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  1. So I'm not sure if I broke something or just ran past the time limit maybe? But all UFO activity has stopped, and I cannot launch the final mission. user_day_557_manual_save-6.json
  2. Heyo, So if you move a soldier over a dead alien or cleaner and try to take it's gun or move the body into your back pack you cannot, it also then causes a crash. Should be repeatable. Same works for your dead squaddies too I think, but that was a different instance and i haven't had it recur (have not purposefully tried to test but i'd believe its the same) auto_groundcombat_turn_4_start-56.json
  3. So this has happened 3x loaded saves in a row. When the Zombie comes towards the team at the end of the turn if it is killed by "overwatch fire" and "hatches" the new xeno the came insta crashes to desktop. **edit to clean up the language a bit** auto_groundcombat_turn_3_end-139.json
  4. Hey thanks. I found them after I reload, but the real point is you take the ship and hit an alternate win condition to not have to chase down the last goon. of killing the last goon is the only Victor condition you shouldn’t have a sign saying “here is this alternative victory condition you can achieve in x turns “ The issue is not where the last enemy is but that you can’t get the victory screen to fire after you’re +1 turn after 0 turns until victory. make sense?
  5. Captured an enemy destroyer. Got the victory condition to trigger. Each consecutive turn after just says 0 turns until victory. If I abort, I fail. If I load my troops into the ship and abort, I fail. I've scoured the map to find the final baddie(s), nada. Would be cool if this just fired and I could get the W. [] user_day_168_crash_site_manual_save-10.json
  6. I'm having this exact same issue on PC no mods. Altering the class job and clicking accept gives a red text box in the lower left and crashes the game. Swapping weapons will also do it. I've attached my most recent save here which I just crashed out of. auto_strategy_before_intercept-26.json
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