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  1. Hello. 1 out of 4 maps that I play have a weird bug when, at some part of the round, the alien turn never ends. I restart the game, load the same game and it happens again. I simply abort the mission when it happens, but it´s really annoying. And yeah, I´ve been fighting against passive wraiths a few times. I feel sadness when it happens If there is a way for me to help you find out what´s wrong (like a debugger or something) please let me know.
  2. So, this is not a "proper bug" with the game itself, which is absolutely great, especially with the additions from the community modders. Sure, it has it's limitations that has been exposed a couple times already, but it is due to its engine, but that's not the point of the post. I don't know where else to post this, but this is a quite annoying problem, that while gives me a lot more headache I'm patient enough to bypass, but I can imagine not everyone, especially the newcommers are willing to do so. Every single google link for the forums redirect to the [Archive] portion of the forums, which simply does not work. So, any doubt or information I might want about the game I am redirected to a broken site like this. I can take the post number and title and use the search engine here, but it really shouldn't be necessary. I don't know if you guys can fix this, maybe redirect the [Archive] links to the proper forum post, but I really hope this is fixable, because it can be extremely annoying to google info about the game.
  3. Download the file here and activate the mod contained within: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=104 Step 0: Make a new game/save Step 1: Research "Project: Ascent" and start building a Mirage Battlesuit Step 2: Wait til a blank xenopedia entry pops up Step 3: Equip any soldier with the Mirage Battlesuit and make them wield/hold the "DFFG DEVICE"--a message will pop up saying that the soldier can't use such equipment despite the fact it is considered a "Big Gun". Oh, BTW: "StrengthBoost" only seems to work going up rather than down--might wanna fix that too.
  4. Okay, so I'm a modder and I recently started playing around with the Aircraft Weapons and suddenly realized that a weapon that a dealing 10,000+ Damage per hit should have caused a scout UFO to explode rather than crash, or so the "Overkill Percent" variable in the "GameConfig.xml" file told me... I have tried this both with and without XCE and have encountered the same results--the UFO that should definitely have exploded simply crash lands. If someone can explain to me why this is happening it'd be greatly appreciated!
  5. Okay, so I'm a modder and I started playing around with the Aircraft Weapons and suddenly realized that a weapon that a dealing 10,000+ Damage per hit should have caused a scout UFO to explode rather than crash. Or so the "Overkill Percent" variable in the "GameConfig.xml" file told me... I have tried this both with and without XCE and have encountered the same results--the UFO that should definitely have exploded simply crash lands. If someone can explain to me why this is happening it'd be greatly appreciated!
  6. I found these in my screenshot folder, can't recall how I did that. Anyhow, it happened and maybe looking at it will lead the coding team to some bugfixing breakthrough.
  7. Actually he more like passes through it, doing some glitched walking animation, and then the game just freezes forever. I can alt-f4 out of it though. Should happen after finishing the turn in this savegame: http://share.cx.com/GzMh6v I'm not sure if it's his fault, might be aliens getting confused about what I've been doing in this mission... Anyhow the first image is where I found him, he then ran to where he's in the next image (animation was fine when crossing the coupler).
  8. That's some fast jetpack! Goes across the map in 0 seconds! Looks like the pathing code is performing exceptionally well at exploiting bugs like this one. save file: http://share.cx.com/ZQF3Zc
  9. Known issue, I know, but this time I got a few save files that can reproduce the problem here: http://share.cx.com/6ZCb79 save files: autosave (start of mission) 2013-11-09_14.03.26.sav - v3m4 (first save after start) 2013-11-09_14.04.57.sav - v3m4a (second turn, alien stuck in rock) 2013-11-09_14.07.33.sav - v3m4aa (first turn, attempt to reproduce above - alien should end up being stuck on next turn) If it doesn't work, try loading v3m4 and spread your troops around that rock - not too close or the alien will shoot at you instead of getting stuck, and not too far or the guy will just roam about looking for things to shoot. Just right is so he can see your guys but won't shoot due to long range, so the next thing the alien does is looking for cover, which makes the guy walk into that rock somehow.
  10. Standing on top of stunned units makes aliens blue So far, affects cesean soldiers and these flying yellow robots. It happens after highlighting them with the grenade icon, after going green (highlighted) their palette changes to blue (stunned) instead of the default one. save files where this happens: http://share.cx.com/Dcn9cj http://share.cx.com/rChwDr
  11. 1. New craft was not updated to latest warheads, both newly built foxtrot and recently delivered condor. 2. The top weapon selection menu is cut off at the top by screen border - should extend downward from the missile slot.
