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    August Update

    Chris, I appreciate your explanation of the update, but a couple of us see things l like "The September Update" - and I under stand this is not a code release - but it gives a lot of people that impression. My buds sees this and ask me what's new, and all I can say is nothing, I am still on the June build. So let me ask, when will be see a substantive update? From our perspective, it has been 3 months now. Kind Regards, Kef
  2. I saw a short blurb on Steam about the X2 August Update. Since it is now September, I was wondering why my game is still on the June version. Have I missed some announcement regarding the beta? Kind Regards, Keflin
  3. Complete uninstall and delete the the folder in steam. Install again and same version Closed Beta V6.3.
  4. I received my Steam key today and I followed the activation as stated successfully. On Steam I run the game and it installs the Closed Beta V6,3 - 17 July 2019 build. On Steam I look at the properties tab where you opt into betas and I do not see any beta option available. So, are Steam people going to see the current builds?
  5. 3 days to end of month. No email about steam keys yet.
  6. As soon as anyone sees these email notices, please post here. I may have to fish it out of my junk mail folder
  7. Well just look at it for some ideas, not that we need to reproduce the whole thing. I am certain it will tickle your creative juices.
  8. Good topic Chris, All reasonably good comments above. X-Division sucked in a good way in that it was extremely hard to beat. It was rich with additional content in all of the right places. I especially liked the feature where the economy (if that is even the right word) was built around capturing alien stuff, disassembling it into its basic components that were needed to build new equipment. My base engineers were never not busy, ever. It served as a great technology throttle as well. You appear to have some what adopted this in principle when we can "convert" alien weapons for human use. I will not get long winded on everyone. One way or another X-Division II will get built by the community somehow on top of your new engines which will breathe new live into X2 once the original content gets repetitive. X1 X-Division only major short coming for me was not being able to rotate the view. Of all of the features in X2, that is the #1 improvement for me. Everything else is mostly icing on the cake. Great Work so far...
  9. I have my cursor hovering over the highlighted name (Alice Carter), however with 3 candidates identified for this mission, the 3 I selected are not identified on the screen. Maybe make the text bold or add a check box on the far left. The problem become more acute as my soldier pool grows.
  10. When building a new base, cannot use mixed case in new name unless I put the cursor at the end of the name, enter my new name then delete the original name. So to rename this to South America, I have to put the new name at the end of the line then back space over the Latin America and click ok.
  11. How does one "detete the game files" without uninstalling the game? I assume that C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Goldhawk Xsolla Downloader is the launcher path and C:\Games\Goldhawk Launcher\Xenonauts 2 would be the game path. I would like confirmation before I "delete the games files" and find myself stuck without a launcher.
  12. Conceptually I like what X-Division did. Your engineers spend most of their time reclaiming ufo wreckage and corpses and turn them into raw materials to build with. The engineers are never idle.
  13. Hmm, the side view single base mechanic was growing on me a lot. It simplified my game play by not having to micro manage multiple bases. However with the top down view style of base management I can see the advantages there as well. Personally I can work with either but I slightly prefer the side view, especially if it will allow for multi tier base maps to defend, level by level kind of thing. As for single base vs multiple bases, my play style generally was one base full or research and one base full of manufacturing. Any others were effectively radars and runways. My main assault base would normally be my research base because when new techs are discovered for research, they are already at the labs, and the already searched stuff need for manufacturing had to be shipped. A single base mechanic simplifies that. But again I am kind of neutral on that too, it is not like X2 will not be heavily modded anyway not long after release.
  14. What is ETA on next build?
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