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    Ground Combat Items

    How is ammo going to be handled for inventory purposes? Is ammo going to require slots or is it just part of the weapon and you don't need to place it in inventory. I did not see anything in the inventory thread. My squads in most games carry a primary weapon and one soldier usually has a rocket launcher or autocannon in the backpack for special situations. In most X-Com games my favorite setup usually includes carrying High Explosive and Incendiary ammo in at least 2 soldiers to clear out enemy cover(Or just to blow up everything if the enemy tries to hide) and then switching back to primary guns. The incendiary was especially good when I need visibility for night missions. I also carried explosive ammo if the enemy had a good position and I did not want to risk getting killed to flush them out. So my squads always had versions of autocannons and rocket launchers in at least 1 to 3 soldiers.
  2. Judy

    Xenonauts-2 October Update!

    It would be fun if we had a Combat knife in the game. Kill enemy with combat knife, strip claws from enemy. Sell claws for cash like psiclone from X-Com Apocalypse!!! Or have an organization that we can sell enemy body parts for cash(this will solve your "claws" problem and make it a bit more interesting then using explosive weapons and wiping out all the loot)
  3. Please implement an option or even consider a default that allows players to pick up everything on the ground after a successful ground combat mission. I hate having to run around after killing most things just to pick up what I want, including dropped or unexploded items such as proximity grenades or items you dropped on purpose since you think you will be mind-controlled. Oh and tool tips for weapons would be great too. Can we also have auto restock of soldier items after a missions? I hate having to manually reload a soldier with grenades after a mission like in X-Com Apocalypse.