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  1. Yup, Alien Alloy Fabrication research completes, the Xenopedia article pops up, and I am unable to close it out. It hangs the game up and I have to Alt-F4 it to force exit the game.
  2. I had the same issue as ElToro, research was complete, and the Xenopedia article poped up. It wouldn't close and just stuck me there in the Xenopedia. I went ahead and started up a new game, and will be watching for this one. If I remember right, the hang was on the alien alloy research. -BB
  3. BoneBaby

    New Jagged Alliance Kickstarter.

    I somewhat saddened that this one doesn't look like it's going to make it... 100K in 5 days, doesn't look too good. This will be the first project that I backed to fail, that sucks! -BB
  4. BoneBaby

    Sci-Fi Books

    I kinda got on an apocalypse kick a few months back and grabbed a few new books. I picked up: A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M Miller Earth Abides by George R Stewart The Forever War by Joe Halderman Childhood's End by Authur C Clarke I run through all of them except The Forever War, I've just not gotten around to it. The first three were all a product for the 50s and all the tension that was going on during the arms race with Russia/USSR. When you read these, it helps to remember that. Of the ones I've read so far, Canticle for Leibowitz was the most interesting though... Earth abides was a close second. I think Canticle could make an awsome epic movie if done right. It's be like a cross between The Book of Eli / The Name of the Rose / and A Boy and his Dog -BB
  5. BoneBaby

    No Soldiers to recruit

    I suspect that this is the cause of my cross-linked soldier issue I've been experiencing between bases. Every time I use the "new/load" trick to hire soldiers, I end up with duplicates that are linked to one another. Example, soldier in base one takes some damage in a mission. Soldier in base 2 with same name is also wounded. Attempting to dismiss the duplicates will crash to desktop.
  6. Update to the issue. I tried to dismiss the duplicate soldiers, crash to desktop soon occured.
  7. I have a similar, but not exactly the same issue. I began the game with my standard North Africa base. After about a month of selling everything recovered from my ground missions I built a second base in North America. After living space was constructed, I transfered 4 vetrans from North Africa to the new base. Then using the "start new game then load save game" trick, I hired 6 additional troops for North America. Everything is going great at this point. After another good month I start a third base in Indochina. After living quarters are built, I again use the "start new then load" trick to populate the hiring fields, and I hire 10 soldiers for Indochina. I put all the new troops into basic training, as the hangers won't be complete for awhile anyway. Later in the month, I ran a mission from North America base on a scout I manage to take down. One of my guys, a sgt. was wounded and listed as %56 health. I didn't think much of it at the time, he'll heal up fine. But it was that "wounded" field that drew my attention to a problem. While checking in on the Indochina base, I looked at the personnel to see how far along the training was. It was there I noticed a soldier that was wounded at %56 and still in training status (as a sgt. no less). That go me to looking, and the soldiers in the Indochina base were in fact 8 out of 10 duplicates from the North America base in name, and rank.
  8. BoneBaby

    Build V12.1 Released!

    I posted this in the V12 thread by mistake, so here it is again... It appears the Desura direct D/L .zip has been updated finally. Link
  9. BoneBaby

    Build V12 Released!

    Quick note for those who prefer the .zip file D/L over installing the Desura client. The direct D/L page has been updated, and it appears to be the new 12.1 we've been waiting for. Link
  10. BoneBaby

    Build V12.1 Released!

    Help me out... The direct download link and file are still actually the V12 version, and not the V12.1 version as indicated? I D/L the file, and the launcher has "Preorder Alpha Build V12 - 17 June 2012" in the upper left corner. I would have thought it would have gotten update by now...
  11. BoneBaby

    Kickstarter Goes Live!

    Just to note, I found this on a comment on a youtube video "Lets Replay XCOM" by user shadowhawk2012. To say it was a random find would be an understatement
  12. BoneBaby

    Kickstarter Goes Live!

    Just put in my $100.... I loved XCOM back in the early 90s, it was my favorite game for many years. I will be buying the "re-imagining" that Friaxis and 2K are doing, but have some concerns about the direction they are taking. Xeno, so far is exactly what I would have XCOM be today. It's got the updates and look of a modern offering, but it maintains the "spirit" of the original. I hope the contributions keep comming in, and the game can become a classic in it's own time. I'll be peddling this to my friends as much as I can -BB
  13. First post, confirming the issue. While transferring a fighter to secondary base it was destroyed in trasnsit. Secondary base is still counting a hanger as occupied. Kickstarter Build V10 4 May 2012