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  2. I can confirm bug 2 and bug 3 in V8.6. There are currently 6 zombie aliens looking at my soldiers and and can not win the the ground combat game. After killing 6 aliens I looked in every corner, roof, building of the map and could not find any more aliens. So I went and occupied (meaning had a soldier in each part of the UFO) for 10 turns and nothing happened. This is a little frustrating, as it seems that the game still is not playable at all for me. Minor bugs and missing features are ok and expected in such an early version but at least the basics should run.
  3. I want to load a save game in the main menu where I am in ground combat. Clicking on it and the on resume leads to an instant crash.
  4. Same here. A little bit frustrated. I just bought the game 5 minutes ago and did not expect a complete working version but something that it at least playable. My first clicks were build bases, switch to soldiers tab, click somewhere, crash.