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  1. *When manually unloading a soldier’s weapon, however much ammo was in that magazine affects the ammo percentage for ALL the same magazines that that soldier is carrying, whether those other magazines had more or less ammo to start with *If a soldier has their weapon empty and the player selected for their soldier to quick reload ALL the soldier's magazines become full again even if there were a number of them partially full only; this could be exploited so that a player can have all their soldiers carry INFINITE ammo as a result; removing the Quick Reload Slot altogether will simplify in resolving this issue (there is no need for this feature anyway, as I explain in my other post: (Thoughts for the game thus-far/ http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/13556-Thoughts-for-the-game-thus-far))
  2. Just extract the contents of the attachment and load up Ground Combat when you put the Mirage Battlesuit on a soldier in the dropship. The soldier should look like a Praetor, but instead it looks like a darker and more comical version of a soldier in jackal armor... If someone can figure out what I've been doing wrong here: please help--this is not my area of expertise when it comes to modding... Here's the file: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=104
  3. Hello again, I spotted a staircase that I wasn't able to use with my soldiers... when I clicked upstairs it would show the pathing green squares but the soldier would just stop at the base of it. I don't have any mods installed, am using the latest Steam stable release. I've attached the save I made there. bug.sav bug.sav
  4. I started this game in V1.07, and got to the point where I could build Valkyrie dropships. I built the Valkyrie and attempted to assault a crashed UFO. When the Ground Combat loading screen reaches 10% the game freezes and must be killed with Task Manager. I tried again with V1.08, and no difference. With V1.08HF, now the game immediately crashes to desktop when the ground combat loading screen reaches 10%. Please find the associated save file attached. Thanks. Geoscape.sav Geoscape.sav
  5. Hi there Is there supposed to be some kind of sniper perch on the side of the carriers? I get harridans hanging out up there on about half of my carrier crash sites. Spotting them is usually a problem, and they often manage to take down a soldier or two before I can find a place to shoot them from. You can see from the image taken from the next level up, that it does not really look like they should be able to land there. Cheers.
  6. Hello I had a xenonaut crouching, facing SW get attacked by a reaper from the SE. The reaper played the attack animation, then CTD. There was no splotch animation for getting killed or sound. The reaper was from a zombie that had been shot by reaction fire the turn before. I decided to leave him be to see how the reapers are acting.
  7. During the enemy turn, I had a couple of soldiers shot at. They did not turn to face the incoming fire. They did not have enough TUs to reaction fire, but they did have a couple left for turning.
  8. Hi there This may not be something that has come up before, but I have just sent a charlie to a medium UFO that had an escort of 2 fighters. The UFO was landed, doing it's thing, but I would expect the two fighters to have shot down my charlie on it's way in. Maybe more of a suggestion than a bug.
  9. Hiya Not a game breaker but: Cant path through or see through a 3x3 square next to this light scout.
  10. I know this is probably a much discussed issue, but I don't see a thread for v21+ so I figured it might be time to bring it back up. Concern: The balance between air combat and ground combat is skewed too far in favor of air combat. Reason: Air combat makes or breaks your game, I'm currently considering giving up a Hardcore(ish) Veteran game that has made it to February simply because I can't keep up with the air war. I'll admit that this is largely due to the micromanagement that air combat requires and that I lose too many planes. On the ground combat side, I am still able to win downed UFO missions against up to Corvettes with my B team, which has default weapons and hand-me-down armor (and a pulse laser scout car). Ground combat is quickly becoming merely a formality to increase my funds to buy more and better interceptors. This is where I have failed, I only have 2 labs and 2 workshops, I think I need at least twice that to keep up with the power curve, basically meaning that all my bases will have to be built along the same lines. Potential Fixes: UFOs land more frequently allowing for ground missions without interception. Faster repair times for aircraft Less micro for air combat, specifically options to auto-dodge and stagger fire Alternate ground missions, i.e. counter alien infiltration, attack alien sympathizers Reading through threads that basically say "Don't worry about ground combat, rush the air combat techs" seems to bare this out.
  11. Hiya I saw a while ago that the mission brief screen may be to go? I hope it stays, because I love that artwork. Something that would be useful on the screen would be the UFO type. You shot it down, so you know what it is... and for a landed UFO the troops would be able to look out the window. I often have several charlies inbound at once, so I would find the info helpful. I really like the new debrief screen. One more bit of info would be great: the number of kills each soldier got. It is one of the things I like to know. Oh, also: the medal graphics need a bit of tidying up, as they look a bit ugh on the debrief screen at the moment. Anyway, love the game. Great work Goldhawk!
