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Found 8 results

  1. First the Length of the title is too short to accurately display the bug it should read : [V20 Stable 05/01/2014-Ground Combat] game freezes for 5-10 seconds every time a soldier dies and the death animation is played I started a new game ,managed to intercept a fighter ( it was the first fighter I encountered) ,landed an assault team one of my soldiers died 2 minutes into the level , the game froze for 6 seconds then I saw the death animation play and the game continued on a second soldier died 1 minutes later , and again the same issue hope this helps
  2. Actually he more like passes through it, doing some glitched walking animation, and then the game just freezes forever. I can alt-f4 out of it though. Should happen after finishing the turn in this savegame: http://share.cx.com/GzMh6v I'm not sure if it's his fault, might be aliens getting confused about what I've been doing in this mission... Anyhow the first image is where I found him, he then ran to where he's in the next image (animation was fine when crossing the coupler).
  3. Hi, I've been playin 19.5. In an alien base mission, I've noticed that a certain region in the field freezes the game whenever a soldier sees it. I don't really know what is there, but here's the save game: http://www.sendspace.com/file/68sj5r Whenever a soldier reveals somewhere around the enrtrance to the final room, the game freezes.
  4. The game will freeze up half the time upon the finish of a ground combat mission while trying to load the end of mission stats.
  5. Whenever i complete a mission either by killing all xenos or holding a UFO the game freezes (either looking at the last thing i looked at, or on the hidden movement screen if i have held a ufo for 5 turns) strangely if i exit and re start from the auto save the missionwill play through and end normaly, this isnt a huge deal but having to play 3 in every 4 missions twice. gets boring and irritating...
  6. When throwing a satchel charge somewhere, followed by a grenade, rocket, some explosion in the environment or a second charge, will cause the game to freeze. Throwing 2 charges at the same spot will cause the game to freeze up on the start of the next turn. I've been able to reproduce this in any battle. Other objects that explode in the map (barrels, power cores, etc) don't cause this problem.
  7. I was running what I hoped wouldn't be a suicide mission in early game, when I ended my turn, saw a civilian run into a smoke cloud next to an alien vessel, die, and and I found myself back at the screen seen here in the shot. the game does not respond to any input, although the fire sound effect is still playing.
  8. I have been playing quick combat terror mission and tried to kill a caesan with two rockets. Missed both, but one missile started a fire on a square right next to him. I ended my turn and then the game focused on the alien. He shot and killed a civilian and proceeded to move right into the fire next to him. He screamed, died and that was it. Smoke and fire animations were still running, music and sounds playing, but no progress in enemy turn happened. Game was unresponsive to all keys and mouse clicking. I waited a few minutes, but nothing changed, so I had to kill the game through the task manager.
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