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  1. ResFu

    Let's Play X-COM!

    Do you still need names for soldiers? If so, I'll be happy. If i can choose who will be named by me, someone with good accuracy (I like snipes) or with good throwing (You know, nades and so...)
  2. I think it certainly was not Sectoid (grey alien pilot), but the other whose name I forget. In the original (X-Com) after vivisection wrote that he got device to sustain life (with something like cape on back and he was tall) I got freeze also with him and after trying to shot with MG (now i know that MG does not working)
  3. ResFu

    Website News Update

    Sweets! V9.2 this week! Soon as possible (after launching V9.2) i'll post in my "home" forum (also with a lot of X-Com generation peoples)
  4. Thank you very much for clearing this (about alien containment)
  5. But i got always Alien Corpse's Detroyed so i cannot make Researches on them.
  6. ResFu

    Where do you put your bases?

    During the first game of Xenonauts I put the base in a place where is my home town (part of the Polish Baltic, near Gdansk), unfortunately, during the first battle with the aliens my screen freezed during hidden combat, I did not have any saves, so this base is gone. During this game I have a base near Nagasaki, unfortunately the game freezed (also hidden combat) again when the third UFO crashed, but i have still a save before third UFO. I need here quick save, i really dont remember about saveing... I think placeing base, between china and russia, is very very suitable, because of profits from crashed UFO's
  7. I have a very small suggestion. After the end of the fight would have been nice to have at least one additional turn, maby even not permanent. Why? To get a corpse of extraterrestrial, if soldier stand in the place where is the corpse. I think this option can be nice in earlier stages of game. What do you think?
  8. ResFu

    Xtended Soldiers Backgrounds

    Well i corrected those non polish names and those which was incorrect (minor spelling mistakes) also added around 20 names, two other units and experience for units (operation Danube, december 1970 also known as a massacre on the Coast). How to attach .txt file? Or else, give me your mail and I'll send you the file.
  9. ResFu

    Xtended Soldiers Backgrounds

    I see that you introduce many new names, would you like to join my names and units of Polish origin? I don't impose myself, just ask. Sorry for horrible language
  10. ResFu

    Introduction thread!

    Hey Ho Hello! As you can see in my profile (i think), im Matthew. Right now im studying Administration and im unemployed as well. I suspect that the creators of this great game like to know from where and why the new people arrive, so when I watched "WTF is ..." I immediately wanted to have this game. In total, I could buy it yesterday but I was hoping today that it will be a better exchange rate between the currency which I am using and the Euro. Unfortunately, this has not happened but the increase was not too big just 0.03 Euro cents. I think that, like many of you I also played the progenitor of Xenonauts, and with a broad smile on face did you react to it also. Well it is all? I think so... Just question: When i get shiny "Premium Pre-Order" badge (or whatever it is)? Im sorry if gramma or spelling will be not so okay
  11. I got the same, i don't know your specs xenon0 but for me i think this is because of my graphic card (Radeon ) It's time to rebuy my earlier card i see... Another similar problem (probably also associated with the card), It was aliens turn and I saw perhaps their last creature, it became something like the freeze on the "Hidden Movement". Is this really the fault of my damn video card?