  12. Hi there This is probably linked to everyone healing up, but I had a guy with three bleeding wounds, so I healed him up with 15 TUs worth of med kit to staunch the bleeding. I had the +15 flash up, then CTD.
  13. Several times I've seen enemy turns where an enemy's movement prompts reaction 'false fire' from my characters that have already used their reaction time. This 'false fire' includes the animation and sound of the character shooting burst shots, but no shot animations are done and no damage or shot results (miss, resist, etc) are shown. These reaction events continue to prompt repeatedly until I force the game closed, resulting in an infinite pause in the enemy's turn.
  14. hello, when i load or go to this mission and im in fullscreen the game crash. When i in the window-mode the game crash not. by the way not by all resolutions is the window-mode available. Here are the save: http://www.mediafire.com/download/u2a75i7579z82p5/2014-01-26_05.06.26.zip i don't know how i to uploaded here so i use mediafire.
  15. New build - not a huge number of ground combat changes, but lots of incremental improvements to the AI and the Terror Mission AI being altered, so I think it's worth a new thread. Also grenades - are they a bit less effective now? Answers on a post card.
  16. Some pretty significant balance changes in this build, so I am refreshing this thread to discuss them. The main change for the ground combat portion of the game is the AI has been updated so that alien use grenades, and understand when and how to use them most effectively; there have also been a variety of additional under the hood AI changes that hopefully improve their behaviour in general too. Additionally Xenonaut grenades now have a larger blast radius, and should be more reliable when throwing them in interior spaces (particularly UFOs). Stun grenades also got a bit of a buff again, while we search for their magical sweet spot. Feedback appreciated!
  17. I think that the ufo's don't have enough aliens onboard. Maybe there should be some low rank aliens that are easy to kill and dont' have good weapons to fill the empty rooms.. because when i enter lets say a carrier the 2nd floor is always completly empty. I mean there are 9 aliens in the smallest ufo there is but maybe 20 in a very large one that is 10 times the size or even bigger? That's not very realistic. Something more to shoot at while exploring a large ufo and less empty rooms would be nice.
  18. I posted up a new build over the weekend, but only got around to updating these posts now. Notable changes: - New maps for the Middle East tile set (these are different from the "Desert" tile set). These are essentially final, but they will probably need fixes/tweaks, so feedback would be much appreciated. - Morale system has been rebalanced, with the intention of reducing the instances where the whole team panics and increasing the instances where individuals do. We also fixed a major hidden bug that meant the morale system was basically going unused - so I'm really interested to hear general feedback on how you are finding morale in general now; right now I don't think the morale system plays a big enough part. - Some minor changes to the AI, but which hopefully have a fairly decent impact. They should fire more regularly now, and spend less time trying to hide from the player line of sight. We are getting more of the internal AI systems revealed in a configuration file soon, so we will have more flexibility to make changes in future.
  19. The new experimental build is out, and there are a few important changes in it I would really like to here your opinions on. Here are what I consider the main ones: - Fairly major changes to accuracy and shooting system: -- Accuracy percentage displayed on crosshair should now be unequivocally the real chance to hit the target -- The game performs a single test on this percentage, if it comes out as a hit then the bullet will now always hit and never be intercepted by props etc... -- If the game rolls a miss, then the bullet is completely prevented from hitting the original target -- The missed shot then scatters at random around the original target (including hitting the ground tile the target is in, without hitting the target itself) -- The scattered shot also has a chance to hit other units, however there is a negative penalty applied to hitting them meaning it is now less likely to hit units by accident -- NOTE: A consequnce of this is units can perform reaction fire "through" each other, and they will sometimes hit comrades doing so. This will be fixed. - Improved the way accuracy information is communicated to the player -- If a prop is in the line of fire it is highlighted in red and shows the percentage penalty it will apply to the shot -- If there are multiple props in the line of fire then only the one with the highest blocking chance (the one used in the accuracy calculation) is highlighted -- The stopping chances of other props are shown in grey for informational puposes -- Multi-tile objects will now only display their accuracy penalty once -- All tiles from a multi-tile props are now correctly ignored when shooting over them while standing adjacent to them - Jetpacks have received a major update in functionality -- Jetpack units can now hover in the air, they do not always have to land as previously -- Flying units cannot attack, react or perform any other combat action until they land again -- If a flying unit is killed it is immediately destroyed along with carried items - The combat shield now also has a chance to block shots coming in at 45 degree angles from the direction it is facing (but the chance to block is lower) - Tweaks to morale system to make it more likely individuals will panic, rather than the entire team at once (these changes are preliminary, bigger ones to come) Obviously the changes to the accuracy formula are going to have the biggest impact - so please go ahead, shoot some aliens, and come back with your thoughts!
