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  1. Hey and_great, Mod has been fun to play so far, a few crashes, usually when dropping shields or picking them up. My main issue I am having is in the manufacturing/gear loadout screen, most of the weapons show no stats as to what their ranges dmg and ammo amounts are so its hard to tell what weapon is better then another as well as what is the right tool for the job. im gonna see if there is a way I can pull the stats from the game files in the meantime so I dont have to manufacture blind.
  2. the torrent is the original, if you go thru the russian website you get the exact same torrent, the only difference is your using a magnet url to grab the torrent. if you dont want to use the magnet then reg on the website as detailed in and_greats post. you can then check the torrent url and see they are the same. I have no idea what the hash for the exe is and im not gonna do anymore leg work then I already have
  3. just use the magnet link for the torrent I left on the other page
  4. Looks great, got the torrent I will dl it and give it a try! Great work AND_GREAT!
  5. Hey, AND_GREAT got anymore stuff i can translate?
  6. Well its good to here your allowed to use it. Thank you tacticaldragon! It really sucks to come in here and read all this and realize that the English modding community has basically imploded on itself to the satisfaction of absolutely no one I wish I had not gotten so interested in this game and its mods to find out they had torn each other to shreds Let me know if I can assist with the translation. pm me your skype or something if you want someone to comb through and spell check that way all you have to do is rough translate and I can pretty it up
  7. Please make English version! let me know if i can help spell check or lend a hand with something!
  8. Apollo

    Realistic Aircrafts mod v1.0

    Is this compatible with xnt?
  9. Hey man any chance of you building on xenophobia more? Hearing that this guy just up and quit breaks my heart. The compilation mod has alot of its mods that need updating and needs a good balance pass or 2 for the weapons. Any chance of you updating the mods in the pack? Would be nice if we can get the russian version in English seeing as how our only mod pack creator up and quit
  10. The scimitar tank needs a buff, as a heavy weapon platform it leaves a lot to be desired. The plasma bolt in piticular is not only pretty weak when it comes to explosive power but also accuracy. its radius and accuracy should be doubled and prob should get more ammo. The laser weapon could use a buff as well. Any chance of having tanks operators gain XP and skill as xenonaughts do? maybe just relating to accuracy or something? How about the ability to back up without having to turn around its entire body? or a coax? Or for xenonaught troops to be ably to carry extra ammo packs for the tank? something anyway as right now tanks suck
  11. The later ones also have drivers they just are not in the veh they pilot it from the command center. Thus they would gain experience and skill from missions and practice. same with a UAV or a USV or even the Unmaned ground veh like the Black Knight
  12. And the guy piloting it remotely would not gain experience using it and shooting it?
  13. How does the alien plasma blaster do it? It destroys terrain without exploding equipment? Can we change the round to that type and increase the spread size?
  14. Its more the spread of the Plasma bolt that is lacking in dakka, the tank can destroy cover better by running it over then trying to blow it up! if the tank could squish aliens like it does terrain I would never fire its gun other then for the effect. It needs more obstacle destruction dakka. The laser cannon should be more shooty while the plasma bolt should have more dakka. The plasma cannon needs to me moar explodie
  15. Your mod is currently a improvement, I wish it would do something for the weapons lack of dakka of the laser and the plasma weapon.
  16. Apollo

    V19 Experimental Build 6 hotfix 2

    Any chance of a hotfix for alien bases? currently they can see through walls at all times and will fire weapons every round even though then have no sight of you, makes sniper plasmas extra deadly because they shoot from across the map pierce 10 wall and smoke one of my dudes. My tank has not been having fun against them.
  17. Apollo

