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  1. mendonca

    Kickstarter Goes Live!

    $35k ... this is a great showing!!! Ha ha! Hopefully it flies up and away and continues to a nice, healthy total. Now if only I could justify buying one of the $200 pledges to my wife ... (But I get to see my face in a computer game!) *goes away to pledge*
  2. mendonca

    Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced!

    My first thoughts when I heard about this were ... "Oh no! What about Xenonauts!" Despite having huge respect for Firaxis, primarily because of Alpha Centauri, I remain sceptical, for now, that the game will be what they are intimating. Hopefully this exposure can be used as a springboard to get even more information out there about xenonauts, but yeah, I worry slightly about it getting swamped and I feel a little more of a personal obligation to spread the word about this game now. And in some respects things haven't really changed. I suspect there is enough general coverage of xenonauts to ensure that if it is as good as we think it can be, then it will succeed. If your looking for a differentiator it could be, as suggested, modding support, post v1.0 (free?) content, community involvement, low price(?). All the things that indies are good at.
  3. mendonca

    Greatest games of all time (according to you)

    Some great mentions in the lists here, I'll have a go at my top 5 based on nothing in particular, in no particular order, and I'll exclude XCOM games. Sensible World of Soccer - Such a beautifully simple game. I have probably played this game the most out of all games. Frontier: Elite 2 - Blown away by the scale and scope of the game, at the time. In retrospect shuttling back and forth from Sol to Barnards Star probably wasn't great gameplay, but it captured my imagination massively at the time. Jagged Alliance 2 - Picked this one up only in the last couple of years, but WOW. The game designers got so much in the way of playability, humour and sheer character in the game world. Just a beautiful, fun game, and only made better by 1.13. Tie Fighter - For a couple of months, about 10 years or so ago (longer?), me and Lord Vader were tight. I swear, I was there. Dwarf Fortress - For the ambition, creativity and madness of Tarn Adams. Under normal rules of game development, this game just would never exist. Have sunk plenty of time in to this one, probably a distant second from SWOS.
  4. mendonca

    Introduction thread!

    Hello everybody. I'm mendonca. I live in the bit of England that is not in London. I (mainly) lurked in the other forum as extradave. Clearly I have identity issues. I come in peace. Take me to your leader.