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  1. Still not updating here, any news from Xsolla about when the problem will be fixed?
  2. I think the ideas are generally good, which was why I was a bigger fan of the XCom Apocalypse than any of the other games, since the effects of what you did got you enemies in the city, that attacked you. And there was the cult that supported the aliens and so on. These enemies tried to support the ufos when they came, so always an unkown to keep you on your feet. These types of games have huge potentials, but unfortunately games become easier and easier these days. HOI is a good example. Have huge hopes for this game, like the first one, since it mimic the originals, hope this sequel doesn't end in a confusing mix of Fallout Shelter and other games, that is not Xcom. Properly just me, but got a little worried when I saw the base first time here.
  3. Actually forgot about that game, it is a simple way to make use of both pilot/plane stats and give user some control as well. Would love something like this in X2. Need to go find that game again. ;-)
  4. AvonWolf

    Doors in UFOs

    Love the fact that breaching becomes possible, that is going to be a great new feature. LOS is really crap in this version or is it just me? Properly because it is in development, but opening a door and them have the doorframe blocking LOS is stupid. Generally LOS doesn't seem to work so good yet? Otherwise a few crashes here and there, but really looking to be a great game. Oh and I love they are waiting for me, back in the first Xcom game, I remember the commander would be in his small room in the UFO and for a long time, I almost lost 1 soldier per mission getting to him. Don't make it too easy.