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    X-Division aircombat transfer to another mod?

    That was fast thanks! All good I understand, I didnt think it would be as easy as swapping a file or two. Just curious, hows the mod coming along? It feels complete to me besides the occasional xenopedia entry
  2. So guys im wondering and if any of the xdivision creators can chime in at all, I absolutely love the mod and the increased difficulty of the UFOs, I wanted a break from xdivision for now and felt like returning to its vanilla-ish roots with maybe the Xpansion Pack mod, but air combat is easy its just silly. Is there a way I can select a few certain files and add them into the XXP mod and have that same increased air combat?
  3. Guys is there a simple enough way to simply make ballistic weapons LIMITED, and purchasable? No need to manufacture bullets and guns.. I just want to "micromanage" my gun stocks, like this mod Economy overhaul: Base starts with just 10 assault rifles, 20 magazines, 10 frag grenades, 10 smoke grenades and 10 medipacks. No more "unlimited" weapons, equipment or ammo. (Vehicle equipment still is unlimited and unchanged, for now) All solider weapons, ammo and equipment must now be paid for and manufactured. Everything unlocks for manufacture the same way as usual. Default weapons are available TO PURCHASE/build from the start of the game. I've tried doing what I can by using that mods items.xml and adding the weaponry from "unlimited/capped" to "normal", I've added the strings to X-divisions strings, and used economy overhaul's base script in place of x-divs. No changes in game... I'm completely winging all this by the way so clearly no idea what I'm doing
  4. Hey I’ve been playing x-division and absolutely love it. I really miss the old economy system though for starting ballistic weapons. Does it look at all compatible with this mod?


  5. This is clearly old thread but I’ve just started using your mod its awesome. One feature the game itself could use, or should I say go back to, is no auto-research. Even if alien autopsies is fluff, that’s fluff I want to choose when it’s to be researched. Having research done for you is the game holding your hand
  6. Echelon117

    Research tree inconsistencies

    Like Chris implied it really isn't a big deal, it was just the very first thing I noticed when I was able to produce laser weapons but they needed alien alloys and alenium and the description to alien alloys stated nothing on earth can melt it down to reshape it. If anything were to be changed to polish it up, it would just be the description. Maybe write something to the effect of "we can only manipulate small fragments of this alien alloy with our current technology and will require a new source of power before large scale armor can be produced"... Or remove alien alloys as a production material? Or completely ignore any of it and leave it the way it is? For balance and consistencies sake as well as for immersion, when I play the full game I know I'll pretend I have to research Alenium and Alien Alloys first before I can produce an item that uses both in it's production
  7. Hi, I just wanted to point out what I found to be some small inconsistencies with the research tree and certain descriptions read in research results. For instance, Laser technology. To produce laser weapons the production materials involve Alienium and Alien Alloys.. However laser technology can be produced before research into alienium and alien alloys is even completed. If you do happen to research alien alloys, the description says that the material is so strong that no earthly amount of heat can be applied to melt the material down to shape it... Then how is this being done to produce laser weapons? I haven't gotten as far as researching new armors, but I will assume there is definitely a version of "Personal Armor" relying on alien alloys and in order to produce the armor a certain research item would need to be researched before hand to be able to melt the alloy down into the armor shape. Shouldn't this same research item be required to be researched before laser weapons can be produced since laser weapons directly use alien alloys as a production material? I hope I've made sense and gotten to the point! Thanks
  8. I think I'm one of very few original xcom fans who straight up didn't like the new xcom enemy unknown by firaxis. Ill play it for half an hour and all it does is make me quit the game and load up the original! You know that feeling when you watch a good movie with the same theme as a ge your currently playing and it makes you want to play that game? That's all the new xcom does for me! Can't wait for Xenonauts