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    Post-Steam Development Process

    Is there a way to get a Humble Store key if we've already claimed a Steam Key from Desura? I've tried looking for an area on the Desura client to see if this is an option, but can't for the life of me find it.
  2. After moving the hunter(with machine-gun equipped) any distance, given that you have enough AP remaining, you can continuously unload said gun without consuming AP. To recreate this bug: + Equip a hunter with a machine-gun. + Enter into ground combat with the machine-gun equipped hunter, henceforth name "Chitterbug" (The name fits, really) + Embark the Chitterbug off the chopper. + Check that you at least have 20 AP left (the amount needed to fire the gun, hence the "chitter") + Have Chitterbug attack whatever Aliens, Walls, Civilians dare to behold its glory. + Repeat until all things worth being dead are dead, or until you have no more ammo. This is no majorly game breaking as you will run out of ammo but enough of the map/ forces should be leveled to warrant sending in your troops. Enjoy it while you can folks!
  3. Strange, I have the same problem. I have a sniper running around with basic armor and it shows the Jackal armor, animations and everything. It crashed before he could be killed (apparently putting a (red)alien corpse in your soldier's inventory when you have a light machine-gun and not enough ap may crash the game. I also had my ap drop to -2 on grabbing another corpse. That's another issue as well. Here's the picture of my sniper's fancy britches:
  4. These skulls, which are fake of course, could be used as a starting point for the icon. Any thoughts?
  5. I think delving into the realm of cryptosexology relating to the alien menace may be out of scope for Xenonauts entirely. I'm going to hazard a guess and say they are either clones or reproduce with spores, like the Orks in 40K. I do like the idea of having the stylized posters as an icon/mascot though. Integrating that Cold War "look and feel" would be very nice.
  6. Black_Legion

    Flamethrower Mechanics

    The fuel rating could lead to some intriguing "story" like encounters, besides just working as a fun mechanic (of which I heartily approve). Possible scenarios (maybe for modders) include needing to breach a building with a gas leak/ alien supply ship that has been damaged. Most of the terrain inside would have a high fuel rating representing volatile chemicals or gases dispersed in the air. One wayward flame and BOOM, the facility you were trying to capture, and anyone unfortunate enough to be inside is... well dead. Now the building wouldn't blow up per se, but it would become unpassable as it is consumed by flames. I like the fact that flamethrowers will negate at least some forms of cover, making their functional use much closer to its true functionality. The reflecting from walls should also help it fill up the "volume" of enclosed spaces quite well. I wonder if the calculations involved could have unbounded recursion though. Flames reflect off wall A to wall B which reflect to Wall C which reflects to wall A... thus creating a spinning vortex of fire. Potentially very fun and deadly but I assume there is a degradation mechanic added to the number of times it can reflect?
  7. So for each field or department they would have a poster and motto? Something along the lines of having the R&D department being represented by something like these posters: Along with a motto along the lines of "Through Knowledge, Victory!" or some such?
  8. Black_Legion

    Flamethrower Mechanics

    True, but I think that was how morale worked in the original. If you lost a high ranked trooper like a Commander or Lt. then most of your other units would panic. Of course we don't really know how the morale system is structured so everything is open to interpretation. We will have to wait and see.
  9. Black_Legion

    Flamethrower Mechanics

    This is what I'm most excited about if this comes to fruition. It's a horrific weapon to use, especially given the damage it causes to tissue, lungs, and morale of anyone taking the brunt of it. Then you have to take into account the other guys have the same thing but smaller and with plasma/ other fuels, devastating ray guns, and high-tech armor. You have some poor bastard with a fuel bomb strapped to his back. I do like the idea of a temporary zone around the area attacked by a flamer that inflicts morale damage. Essentially hardened troopers could weather the storm, given they survive... rookies on the other hand would break very quickly. I think a system like this is already in place as the death of rookies doesn't have much of an effect on veteran troops. also since its a flame weapon I think this applies:
  10. There just doesn't seem to be enough assets out in the demo right now that we can use. This will change with the beta as the tech tree is opened up and we get to play around with the new aliens, but for right know what we have is sparse. Since Xenonauts takes place during the cold war era, we could emulate some of the posters or badges that existed during that time. Examples follow, mainly I'm taking some USSR posters and propaganda because its so damn iconic. That is exactly what we need (something iconic and instantly recognizable). Maybe something along these lines?
  11. Black_Legion

    Xenonauts Motto

    I like Xenonauts: The Last Line of Defence. It's simple, to the point, and says all it needs to say about the reason for and the purpose of the Xenonauts' existance.
  12. Black_Legion

    Flamethrower Mechanics

    I think may being near an enemy flamethrower burst (either the short or long variant) should cause some kind of morale penalty or check. Being burned to death is a reasonably bad way to die and we have an ingrained fear to flame weapons. If I remember right flamers were just as useful for their bunker busting and morale dampening factors. I don't know about the Alien's psychology but they may have this fear as well. Essentially using a flamer or suffering an attack from one should have a chance to panic a unit( in the case of using it on an alien, that alien may panic, not the wielder or his squad-mates) , in which they make their way away from the attacker or just are frozen in fear. This could make up for having relatively short range to other weapons, and giving them some added oomph... if shooting a searing stream of fire and fuel already wasn't enough. A possible scenario could see a group of greenies(rookie squad-mates) be ambushed by a flamer wielding alien that could see the whole group (or at least the survivors) panic and either freeze or run. Either way you would have to move to support them fast if you want at least some survivors. Any thoughts?
  13. Black_Legion

    Greatest games of all time (according to you)

    Not really in order... but I think its based on how much I've played them. Dwarf Fortress Dark Souls/ Demons Souls ( Love me some atmosphere!... and insane difficulty) Bioshock Age of Empires (The very first one...WOLOLO WOLOLO!) Digaea Series ( I love me some TBSRPG goodness) Excitebike for the NES Medieval Total War And Finally Zelda, the very first game I ever played. I definitely have a very eclectic mix of games.
  14. Black_Legion

    Introduction thread!

    Hey all, I'm glad I made it before the great culling. I'm looking forward to some interesting development discussions.