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Found 10 results

  1. I just watched a civilian run through fire. Repeatedly. Until he died. It was an enriching experience.
  2. I wanted my soldier to exit the house then head towards his teammate, but there was a civilian blocking the way. I figure there were two options: 1) Wait one turn for the civvie to run out of the way. 2) Run around him through the other exit. But then, I got an idea; what if I stun this guy? Smack him in the face with the stun baton, then march through over him, saving an entire turn worth of movement. Also, since its a stunning weapon, the game shouldn't consider this a civvie death. Absolutely genius. What could possibly go wrong? [ATTACH=CONFIG]4860[/ATTACH] "That's ridiculous, I'm not gonna run like that" [ATTACH=CONFIG]4861[/ATTACH] "Out of my way civvie" [ATTACH=CONFIG]4862[/ATTACH] "Sleep well" [ATTACH=CONFIG]4863[/ATTACH] "Ah, much better!" [ATTACH=CONFIG]4864[/ATTACH] "Lets check if the civvie is okay..." [ATTACH=CONFIG]4865[/ATTACH] "...whoops"
  3. So after some reading of old post, I understand that the player isn't going to get psychic powers in Xenonauts, which is fine for balance reasons, as I get that such an ability can prove gamebreaking considering the focus on tactical combat of the game. However, there is an implementation of "taking control" of other non xenonaut units that I think would make sense and improve the game quite a bit. Basically, in order to increase the tactical ability of your squad, I think it would be incredibly useful to be able to order civilians around during battle zones. Essentially, what would happen is when you select a xenonaut and you move your cursor over nearby civilian (there would have to be a "speaking range" where the civilian can hear your selected 'naut) instead of a targeting cursor, you get a little speech bubble cursor and a percentage of success. If you click on it, you expend TU to tell the civilian what to do for that round, and you get temporary control of said civilian. This would allow for our 'nauts to do things like escort civilians to safer locations, and more importantly, to safely get them out of the line of fire or move them into a position so a medic can heal them if they are injured and bleeding. However it would be at major costs and be tricky. Namely, ordering a civilian would take a LOT, if not ALL of a Xenonaut's TU, so you're effectively sacrificing one character's movement/use to puppet another one. Secondly, it wouldn't always work, because civvies are panicked and running around like scared chickens when aliens are about. So there would have to be a success check, ideally between the bravery of the 'naut doing the ordering, and the civilian being ordered. Something like having a ratio where the Xenonaut's bravery must be 50 - 100% over the civilian's in order to have a moderate chance of success, and at 150% over the civilians, it's a strong chance, while at 200%, it's an almost guaranteed success (for this theoretical exercise, I assume the civilians all have very low bravery values). Civilians would also lose bravery just on sight of alien forces, and so could easily panic and lose control anyway, so it can be a lost cause. Also, while they aren't armed, they should have the ability to "hunker down" and hold position unless further ordered, so you can essentially put them in a spot that seems safe (like insider your chinook). Additionally, I'm assuming that local forces have higher bravery values than normal civvies, so it should be very low chance that the player can take control of armed civilians (Though still possible in certain situations). Again, the big advantage of this proposed feature is that the player can get a bit more tactical control of the battlefield vis a vis the civilian population. Also, it does just sort of make sense. I mean, I understand people freaking out when ET is lasering up their city with superheated plasma, but when the cavalry arrives, most people will listen to the higher authority and do what they say in order to save their own necks. It's not a 100% thing of course (hence not making it automatic) but it is something that could prove eminently useful in lots of tight spots. Because really, wouldn't it just be nice to tell a civvie to "GET DOWN!" so you could fire at the alien behind him? I know I think it would be.
