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Found 13 results

  1. so this happened. I can't find if this bug was reported or not (I'm not following the forum too well). What happened was aerial combat started and immediately I got the prompt that my shriek reached it's destination. In hindsight, should've ordered it to return to base. Additionally I cannot reload the autosave.
  2. My base was invaded. On the far left of the screen there was a room that it was impossible to get to. This room was densely packed with those robot chaps. Regardless of the lack of path, or the presence of unopenable doors in the way, I was able to assemble a firing squad of heavy weapons and mow the robots down by shooting through the door and across the black abyss. Bug?
  3. I know this bug is reported already, maybe this video save some time cause you guys dont need to play yourself to see this bug... First i want to say its only my opinion about the actual game state. I copied this Thread aswell to the suggestion area cause its a correlated mixed bug/opinion thread. Alien behaviour: Most aliens do rush your troups now, only a few stay in ship and take cover. Its funny and challenging, but i would like that there are behaviour classes for aliens. Example (Random behaviour with percentage): - 30-50% chance that aliens are offensive (rushing aliens, aggressive and flank tactics) - 10-30% chance that aliens are defensive (defensive aliens) - rest mixed (they just switch betweend defensive and offensive behaviour) Aliens should react on sight only: I also still hate that aliens do everytime know where you are, they always look towards the nearest soldier even if they didnt seen em. Aswell they just rush directly towards your troops while they didnt seen your troops before, thats pretty unrealistic. Especially Wraiths (teleport aliens) are totally overpowered now, they just teleport directly in or behind your troups and killing anyone, i dont think its fun at all that they can teleport right into your troups and kill them easily (even Wolf Armour doesnt help if one teleports right near you and shoots you). If you dont want to delete that teleport ability then i suggest that they get less hp and smaller weaponry "pistols" instead of blaster and rifles which kills your troups quite easily. Or maybe set their AP`s to 0 or to a smaller amount after teleport that they cant shoot at you or atleast not 2-3times like now. - Chrysallids have too much AP`s - Androns take cover while description says they dont, making them extremely powerfull cause they hit very often and hard - Too much camping aliens in commander room in alien bases "8 Androns easily crush your troups" Maybe be set a maximum? "4 aliens" + "commander" Geoscape: - I like they new feature "Airstrike" but it gives you not enough money, doing a crashsite "Large ship for example - normal difficulty" gives you around 190k cash or even more (had one time 240k) + relations + soldier improvement + alien technology + monthly cash income while airstrike gives you only 80k cash. Airstrike should aswell give you a little bit +relations and +monthly cash income and a bit more instant cash cause you prevented that this alien ship does attack the country/navy ships etc. etc. Local Forces: - Very weak - Very inaccurate - Dont react realistic, they mostly sit on same position (not even in cover) and if they move then they move to a stupid position. In my opinion they should move into corners or atleast into cover cause they are scared but not dumb, aswell a bit more accuracy so that the situation looks more fun and realistic. Civilians: - React very stupid too, mostly sit in open fields not taking cover at all - Should move towards xenonauts and running away from aliens in a intelligence way "a civilist would run into cover or towards/behind friendly forces and stay then. Ground Battle: - Many shots dont count even if they visually hit - Many shots hit visually but end in a "ground hit" animation - Suppressed aliens or crouching ones are extremely hard to hit even if they hit visual. You can shoot them while you are directly near them and still dont hit most time. - Faster animations "shooting -moving" would make the game look much more nice.
  4. Anyone else still getting AI loops? I reported it as a bug, but I'm not sure if anyone saw it. Any of you guys having that issue still?
  5. Hello, this is sort of repeatable, involves 1 small (obviously scout), and two fighters. I scrambled two Mig [foxtrot] and one f17 [condor], manual combat with regular sidewinder-avalanche(s) resulted in successful kill(s). Then CTD... In this one, condor suffered some "damages" Later twice sorties [same manual, loadout combination], but with alienium enhanced sidewinder-avalanche(s). CTD. with this combination, no aircraft suffered any damages (obviously due to quick shot-downing the alien ships). R yikes, same goes with medium [corvette], escorted by two very small [fighters], manual combat and CTD, after successfull kills.
  6. I found a serious bug the first time the aliens invaded my base. The final room near the entrance of the aliens was inaccessible to my units except for grenades. There was an open passage and a door, and I made another hole but still no units could get through. This was in the SE part of my base. I had to wait until I could hit the aliens with grenades, since my units cold not enter the adjacent room and the last alien was on the entrance ramp. Soon after there were two more invasions of my base, but I did not have this problem again.
