, I need to know that if I move to square B as opposed to square A, my soldier won't be able to fire on the enemy should he come around the corner. Alternatively, since overwatch only works if an enemy enters the specific unit's line of sight and not squad sight (right?), I'd like to know how far my overwatching soldier can see without having to measure out the squares by hand. No point in parking guys into overwatch if they're not able to do anything about the aliens poking their heads around the corner! So, my first suggestion is a toggleable button on the UI that turns a grid on/off. This grid replaces the move-grid with line of sight/line of fire squares. If no unit is currently selected for whatever reason, I suppose the button should be greyed out. I guess it might be an idea for this LoS/LoF-grid to have a different colour scheme to the move-grid to avoid confusion. Squares the selected unit can currently see, factoring in which way it's facing, could have a purple border. Squares that the selected unit can fire at could be blue, while squares that can't would be orange. --- My second idea's taken from Frozen Synapse, in all honesty. You could set down "ghosts" in that game so that in the turn-planning phase, you could check whether your soldiers would run into enemy fire (for example). When you hit end turn they vanish. The other player never sees them, they're purely for testing tactics. In Xenonauts, ghosts would have to be modified since we're not playing simultaneous turns, but it'd still be handy with the above suggestion. Once you move, you're committed to that action, so you can be punished for moving to a place without a clear line of fire. I feel that a bit unfair given that there's no way to check beforehand. Being able to slap a dummy or ghost down on the target square and check the LoS/F would be really, really welcome. Being able to place down a hostile dummy so you can check if you're going to run into reaction fire would also be pretty sweet.
  8. One thing that kinda bugs me is that I can't see if someone is shooting at my troops, while out of my line of sight. So whenever I hear plasma fire I just glare at the Hidden Movement screen and pray that it's not directed at me. With the projectiles nicely visible and slow, could it be possible to show us when they are whooshing around our soldiers? It makes sense that your soldiers would see the projectile coming (or going away, if someone tried to shot them from behind), but not it's point of origin.
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