  4. So...could we maybe tweak the AI a bit to not run towards the burning house? And then die? That'd be greaaaaaat.
  5. Well i played the demo yesterday and i have to say it is the first time since old X-com timeframe that i feel a good iteration of X-com. I m downloading the stuff right now. UFO extratererestrial was a failure, UFO aftermath was almost there abit lacking something, UFO:Afterlight almost there too .. JA:BIA is crap. I was first introduced to TFTD and bought and played many times UFO:EU and Apocalipse. Then i went to UFO: Aftermath, up to Afterlight, extraterrestrial gold (despair on this one) So Xenonauts.... i m impressed. There is only one major thing that bugs me, rest are wishes. The distressing enerving stuff: The damn Civilian AI. And no, i don t care it being slow. I care about it being exact equivalent of a rockroach... 3 second short span memory. Running there then forget what happened and run back here to the alien side if survive run away then rince and repeat.....appaling. I would even forget if one or other random would do such, but all, and this almost 2 decades from UFO:EU ? Sad, very sad. Normal behavior is: 1) run away from threats or 2) lock themselves inhouse and 3) run toward law enforcement or military for protection. So i would like to see civilian running toward my soldiers and common soldiers, and them being redirected for the chinook for example and running away from the UFO (if an alien start shooting around, you wont stay joging around, you would sprint the hell out). This would give some immersion to the game and could bring interesting situations since we are there to kick aliens and protect populace. No need to animate anything, text or talk or any bullshit, just screen behavior. Now minor stuff: A higher dream for the AI would be: Alien acting as squad (sometimes), and ambushing or flanking (not only rushing) or doing a total rush. Ok resuming diferent alien behaviors during battle. (diferrent ai being applied) Since the org if financed NATO/VARSOVIA, would be fun to have at disposition: AK47, Dragunov, RPK, RPG7 and Makarov. All those sligthly diferenciated in characteristics (range/weight/damage/qtd of ammo per clip) from their western counterparts, this would add a lot of flavor to the game. Uniform... this blue/grey is sad... ho so sad (Maybe thats why the troops look so depressed in the arming screen). Please put some camo in it can be any camo but damn it a camo.(Look at WW2 camos) The arming screen of the game in the demo sucks in visual. I understand it preserve a style, but soldier body posture and faces look like a bunch of crack addicted just after a stone, would be fitting for a zombie squad. Please put some military stance, pride and form in that!!! World map is boring... can t you do something more spiced ? Nightside lightning of cities? frontiers always shinning? messages remaining on the screen and not linked to time acceleration? Fake 3d map with terrain elevation? Here a link just food for thought: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://cienctec.com.br/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/412091main_PIA12090_full-1024x472.jpg&imgrefurl=http://cienctec.com.br/wordpress/index.php/mapa-de-elevacao-digital-global/&h=472&w=1024&sz=121&tbnid=-j_87RE-53LxnM:&tbnh=55&tbnw=120&prev=/search%3Fq%3Deleva%25C3%25A7%25C3%25A3o%2Bem%2Bmapa%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=eleva%C3%A7%C3%A3o+em+mapa&usg=__KBzvC8tntnBRC7jKaFYRbpP_z4E=&docid=jJ0GwXIrA1n6LM&sa=X&ei=Ti6sUICJFpLW9ASG-4HgBg&ved=0CDgQ9QEwAg&dur=519 I would like to see some reshearch to improve comon weapons (silencer, scope for the like for weapons, underrifle 40mm nade launcher.) No need to show inmap (but the nade launcher), just in the arming screen... the knowledge that ubber advanced weaponry could be a bit more timeconsuming and paliatives would be found meanwhile. I always found it a bit dismaying being able to reproduce laser and whatever whizbang weaponry in month when we aren t even able to reproduce them after decades of reshearch. Well nothing extraordinary here in my post i suppose. Probably most already demanded. Awesome points of the game: Aerial fights Tactical combat Setting are good too
  6. If aliens will kill some civilians in our base, will number of engineers/scientists drop? If aliens will damage aircrafts in our base (or at mission), will it need additional repairs? Same question with other equipment - radar or something.
  7. I would like to see the occasional farmer/hunter with a shotgun/rifle in some of the missions!
  8. Can you have it where the AI doesn't run in front of a tank during its turn? It seems like they have a death wish when they run between me and a hostile alien that's about to shoot the tank. It seems like they run around randomly a little much. Or do they run in a general direction (like away from the aliens)?
  9. Quick request and to see what others think of the civilians. I like them and it is cool to see a cop or ai soldier kill an alien but for the love of all things Holy. Please stop them from running back and forth every turn. My eyes are hurting watching my screen shake when they run. I've only started playing and by my second battle I was actively thinking of ways to kill them myself to stop them from acting like chickens with their heads cut off. Maybe my computer is too fast but literally my eyes started hurting watching the screen pan all over the place as this poor scared soul ran left (screen pan) than right (screen pan) then left (screen pan) then back (screen pan), etc. As a suggestion can you change the camera behavior so that it doesn't center (pan) the screen with every square a civi moves? Maybe only pan the camera if the civi gets to within 2 (or so) squares of an edge. Either that or more of my soldiers are going to start carrying rockets to fry em. Thanks and great job with the game...
  10. Hey Guys, Maybe someone already mentioned it, but I was unable to find anything like this, so I post. Terror missions in original UFO had a common problem of stupid civilians wandering aimlessly, being shot down by everyone. No need to make them smart or anything, it's just you could add a small extra feature. It would be great if any civilian who detects a Xenonaut on an adjacent tile would receive an order to proceed to one of (random unoccupied) tiles inside a craft. After reaching the tile (and relative safety) you could, just for fun, switch the aimless roaming back again, so the player has to consider sending one of the operatives to keep track of the whole flock inside the craft. Looks like a simple trigger to add tons of atmosphere. PS Yeah, and I'd also add 0-3 random civilians on UFO crash site / UFO landing maps. PSS Sorry, this probably shall be moved to Feature Requests
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