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  1. That's why this thread is titled "Pacing"...
  2. Cool! That way you could have a drug and turf war ongoing on the base, while defending the base against an alien invasion. Now if the developers could just add the Judean People's Front crack suicide squad...
  3. You should also need to populate it with medical staff, which should also consume living space, which incidentily should also apply to the pilots and command & control team. Then you can also start to have experience and skillsets for those staff as well... Then when the base gets raided, the aliens can slaughter the staff, and steal all your supplies.
  4. It's sort of hard to tell where you went wrong from your post, but it appears you have misspent some of the early cash, or been rather wasteful with your resources in general, in some manner.
  5. The contorted ranges and views functions for rifles and LoS, because they function approximately as the OG, but system this breaks down when it comes to grenades, because player expectation is so different from what the game actually provides. As always, there has to be some form of compromise. In a game based on on the original, the discrepancy is just too glaring.
  6. 2 or 3 tiles? For lobbing a grenade? That does less than 1 tile radius? (it doesn't damage all 8 squares around it, just four squares). Are you seriously suggesting people can barely throw something to hit a 5' square from 10' away?!? You talking about making something useless in the game into something designed to kill players from fits of hysterical laughter. From the aforementioned wikipedia: "Modern fragmentation grenades such as the United States M67 grenade have a wounding radius of 15 m (half that of older style grenades, which can still be encountered) and can be thrown about 40 m." If we generously assume 1 tile is 5 feet, 3 tiles is 15 feet, or just under 5 meters; so lobbing a grenade 10-20 meters, or 6-12 tiles is not a problem. (as the article says, 120 feet, or 24 tiles...) The issue is the mild pop it makes in game and the little puff of smoke it makes to infuriate the plasma equipped alien. I'm not asking for lethal damage. Nor pinpoint accuracy. Just a big bang when the thing explodes that at least does some damage.
  7. Edrin is correct. The alternative, of course, is to manually do the "best move". I find it kind of strange that altering facing consumes so much TU. I mean 4 TU to squat/stand, 1 to look 45 degrees to the left or right? No wonder I get so tired at work. Strange I'm not more fit, though.
  8. The column "Status" should be moved to between "Name" and "Missions". I find the long row difficult to see when assigning the character to the transport.ยด In general, the highlighting of marked rows needs to be more visible.
  9. You don't clear a room in the game very often, because the damn grenades are useless. Range, AoE and damage are too low. I can accept a degree of inaccuracy over a greater distance, but it shouldn't be so difficult to hit someone with a small weighty object when they are less than 60 feet away. You should at least get the grenade within hurting distance, and remove/damage their cover, and/or stun them. From wikipedia The level 1 grenades in the game are more like glorified firecrackers. Currently, the game consists of inching forward slowly across the map in order to take multiple aimed shots versus single aliens. (More "leap-crawling" than "leap-frogging"). A well entrenched alien behind good cover can halt progress completely for many turns, as a single alien plasma shot kills a Xenonaut outright, but the aliens take multiple rounds to kill. Thank goodnass for the AI challenge, because a co-ordinated response to a Xeno dustdown would be a massacre.
  10. Ah cool. I'll just have to get over this hump at work, then I can get stuck in!
  11. It's not just names... How about looking at the images, posted by goldhawk, depicting the Research chief, the Chief Engineer, The Barracks Officer for the base. It is all Northern European, and creates a disconnect between base location and reality. Part of the experience in setting up bases around the world, is global co-operation. If all the important team members the player interacts with are "Aryan master race", except for a few grunts, the game starts to reek of South African Apartheid. In 2013, isn't it time we got past our cultural bias? (I'll say nothing of just the ludicriousness of the African Ukrainian Jeremiah) It should be quite simple on a splash screen, to display different figures, to reflect the region (in broad terms) in which the base is located. Furthermore, it should also be simple to have names and appearances of grunts to be recruited, regionally weighted. Small details such as this allow for better immersion (more so than having yet another rifle with marginally different performance). It's no big deal. Nothing difficult to programme, or requiring hours of rendering.
  12. Strange how time does that to you! ;o) The JA-37 version was just rolling off the manufacturer's floor in 1979. Not sure how quickly it got operational.
  13. Well, if you look at the images on that link, almost all the characters look north European (except the Ukrainian Jeremiah Jobsworthe... In 1979, I don't think there were that many Africans with Ukrainian passports...), when the base is in North Africa. I don't know about you, but I think it would definitely help immersion if majority of the soldier's names and appearance matched their origin / base. So in an Asian base (say in Japan), you'd have more Asian characters (appearance, names) as scientists, engineers, and rookies/squaddies. In the Indian base, you'd have more Indians. in a North African base, I'd expect to see more African names, and appearances. In South Africa, almost only caucasian. Of course, you can still send troops around between bases, but the primary recruitment for each individual base would be regional at best.
  14. In 1979?!? No Gripen, I'm afraid. For low maintenance, the choice would then be JA-37 Viggen, which I believe is actually one of the few aircraft which has achieved a missile lock on a SR-71, and was field maintained by conscripts. But it was never that cheap, as it was never successfully sold to another operator than the Swedish Air Force. For "cheap" we'd have to look at Northrop's F-5.
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