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  1. <p><p>welcome!</p></p>

  2. Well now. That was quite the thread. Now if only we could harness the fire power in this thread to combat those alien combatants...
  3. I apologise if this has been reported before, however I did not see an Air combat thread list this bug. I have just discovered a weird bug, if you intercept two UFO's within a close enough time and choose intercept on both rather than return to base on one two pop-ups. Once this occurs two UFO interceptor screens will appear and the control overlay of one will overwrite the others and they will share half the screen each where the interceptor is (though if you click on the plane the controls sorta switch, I managed to get the one being overwritten to attempt an escape). If you manage to kill a UFO the game returns to Geoscape but one interceptor screen will remain partially up (no controls) until you loose your interceptor (like I did) or luck out and it escapes or by some miracle your interceptor kills the UFO. An odd bug that I can't imagine many people will have come across yet.
  4. It would be nice at the end to see a tally of local forces or local civilian forces alien kill count. Normally this would be zero to one from my experience.
  5. Have you made sure they're not in the unassigned list rather than main combat group? Only time I've had issues is the lists not changing so reloading that tab works for that.
  6. Is there no way for the community to create map tiles/items or art assets? I'm sure there must be a talented artist or two that would provide such a thing if there is? Even if there is not it's a shame but I do see where they're coming from at this point.
  7. Northern Lion has also done a coverage of this game too which is how I found xenonauts as I somehow missed the earlier coverage during the kickstarter which is a shame. [video=youtube;UuENCDrqoNY]
  8. This was on the kickstarter along with plane call-sings and portraits (I checked it before posting an idea). The funding for these stretch goals was not made sadly. I'm hoping they'll bundle some lesser additions (like more guns) or this and the pilot stuff in a couple DLCs. But I don't know what their plans are on that front, but that's for post release development.
  9. I've had a look through and no on has quite covered this precise mission, I apologies if this would be better fitted into another thread though. So I arrived at a terror mission to overwhelming Alien presence. I was able to kill a couple without loses, however my only option now is to try and rescue civvies by knocking them out and carrying them (don't know if this works as the rescue team got killed) which is when the thought hit me. Why not for terror missions only introduce a low AP cost command (or even simply proximity triggered retreat on easier difficulties) to tell civvies you've approached within a certain number of tiles to run to the chopper. That way you can grab the alien gear/corpses nearby and leg it while rescuing a small number of civvies. There is an issue of chopper weight but considering that they grab tonnes of loot each mission that would exceed a few civvies. Also, something has been bothering me about night terror mission and that is the lack of street and traffic lights at night, some buildings have mains power lights but all street lamps and other buildings have none. Perhaps low light (so no or even less effective than flares) emergency lighting in a super market or bank (maybe just the counter room?) since the bank I believe has the working lamps anyway. Some low ambient street lighting, or flickering lamps would add to polish and immersion of maps. Not sure how practical the second is, or of an easy way to implement beside remaking the maps. Unless it could be done through an updated tile-set to avoid remaking maps? Similar could be done for ambient sounds suggested elsewhere? Sorry if I'm not clued up on how the map maker works.
  10. An alternative that builds on your idea would be a workshop upgrade, the same way autopsy works the workshop simply gets upgraded with it. The Scientist could say similar to your lines but add something like "the engineers did something useful for a change, they've actually built a usable furnace in the workshop for melding these new materials based on our findings".
  11. When you have a large number of Xenonauts, an alternative system for display could be use. When the mouse hovers over a Xenonaut it displays the stat changes like suggested by Wintermist and specified in post #5. Gotta say this is a nice idea you've got here Wintermist.
  12. Considering the cost of laser technology vs ballistics, I would suggest that you get a set shipment of laser weapons every week or month once the worlds forces get their get hands on lasers. However the selling cost should be reduced once this occurs for the same reason, as everyone can produce them now.
  13. An alternative would be a device which temporarily stuns by 'stopping orders' from the Aliens commands to these low level aliens. But it lasts a limited time as the aliens 'adjust frequency' to your block, though it'd be of limited use for obvious reasons. On a related note, have there been EMP style weapons added that reduce the damage to the ship while causing it crash? There could be a missile with a short range block that causes these aliens (they are the navigators after all aren't they?) to stop taking orders or to receive confusing conflicting orders causing the ship to crash with minimal damage vs being shot down.
  14. The idea on hearing the enemy walk by a wall or rough area locations with sound, that's something that really should be implemented even if its just hearing some movement, I believe there a system like it in the new XCOM:EU. However the reaper should not be detectable until its too late, something like "What was that sound..." just before they get impaled since they are an ambush predator species.
  15. There really should be night-vision in some form, even if its simply stating its limits and not having it for soldiers. The ideas on balancing it here would make them a valid but not overly powerful option should they be added. However one thing I was a little surprised about is that the Hunter Vehicle has no night-vision systems, it would make a logical and expected upgrade seeing as accuracy is not its point anyway.
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