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  1. Hi, I am trying to make a simple mod and I want to add a new category of items in the workshop to the 4 already existing (Soldier weapons, Armor, Aircrafts and Vehicles). So I tried to add a new category in the string.xml file by adding a Manu.Something entry, but nothing. I also saw that there are other inactive entries for "Extraterrestrial" or "Ammunition". So, how to add a new manufacturing category and/or make the inactive ones active ? What I am missing ? I have Xenonauts 1.56 Steam Version just in case it is different on other versions like the CE one. Thank you.
  2. The title says almost everything. When the advanced laser weaponry research is over, it opens the xenopedia page for the good intelligence, I can navigate through the entire xenopedia just like normal, but I can't close the window. I tried to restart a new game on a fresh save, but the bug is still there. It means that I can't research advanced lasers or my game will be stuck on Xenopedia... which is unfortunate.
  3. Wow, I love the Sheridan looking tank !
  4. Shepard

    [MOD IDEA] New vehicles

    I think it is impossible to make an armor with no soldier in it, so basically it won't be a vehicle, but a Predator suit. And then, I don't even know if it is possible to stick guns on a armor other than the guns carried by the solder. Looks wierd to me.
  5. That idea reminds me the series Falling Skies
  6. Shepard

    [MOD IDEA] New vehicles

    Hi. After many games of Xenonauts, I noticed that vehicles lack of variety and those which are in the game are only designed for wide and open maps : they are too big for industrial maps and stay stuck almost at the spawn, and they are useless for Xenonauts base defence ( because they destroy everything ) and alien base attack ( because corridors are too narrow ). And, even on large maps, I think that a rocketeer and a machinegun in a predator suit almost do a better job than a Hunter and a Scimtar just because they are more agile and TU efficient if you play relatively safe. So I thought about few new vehicles that should be a great addition into the game : - A Hunter scout car upgrade : a sort of lighter antigrav platform like the Hyperion tank but with machineguns instead of that kaboomblowshitupcollateraldamage stuff. A bit more armor than the Hunter, a bit more TUs but late game and hard/expensive to produce, like the Hyperion. - Light combat drones for humans : the equivalent of the light saucer shaped drone, a very compact recon unit. I would see that like a drone from Battlefield 2142 ( http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSGYlqE74Ys09WpHhTxBTHuuPCZrFhxpqk7lVD-XjLBznjhPB5YzEDj2r9XxQ ) with 360° FOV and a small gun that act like its alien counterpart : low damage output but very good at supressing. It would also be quite fragile and relatively cheap to produce, making sending some recon units around the map more forgiving and also be very useful indoor ( in base attack or defence for example ). I know it would be some serious hard work to do stuff like that and I have no idea how to do it ( my modding capabilities so far is only adding guns into the game... ). But maybe my idea will interest a competent modder, at least I hope so Thanks for reading.
  7. Shepard

    S-23 "Prophet" Tactical Reconnaisance Armour

    Just... WOW ! The armor looks so nice, I love the chest armor plating and the helmet design.
  8. Shepard

    Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

    Boroski : you don't have the weapon's image in the gui/weapons and the magazine's image in the gui/quickthrowimages folders.
  9. Shepard

    Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

    There could be a lot of other tutorials, like "How to add a new aircraft" or "How to add a new science research". I will continue to investigate those parts and see if I do something correct ( probably not ).
  10. Shepard

    Realistic Aircrafts mod v1.0

    All those aircrafts are really looking nice ! But I would rather prefer a "unreallistic aircrafts" pack more adapted to higher tech tiers of the game.
  11. Shepard

    Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

    Right... the solution was pretty simple in fact. Excellent tutorial by the was, everything I tried so far is working now, next step I will try on my own is create new researches/tech trees... but I thing I will mess things up But lets try anyway.
  12. Shepard

    Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

    I have a dumb question : How do I repack with xen_pack... Please ? Anything I try result in an error in the console.
  13. Shepard

    Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

    Thank you very much ! This is very well explained and very useful for a good start. Are you also planning to make an expended turorial about how to make a researchable and craftable weapon ?
  14. Shepard

    [REQUEST] Modding tutorials ?

    Thanks a lot ! I tried to figure out on my own how to add a new weapon, but my game crashes in the soldier equipement management screen when I go where my weapon is supposed to be ( I am in fact trying to do an actual MAG shotgun and turning the carbine into a real carbine ). It is probably an issue caused be the research and/or crafting codes that I poorly understand.