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  1. For a machine gun the reserve list says that it costs 35 APs to fire, while it only actually costs 25 for a dude and 20 for a hunter. I realise they cannot actually reserve them at the moment, but I often glance at that list to see how much it costs to do stuff.
  2. Would it be possible to make it so the reserve slider would allow you to reserve for the last item in your hands you clicked on? So, you could have a pistol and grenade, click the grenade, and the reserve slider then has a slot for grenade throw? Then you click the pistol and it goes back to the gun reserve slider. When I give some poor sap a pistol, I really want him to be able to lob those grenades after he has moved around.
  3. If you replace a weapon so it pops into your backpack, it gets refilled. I know this used to happen in other ways too, just putting it down and picking it up, but now I think it only does it when swapping out.
  4. I get a CTD at the ground combat loading screen whenever I try to engage a corvette. I have used a team that loads fine against a light scout or scout, city map or farm map (I moved the levelsetup file). I have also tried night and day. It crashes very quickly after going to the loading screen.
  5. Several times Caesans have appeard standing right next to my men, often with other troops around that must have been able to see the movement. But during the enemy turn, it does not show them moving around.
  6. I have a suggestion about the implementation of Automatic Ground Combat. In first X-Com it just pissed me off, when i had to attack small crashed UFO, because it was just a complete waste of time (The missions are long and there're just too many of them). Some newer UFO games like UFO Aftermath or Alien Invasion had some sort of automatic combat, so you didnt have to deal with theese easy but boring missions (Of course if you were too weak, you could just take the mission normally and win it with better tactics) In Aftermath you could send a backup team instead, and some time after that you would receive a msg if they were succesful or not. In AI it was your team, but the game just did a calculation of used amunition, loses, kills etc etc... I would really like to see on or the other in xenonauts for all those out there like me, who like the geoscope more then the actual ground combat.
  7. tried posting this already, but the internet ate it =[ basically with the last 4 AP I can occasionally move some of my soldiers. Now this would be all right if they were walking forward, but occasionally it does it so that the last movement they do is sideways, as in the character is moving forward, and then at the end takes a step sideways (without turning) and ends up with 0 AP left at the end of it.
  8. I want to load a save game in the main menu where I am in ground combat. Clicking on it and the on resume leads to an instant crash.
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