  7. Hey, i found a very anoying bug, the game crashes only when you fight (and win) against 3 alien aircrafts, if you loose nothing happens.
  8. When in a terror mission in Cairo the last alien left was a reaper minion, but when I killed it (and saw the Reaper spawn animation) the mission ended in success. Essentially, I won despite a reaper being left on the map. Don't know if this has been mentioned before, or if it is a general problem or specific to my play through. Was ironman, no saves. Nothing else out of the ordinary at the time.
  9. I really wanted to support this game because I loved the original Xcom series but don't think I'll like the new one, and want to support indie developers. So far there is quite a bit to like but I'm concerned about the fact that V18 is apparently a beta candidate as I think there is still a hell of a lot to do to make it what it should be, not just leftover bugs but essential game mechanics that look likely to be left out altogether. In my current game I have shot down 12 alien craft, researched the early vehicle, heavy fighter and a couple of alien techs. I started my first game on hard but due to a few game breaking bugs and my own incompetence am currently on easy. As I'm not that far through some of my gripes may turn out to be neutralised by more research (or more updates), but having read through various forum posts I'm concerned and wanted to register my current impressions. I also have to admit that I have little or no idea of how to make some of the improvents I consider neccessary. I also don't feel I've yet seen enough to comment on AI etc. Things I like: Geoscape - looks and feels good, with enough to make it important but not the core of the game. Air combat - I'm pleased that this has been included (so far I suck) and think it's about the right complexity/simplicity balance. I don't feel any need for pilots. Base management - looks nice, interested to see how my first base defence works. Things I don't like: Ground combat - Personally I feel that psionics should have a mid to late game role, I understand that badly implemented they can totally unbalance the whole thing but this is ultimately just a matter if designing them right. For example psi agents could be made slow and physically weak and in need of protection while also having a tendency to catastrophic blowback in some circumstances from using their powers - inexperienced psi agents could trigger booby traps in the minds of some aliens causing soldiers near the psi agent to become stunned, revealed through the fog of war, go beserk or suffer other deleterious effects. This would leave the player with the conundrum of a fragile unit that needs protection from a distance. Fair enough if the dev team have concluded that psi powers should not have a role in order to focus on the combat, but this leads me to my biggest gripe as the rest of combat is either bady bugged or seriously substandard. My current save is at the start of my second terror mission (I made it through the first one by saving every turn and many reloads), this time around my dropship has landed such that 4 (I think) aliens are visible by the time my troops have stepped out the doors and many more seem able to shoot me due to the nearby ones acting as spotters, or over long alien LOS/tendency to shoot through objects. This means that even when I tested what would happen if my troops cowered in the relative shelter of the chinook one had died and another was critical after the first alien turn. When I took a more traditional tactic of fanning out to the nearest points of mutually supportive cover I managed to take out one alien but 3 of my 8 troops died on the first alien turn, most of them due to fire from the still FOW enemies. I want the game to be hard but this is on easy. Apparently the inability of troops to take cover at and fire from corners is unlikely to be changed - this is absurd, given that cover is at the core of the game, I can't find it now but I read a post suggesting that calculating LOS from each corner of tile A to each corner of tile B might resolve this. Equally absurd is the fact that all maps are flat. Not that I have personal experience of a combat zone but surely varied terrain is fundamental to a game based around different teams shooting each other with guns. Grenades are still broken but I appreciate that this will be fixed. I get the impression that weapon variety may be limited to tiers (ballistic, laser, plasma etc) of more effective but otherwise functionally identical choices i.e shotgun type with short range and poor accuracy but high power, sniper type with long range and good accuracy but low fire rate. I am hoping that further research will prove me wrong and lead to more variety, such as mines, flamethrowers, grenade launchers and something to reveal distant areas like binoculars or aerial surveillance. Suggestions (some of which may render others unnessecary): - Cover at corners. - Variable terrain. - More cover. - less accurate aliens or tougher troops. - more map variation. - flares on night missions should illuminate more ground. - More plausible missed shot trajectories - a shot from near point blank range should not miss by a full 45 degrees. Suggestions for geoscape: - Governments could interact more than I've seen so far with Xenonauts and each other. - A bit more starter cash, lower costs, more forgiving governments, or a slightly slower ticker - I only have one base so far and already two cities have been nuked as dropships from my mid east base (chosen as a base there covers all its own region plus significant chunks of several others, base 2 will likely be Central America for similar reasons) just couldn't get to S America or New Zealand in time. I want to like this game and I'm sure a lots of hard work has gone in already but bugs aside there are still several deficiencies, that if left unremedied will lead to me giving up and feeling glad I only paid standard pre order. Please don't make excuses about the engine not permitting varied terrain or over features fundamental to a game such as this one. I'm sure it's true but it simply means a poor choice of engine was made in the first place Platypus
