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Found 4 results

  1. When I saved a game in a middle east map, regular scout UFO, my hunter fired three of its rockets over the course of several turns fighting Sebillians. I saved the game to test something, and when I reloaded the hunter had full rockets again. Unfortunately, Wine keeps on crashing when I try (I'm running the Windows version in OS X using Wine) to test it with another saved game from that same match, so I can't reproduce it beyond reloading that same saved game again. If you'd like the save files, tell me where to email them (and how to actually find them, tbh I don't know) Chronology: Started mission, saved game "About to Die" I fired three hunter rockets over the course of a few turns saved "Possible Glitch" to explore something unrelated (1/4 rockets remaining when saved) did some stuff, didn't discover anything, so I reloaded "Possible Glitch" to get back to where I was in the game discovered my hunter had full rockets again (4/4 rockets remaining when loaded) After loading "Possible Glitch", I fired two more rockets, saved game "Another Possible Gli" (2/4 remaining when saved) to see if I could load that save and get full rockets again. When I tried to load that save to see if it happened again, Wine crashed on me. Booted Xenonauts back up, and loaded "Another Possible Gli" to try again, but Wine crashed on me again. I then tried loading "Possible Glitch", which worked (again, had 4/4 rockets remaining when loaded) To try to test again, I fired two hunter rockets, then saved "Maybe Another Glitch" (2/4 rockets left when saved) I tried to reload that, but Wine crashed again. It seems like either Xenonauts is crashing when loading those two save files and wine is reporting it me (it says that the program cannot run anymore), or wine is crashing by itself. I'm not sure. Either way, rocket glitch. I have a screenshot, but all it shows is a hunter with 4/4 rockets and a few rocket craters I created earlier with that same hunter, so not very informative beyond what I already posted. If it helps, I'll send it by email to a dev. Sorry for the excessively long post.
  2. I am using the latest version of xenonauts on desura. I have a save game where on a transfer of a hunter from my original base to a new base which has never had a hunter causes a crash to desktop. I can make the save available if needed. Interestingly the crash is related to the speed time is running at, if I use fastest it always crashes but on a 5 second interval the delivery is successful.
  3. In ground combat UI you can't see amount of total/left rockets in your Hunter vehicle.
  4. After moving the hunter(with machine-gun equipped) any distance, given that you have enough AP remaining, you can continuously unload said gun without consuming AP. To recreate this bug: + Equip a hunter with a machine-gun. + Enter into ground combat with the machine-gun equipped hunter, henceforth name "Chitterbug" (The name fits, really) + Embark the Chitterbug off the chopper. + Check that you at least have 20 AP left (the amount needed to fire the gun, hence the "chitter") + Have Chitterbug attack whatever Aliens, Walls, Civilians dare to behold its glory. + Repeat until all things worth being dead are dead, or until you have no more ammo. This is no majorly game breaking as you will run out of ammo but enough of the map/ forces should be leveled to warrant sending in your troops. Enjoy it while you can folks!
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