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    X-com: Apocalypse 2?

    I know little about the Xcom Apocalypse, well this is the third game in the Xcom series now Xcom is having so many series to play. I don't think so, that it may require the changes, I think this is one of the finest projects that they have made. One of the great news released this year that tactical legacy pack has been released with new items, new players, new maps. From the starting only I used to play a strategy video game, playing games on PC are like you do not need to worry much about the type of the game. But I always used to play in a multiplayer mode with the friend to explore more. Apart from this one can also get more series of this game to explore. Currently, I am playing Xcom 2: War of the chosen on PC. One of the best parts of this game is that it can be played on the PC.
  2. JeanMcBride


    I think this is all about the comic it all, there is no need for all kinds of stuff we need to get this game. But it is true to cross levels in the xenonauts we need to play its previous version or I can say series to have better performance in the gameplay.
  3. I think many things matter for this training is the largest part that everyone should learn to for the better result, I think we should treat our players to have. Apart from this platform do really matter for them especially when they are given with unexpected heavy time.
  4. JeanMcBride

    Any way to see the full Xenopedia?

    So are you still going with the same game or just go for the other to play. Just to know guys apart from what others game are you guys playing currently?
  5. JeanMcBride

    Frozen Synapse 2 announced!

    Is it like we would get the same mission as given in the previous series of this game, I think this time it is going to be different but not sure about it, maybe going to have a diverse change in the middle, looking for the great. As I saw the trailer and it is amazing to have to look forward to having this soon.