  10. Hello, I just brought the game few hours ago, but I already played the demo back then so I know how to play a bit. I encountered an invisible armed civilian in the arctic area in the first mission. He wore a red snow coat, and carried a shotgun. I saw a glimpse of his model spinning around during alien movements. http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/5667/xenonauts20130203113840.jpg This a normal civilian I think. http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/4360/xenonauts20130203114828.jpg UFOs are made from blocks of dirt, but it didn't happened when I played the demo. This also happened in the first mission too. http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/5305/xenonauts20130203115026.jpg Somehow my men saw aliens inside the UFO who stood next to the door. http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/6397/xenonauts20130203115123.jpg
  11. I as well as others have placed threads/Questions or submitted details on Game Lockups I as well as others am sure we would love to know why these issues are not being addressed in some fashion. CTD's Saved Game files not working after about 3 saves an other causes of the games inability at this point to not play past certain points. This generally pans out into a great deal of repitious time being spent starting a game an getting to a decent spot an then it is trashed for you an unable to move forward any further. Should there not be some attention into this area to try to fix it so we can test better ? As it stands at the moment i gave up playing it as it is always the same start one move forward hit that point an games done, reload from an early save move forward same thing your done. Until i see some form of patch fix or other for this i am stuck an wont be messing with it again. Now please understand i realize this is an alpha an as such many things are bugged or unforeseen things will pop up. But this saved game issue not loading or getting paid attention to IMHO just does not help the progress of the game to beta. How can we research cause an effect if nothing is done to allow us to progress pass it seems certain points ? Please don't take this as a rant or a dis of the game. I am an original XCOM'er an an avid gamer an have helped work on many alphas an beta's, I understand how it goes, but this is IMHO a major glitch that thwarts what we are trying to do which is help progress the game an because of it we can't do so.. Looking forward to some productive talk about this. Thank you...
  12. The Good! Alien Reactions: Aliens don't have ridiculous reactions! I.E. In the last build if I so much as turned a Xenonaut Operative when he was behind an alien, he'd turn around and blast the poor Xenonaut away. Camera: Has been fixed! No longer does it track every single tile that a civilian or alien does when it's their turn (Was pretty trippy on the eyes). It's more like the original X-COM where when the NPC moves to the edge of the screen then it centres itself back on the NPC. Which is a nice feature. Androns!: A new alien species which I assume are alien cyborgs! They look cool and are pretty challenging foes in that they take plenty of shots to go down! Xenonaut Reactions: Finally the troops react more when an Alien tries to murder them in cold blood! So now troops will return fire provided they have the turn units. Female Troopers: Yup this makes me happy because the original X-COM had fem troopers... That is all. The Bad! Female Voices: I hope that there is still more work done to the female troops. Don't get me wrong I like that they share a unisex sprite because they can, but I can't stand hearing male yelps of pain as a WOMAN takes a plasma shot to the face. That could be me just nitpicking though. We got bugs: For some reason I could not hire any new soldiers on the Geoscape base management. This was quite frustrating. Also Xenonauts keeps crashing. Once during a battle, twice during the Geoscape. Also I literally have had no alien activity yet... Which is a little concerning for obvious reasons. The game is centred around stopping an Alien invasion on Earth, yet the aliens seem to have forgot where Earth is... Controls: Considering I do not have a scroll pad on on my mouse pad for my Laptop I am still having troubles with not being able to click and drag the scroll bars at the side of each in-game window (Predominantly the 'Personnel' tab) which can be a little problematic. Window Mode: I can't get the game to work in a Window, personally I prefer playing games in a Window mode. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope this is helpful in your pursuit to making Xenonauts the best it can be. There maybe more to come but I'll report as I run into it.
  13. Chris and Sathra: I know there isn't going to be a separate pre-orderer private forum for bugs and such anymore, but just wondering where you want us putting anything that does come up. I ask as on a playthrough (B7.5) just the other day I had the same issue as: back at http://xenonauts.com/forum/topic?id=1028 So I wondered how you wanted us to put things up from here on?
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