    V19 Experimental Build 6 hotfix 2

    That is not true. Any electrical charge can set it off, thus laser weapons or magnetically charged plasma could certainly cause it to explode.
  18. +1 If you look at a lot of CQC carbines nowadays they like to use bigger rounds for stopping power. Its natural evolution that you would have a weapon that was poor at range but high stopping power and easy to shoot and accurate at close range. IE the FN SCAR-H / Mk.17 rifle prototype in CQC (Close Quarter Combat,short barrel) configuration,7.62x51 mm NATO version. stopping power is a huge deal at close range so your enemy cant return fire. You want something that drops a enemy ASAP when you walk around a corner, not pepper pot him with rounds so he can return fire, and something that can penetrate cover at close range. Personally for the evo of the shotgun in xeno i would up the penetration, up the damage up the close range accuracy IE it has sights that are built for close range, open irons for shotgun then eotech holographic for laser then some sort of advanced digital hud and laser sight for the plasma. Anyway balance wise it should be able to have great dmg short range, and great accuracy in CQC and few TU's to use it. I would drop the TU's for its singe shot down to 15-17 or something and get it more dmg at close range so like 6-9 tiles and have it drop off rapidly after that very fast. inside of 5-9 tiles you should get accuracy bonuses for close range and outside of that it should be terrible to use. The presision rifle is UP as well. It should get less of a penalty when shooting enemy in cover, as it has precision sights so would be better at it then the STD rifle and should be. thus the penalty should be less for shooting a enemy in cover and less of a penalty for shooting through cover, right now all weapons get 50% penalty for shooting through cover, the PR should get a 25% penalty instead at long range and the shotgun should get a penalty 25% instead inside of 5 tiles. These changes will make the game far more tactically involved and far more reason to mix your weapon loadouts. Making the carbines bastard rifles is the wrong direction, make it unique and useful and make sense for the role! Stopping power is key at close range, And as this nerdy talk about OHH their carbines! tech you can change the name to whatever you want unless you plan on telling me you know what a laser shotgun/CQC weapon looks like. Fun and gameplay is far more important then all the nerdy misunderstanding of what a carbines job is. And it makes sense you would use larger less focused lens on your CQC laser weapon where it does not matter if its unfocused for distance same goes for the plasma larger less stable round at distance but good for close range with high stopping power and accuracy dude to it being a larger round.
  19. Where we playing 2 different versions of insane? because I was playing it ironman and you and me are doing far far different strategies, Shotgun and smoke? No thanks, I use rifles and stun gas and flashbangs, smoke is just for flank cover and blocking fire, shotguns open you up to way way to much reactive fire, you have one guy establish LOS then you have everyone else shoot from outside the aliens LOS, if hes using cover get rid of it with machine gun fire and the rocket launcher, or use ample amounts of stun gas to force them out of it. by the time aliens are showing up with heavy plasma you should have decent laser weapons or skilled enough troops to do team fire from distance on them. CQC is a death sentence without proper use of cover and flashbangs. How many guys are you losing with this shotgun and smoke strat? I can go many many missions without losing a single dude on insane, depending on how much i am paying attention, V5 I had 5 of my original squad and the other guys where 1st replacements when i got in power armor and had plasma weapons after that it was easy street. shotguns don't even have enough range and cant decently punch through cover. TU's on them are still not worthwhile, your better off with a pistol and a shield if you wanted to go that route, not that a shield or pistol is really all that great. IMO distance team fire from rifle &machinegun is best with 1 guy to scout for targets. Precision rifle leaves something to be desired as well not very great for a weapon that is supposed to trump the rifle at range, esp when you consider its 60 tu's for a aimed shot and you have move and shoot penalties it should provide much higher returns or receive less of a penalty when you shoot at enemy's in cover.
  20. shotguns still suck hard, same with the other CQC weapons. Why not make it a automatic shotgun instead of a pump action 2 rounds or 3? hell a double barreled sod off would be a far better choice considering how they end up being used. While we are at it can we please recover armor off dead soldiers, have electroshock grenades do damage to robitic types Get something more for shooting down fighters and bombers, IE recover alien alloys from the crash or something. have a upgraded version of the rocket launcher that is like the alien plasma ball launcher or change the plasma rocket rounds so they do plasma damage like the plasma ball IE dont destroy equipment! ability to sell manufactured items at the very least at cost to manufacture, your telling me no one would give you money for a god dam plasma tank?! introduced some sort of nightvision to higher teir suits? or how about a alienum improved flare? I mean for god sakes you can make power armor but cant give me a decent flare or super flashlight? improve performance of night ops.
  21. SOAB! is there anyway anyway I can get back to build 5??! Does someone still have it? I was enjoying my game! *Face melts Dam thing auto updated before i could stop it! I cant go through all that again can someone add me on steam and send me the files i need to go back down to build 5? Please! Steam is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197978733024/ Someone help!