  20. I am just going to refresh this thread now that V19 Stable is out. For those of you who might not visit the forums as often, the purpose of this thread is to gather feedback of the current state of balance of the Ground Combat portion of the game (i.e. the turn-based tactical combat part) so we can see if the gameplay is shaping up the way we want. This is specifically NOT for bug reports - they go in the bug reporting forum (and are gratefully received!). As V19 Stable is quite a milestone for us, I am interested in hearing more general feedback on how people feel about the Ground Combat - do you find it challenging, frustrating, fun? Are there parts of it that get on your nerves, or that you feel are particularly effective, and if so, why? I'm really hoping we can also get some feedback from people who have only been playing V18 up until now, as they will have quite a different perspective from those who have followed every experimental build and all the attendant minutiae (feedback still welcome from the usual suspects too of course )
  21. Not a huge number of balance changes for ground combat in this build: - Reduced AP cost of Hunter MG to 30, slightly increased damage and increased suppression significantly - Increased Hunter rocket count from 4 to 8 (the rockets are stacked like matroshka dolls, before anyone says anything) - Reduced spread radius of smoke grenades from 4 to 3, and reduced the longevity of smoke clouds - The alien heavy plasma rifle has been given 50 armour mitigation to boosts its performance versus later Xenonaut armours - Hypervelocity weapons have all been disabled; long term they may be re-enabled, but they were taking too much dev time right now - Sniper rifles have received a 25% damage increase (to counter the loss of HV properties) The biggest change is probably the resolution of the bug where aliens could cheat and shoot using more TUs while suppressed - basically what was happening was if an alien had enough TUs to perform even a simple attack, like a 15 TU snap shot, they could for "free" upgrade it to the highest tier (burst fire). Hopefully there aren't any more issues like that, but if there are I'm sure you will let me know Oh also, I'd be really interested to hear feedback on the alien base missions - aliens should now be better distributed in them (not all in the command room). Also the later UFOs should have the correct number of aliens (a lot).
  22. A pretty long list of changes for this build (viewable here). The most noteworthy being the changes to the Xenonaut vehicles (hopefully a pretty big buff), the rework of the carbines into shotguns and - a minor change that may have a big impact - changing the damage randomisation from a +/- 20% spread to a 50% spread (to give an idea the original Xcom had +/- 100%). Thoughts away!
  23. This latest build makes some important changes to Xenonaut equipment in ground combat - armour has been significantly buffed, gaining more protection and losing the sight penalty; and grenades have been nerfed harder than a nerf herder, losing 3 tiles of range and gaining the overdamage property, which means they destroy equipment being carried by their target. Additionally I have made a pretty major overhaul of the numbers and composition of the alien forces appearing in each ground combat mission - there will now generally be more of them, and better use of the "defensive" and "command" aliens inside UFOs. Here's the balance changes: - Extensive rebalance of the composition and number of aliens spawning in every UFO and Alien base -- Alien numbers now randomised to make missions a little more individual -- Generally, you can expect up to 50% more aliens than previously in a UFO -- Better use of Passive (lurking), Defensive (UFO bound) and Command (UFO command room bound) aliens -- Larger UFOs now have proportionally more aliens on the defensive inside them -- Alien bases should now be much more busy, though they are sometimes affected by the note below -- Unfixed bug: it seems later UFOs/bases do not always load the correct set of aliens; please report this if you see it - Close range accuracy bonus increased from +8 per tile to +15 to encourage closer engagements - Grenades now cause overdamage, meaning they will destroy the equipment an alien was carrying - The various types of Xenonauts armour all now provide an extra 10 points of damage protection (e.g. Jackal now 30 up from 20) - Heavier armours (Jackal, Wolf and Predator) now now longer have a signt range reduction - Alien battle rifle damage increased from 70 to 100 (but 20 armour mitigation removed) - Base grenade throw range reduced by 3 tiles - The extra TU required to vault low walls has been reduced to 6 from 12 - Stun grenades made slightly more effective (both initial blast and gas) - Flashbang stun damage halved - Reduced range of sniper rifles down to 25 (both human and alien) - Sniper rifles now cost an extra 10 TU per tier to fire - Reduced range of some drone weapons down to 20 - Xenonaut stats progress has been capped at a single point for each stat per mission - Final mission has been tuned a bit in terms of layout and alien numbers; still very rough but should be more playable (remember most of the art in that mission is placeholder)
  24. For some reason today xenonauts keeps crashing every time I try to do ground combat in the loading screen also when I have it on the max to speed up time it freezes and I can not close it out.
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