  12. I've spent a while running my soldiers up and down the map and couldn't find any but one surviving alien. Killing that one guy didn't end the mission either. Briefing said the craft sustained minor damage, yet what I found on the ground was in a pretty bad shape. Attaching save files: http://share.cx.com/7k3mHx
  13. Light Scout. Farm Map. I wanted to see if firing a rocket at the UFO doors would damage them, and force the aliens to come out to play. Instead the door remained untouched but I scored damage points to two aliens inside. Had I kept going, presumably I could have killed the aliens without ever opening the UFO door (unless it does break later on).
  14. Farm map. On near side of Map I fire an alenium rocket towards a Sebilian. There's a civilian very close by. The rocket obviously goes right for the civilian. There's the sound of an explosion, but the game freezes. Save game http://www.sendspace.com/file/emox2v
  15. Intercepting a Scout and two fighters. Upon winning the air combat and returning to the Geoscape there is a CTD. This has happened on three replays of that air combat. I recall that there was a work around that removed escorts form the game, should anyone else get this issue.
  16. Hi, In my current game, I've twice been attacked by an alien cruiser at my main base. The first attack was easier and the entrance was closer to the headquarters, so it didn't take long. I've noticed during that mission that some ghost obstacles started popping up towards the end of the mission. What I mean by a ghost obstacle is that there's nothing in a certain square but the soldier can't move or shoot through it. I've also noticed a red enemy attack reticle appearing in empty squares. When you accidentally click while that reticle is showing, you soldiers does attack in that direction in vain. It gets very frustrating when you lose critical TUs and even more when this results in friendly fire. It got much worse in the second base defense mission, where the enemies entered from a further point from the headquarters, so the battle took longer. As far as I could observe the bug gets worse as time passes, so after a while, even though there were only very few aliens left I could finish the game because 50% of the empty squares had ghost obstacles and a 25% or so had ghost enemies and I couldn't do anything. I haven't tried to attack an alien base yet, but I haven't encountered this bug in other mission types that I tried, such as downed UFO and terror missions.
  17. Not as bad as it was, although aliens desperately want to shoot through them. However, there are occasions they still can. There's a door that isn't a door as well, allowing aliens to shoot straight through it. Aside: Killed the Caesian officer bah!
  18. Last Sebillian falls to stun in a base defence mission. CTD. Game goes to the Mission debrief screen and then crashes. All save games cause CTD
  19. I apologise if this has been reported before, however I did not see an Air combat thread list this bug. I have just discovered a weird bug, if you intercept two UFO's within a close enough time and choose intercept on both rather than return to base on one two pop-ups. Once this occurs two UFO interceptor screens will appear and the control overlay of one will overwrite the others and they will share half the screen each where the interceptor is (though if you click on the plane the controls sorta switch, I managed to get the one being overwritten to attempt an escape). If you manage to kill a UFO the game returns to Geoscape but one interceptor screen will remain partially up (no controls) until you loose your interceptor (like I did) or luck out and it escapes or by some miracle your interceptor kills the UFO. An odd bug that I can't imagine many people will have come across yet.
  20. It happened in two Crash sites in Africa tileset. The soldiers walked straight through the cockpit. It happened only when the dropship was located with a SE orientation (like the screenshot). When a UFO crashed in the same vicinity, the map was a different one, with a different dropship orientation, so no walkthrough was possible. *EDIT: Applied Hotfix2. Problem still there!
  21. South Africa Desert Map Landing Ship had landed. Around 3 turns into the mission, the aliens start firing from within the ship. Not unusual for this to happen. However CTD occurred, with a black screen that took a system reboot to get out of. This hasn't happened in any other build for me. Most up to date save game attached. Hopefully just before mission start. http://rghost.net/45295602
  22. Two soldiers so are so close to each other, they share the same space. Think it may have been mentioned, but couldn't find the thread.
  23. Daytime mission in Britain Industrial Map Xenonaut coming out of main exit to chinook looks to fire Rocket Launcher. Rocket would hit edge of Chinook door at point blank. Game CTD.
  24. Buzzard armour vanishes when using grenades or advanced medipack.
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