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  1. As Ruthless Reuban said, Video uses NG difficulty where the UFO health is lower and is also using the submod called easy airgame which means even lower UFO health and faster airplanes for the player. Here is how I do it. Difficulty NG +2. Small showcase : Bigger showcase : Now go and shoot down those bad boys, there is a nice reward if you do.
  2. I gave this challenge another go. Happy new year everyone.
  3. Your welcome. A bit of ekstra information if interested, alien outpost have phase 2 units, bases phase 3 units and fortress have phase 4 units, so dont let these outposts grow or you will have a really hard time getting rid of them. This somehow sounds very familiar.
  4. No downsides other than the guys and equipment you lost during that mission. Nope, feel free to send in endless supplies of rookies.
  5. Thought maybe this could be useful to someone.
  6. Svinedrengen

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    The best thing in a long time, BREXIT finally happened. Let us hope this is the beginning of the end of the EU Dictatorship. Wrong, it means good times filled with prosperity for people there.
  7. I never had a chance to try it out, so I dont know if it works as intended.
  8. It is in the mods file with all the other mods.
  9. That is because the Charons changes file overwrites the 300.000 k with 200.000 k. That would be my guess. Yeah Robots on the first terrormission is not easy. I actually did win my first terrormission with robots, also only with tier 1 weapons.
  10. X-Division Challenge. Win the first Terrormission. Rules : Only standard basic equipment. (Hunter is allowed) No more than 10% overload on troops. Difficulty has to be NG+2 A fun and pretty hard challenge, but not impossible. Here is my first attempt.
  11. @Charon Thank you for everything.
  12. @LagannPM A few corrections and extensions to @Dagar´s post. If the mission is succesful, most things get collected which includes ALL your guns, if it can shoot it gets collected whether or not they are equipped or on the ground (watch out for grenades when your weapons are on the ground). What doesnt get collected are grenades, explosives, rockets and melee weapons, but only if they are on the ground, if you have it in your inventory when missions ends then everything is fine. All alien stuff gets collected. In case of retreat, then you have to pick up the stuff you want to bring back. 2. You will need them when you encounter ships that uses drones against you, which acts as homing missiles. 3. Alien figthers are a direct upgrade to your F-17´s. Aserius are pure dogfighters. 4. You can also try using the ceasans ligthning weapons on the xeno´s. And your shotguns are great against reapers, look at the tooltip for shotguns, they have some unik stats other weapons dont have. 5. All units in X-Div are affected by smoke. 6. You can only collapse the building by destroying enough walls on the ground floor. 7. Miniguns works great against alien doors, explosives too. 8. You only need to worry about civilan casualties and completing the mission. The rest doesnt really matter.
  13. Okay, I guess this means it is testing time. I never noticed this code before, thought it would be interesting to see how it plays out.
  14. @Charon Do you know if this actually works ? <useXenonautBaseTilesetForRetakeMissions value="0" comment="If 1, Xenonaut base retake missions will take place in the Xenonaut base map instead of the alien base map. The mechanics of such missions are similar to regular base defense except for Xenonauts getting the first turn" />
  15. I have to agree with the Ruthless dude ... It is very much possible, I also play on NG+2 and no cheating. How he is doing it, is the same way I do it too, with some differences. As a new player you may not know the best and fastest path to aquire these things before the first terrormission comes. If you need some inspiration, you can check out my channel on youtube (I have runes in my name, so should be easy enough to find) or Charons, we are both playing on NG+2. Dagar also has a channel, he plays on NG. I cant deliver links because I am using my phone, and this post has already taking too long now. Stupid phones
  16. No no no I absolutly 100 % did do that, yep no doubt about it.... buuut just to be sure, I checked it again and totally without changing the value to 50 so it matches, and what do you know, now it works all of a sudden, so weird Well, when I said that, I actually meant anybody else but me, I deserve answers to my questions because I am who I am, and because I like it that way. I only said "us" to sound more in solidarity with the plebs, I do try not to look down on you peasants more than neccesary, since I believe it is the honorable thing to do No in all seriousness though, I wasnt sure if you were being sarcastic.
  17. I forgot that, editting Charons Changes solved it. Yeah that is the file I already changed, but they began showing up without escorts, so I thought that there had to be another file I dont know about overwriting it. Maybe I overlooked something then, wouldnt be the first time I am actually a little unsure how to interpret this. Can you elaborate please ?
  18. @Charon Which file determines the interval for terrorcarriers ? And what determines when they start to show up ? What I want to do is to make them show up an interval earlier than it is now, somewhere around mid september. Thanks in advance.
  19. @Borak My advice would be that you try X-Div out before you change something, simply because you dont know yet if it needs to be changed. When I first tried X-Div my biggest concern was the low stats of soldiers too, but once I started playing I very quickly realized how fast your soldiers gains stats. It is not uncommon that they will gain 20+ stats total per mission in the first missions which are just small ships, when you encounter the bigger ships you can easily gain 40+ stats total. You can still grind it if you really want too, but it is definatly not neccesary at all. If you look at the armours in the x-pedia, you will also see that they give stat bonus to certain attributes. In general my advice would be to read all the info in the x-pedia and the tooltips, lots of helpful information is there. Good luck with the game.
  20. You havent noticed how shiny the ships look in X-Div ? I have only tested the lightscout, scout and corvette.
  21. @Dr. Ethan I can confirm this, the datacores are not been recovered, which is a pretty big deal. It is like trying to beat the game with no alloys, not gonna happen. Otherwise it works, except also the beautiful redecorations of the ships that Charon made are missing. I did not feel the need to test any further because of this, but if you can fix it I will gladly test all the ships for you. See this is what I was saying, Charon is the go to guy about this, he knows what he is talking about, so the fact that you two got started on the wrong foot is very unfortunate.
  22. Here is the thing that some people maybe are forgetting : @Charon is not charging us to play X-Div, we are not paying customers, so he is not obligated to answer anything if he dos not want to, just like the rest of us dont have to. He dos not owe us anything. It is quite simple and should be respected, no matter how weird you might think the behavier is. Yes I also think this situation is akward and will agree with Changeling that it is kinda dumb, and I will leave it at that as it is none of my bisness. However I will say from personal exsperience, that Charon has been extremly helpful and has shown alot of patience towards me, when I have been fumbling around with my files like a dumbass and messed stuff up. @Dr. Ethan I will take a look at it later today.
  23. I dont get it either. I can see how it has come to this, but why it has escalated to this point I dont really understand. The problem is though that the best person to ask for advice or help with this integration is @Charon , so the situation between him and @Dr. Ethan is not optimal I would say. Absolutly agree, including fixing the LOS holes. @Dr. Ethan How many of the ships are done, the first phase ? Would you mind if I try it out and test it ?
  24. Thank you @Charon your the best. Interesting, I dont remember them like this but good change, they shouldnt do that.
  25. Åh man, is this what I think it is ? Please tell me it is.