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  1. I understod you. But all I'm saying, is that I like to manage my resourses and direct controll units. I feel response when I guide the plane, it feels like that there are real plane, the resoutl depends of my actions. I feel like it is reale bases somewere in Australia when I open the window and chose the plase for another hangar. Maybe a lot of micromanagement is not fun for somebody, but I'm sure that there are another options besides simplification of gameplay. I agree that it was monotonous sometimes, but I think this can be fixed. Maybe old systemwas fun only firs 20 times, but new isn't at all. P.S.: I'm not in test team, but it didn't meens that I can't see situation.
  2. Developers said that they don't wan't to move back to X1 system, ad ATLAS base been positioned like a feature. I say about things which is planed to change. And even at this time this seams like wrong way. P.S.: I'm sorry for my English(I'm not native speaker), hope you are understand me correct.
  3. I looked throw the main fetures of X2 and was quite disapointed, because things which I like(and I gues many people too) are planed to be replaced. And I'm talking about geoscape. Air combat was super cool. It was interesting stratigically and tactically . I would like to see how it's evolve, becoming more interesting with different options for different strategies. The atmosphere of X1's feels whery realistic to. In X2 there some sort illusion of control. If you have enough power you will beat UFO. It only depends of random, how many damage your fighters will receive. There is way come up with any kind of tactic. Yet again it feels awesom when you direct your planes in X1. You realy feels like commander. Plenty of bases was also nice. As for me, the logistic was interesting. It maked atmosphere of serious organiztion as well. It also can evolves to become more interesting for player. Base planning system was interesting too. I'm sorry but my first thought when i saw ATLAS was "XCOM", but this kind of vertical construction is't best part of it. I like clever game X1 was, but ut looks like X2 lossing best of Xenonauts.
  4. Noether

    Air Combat

    X1 model was super awesom. Game will become more interesting if you make it more complex to give player more options and interesting fitures. Please don't abandon one of the most interesting part of the game.