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  1. I'd be interested in this. I just typo-ed my third base.
  2. A_F

    question on reapers

    The best way I can think to deal with reapers is to form a firing line and pass turns until they come to me. They will get all the civies though. Poor civies.
  3. I'm no expert, but researching it will open more items in the tech tree. If you fall behind in tech, you will have a hard time dealing with the more advanced aliens that start appearing in the second and third month. If you have other things to research, it is probably fine to pursue them, but if your scientists are idle, I would get on that interrogation
  4. A_F

    Questions about Vehicles

    I usually make one as soon as I can, but on this run I skipped the tier 1 tank and went straight to tier 2, which is much better. I don't remember which month. I also waited for the tier 2 dropship, which has room for 8 squaddies and a tank.
  5. A_F

    Questions about Vehicles

    I found them to be good for providing cover to my squad in certain places. For example when you need to get across an open field, but do not have enough TUs. You can pull the tank up to the midway point, then use that as cover and get across in two turns. I have heard they can do damage to your squad, if they blow up adjacent, but I have had this happen and did not notice injuries. They also carry a lot of ammo, which can be used to blast your way through walls. They are not good for alien base invasions though. The corridors are too tight. If they die in a doorway, their wreck will block it and you will need several grenades to get through. It can be tempting to send them out alone, because they have a lot of TU's, but I don't recommend this. They are a large target and easy to hit. Keep you squad nearby for support.
  6. Hi I have this issue with the CE as well, but I see this thread is 7 months old. I downloaded the CE just last week. Has it been updated, or should I still get the fix pack? Edit - I just downloaded it. It says to delete the scripts folder in \internal\ however I do not have this directory. There is a scripts folder in the xce, but I am not sure I should delete that.
  7. Lost a corporal and another Tank on the next base. Ah well.
  8. Do you have any tips for nades? My guys died to reactions after throwing them. It's hard to find a safe angle. I raided another Andron base, since I posted, and tried smoke. It seemed to work. It would be nice to get confirmation in the game data somewhere. I meant the enemy disc shaped flying drones that usually accompany Androns. I was wondering if they can act as spotters for Androns to fire from beyond visual range into smoke. But I think I have my answer. Thanks for the tip. I am researching them now. I think having more than 2 shield troops might be a good choice for bases. Since there are so many high ranking aliens spraying reaction fire. I might leave the tank at the base and bring 4 more troops next time. It is not so great in close quarters.
  9. Basically the title, but especially against Androns, which can't be suppressed. I recently had to raid an Andron base and lost two of my best troops to reaction fire. I was using two shield Troops, but their shields got shot up very early on(to reaction fire). I then used my tank to bait out reaction fire, but it eventually went down. I was able to kill the aliens at a steady clip, but there were just too many of them. And when I lost my shields and tank, I had to make the tough choice of finishing the mission, or aborting. I pressed on and won, but a couple high ranking Androns got two of my men with reaction fire after throwing nades at them. These were tight spaces so I couldn't use the tactic of shooting from beyond range with a spotter. A few more questions: 1) Can Androns see through smoke like drones? 2) If not, can Drones spot for Androns through smoke? 3) Can Alenium grenades hurt Androns? I didn't see damage numbers. How about regular grenades? Thanks!
  10. Maybe it was just bad luck. I lost 3 squad mates to one burst shot. Thanks for the help though!
  11. Well I played the CE a few hours last night, so I will keep going with the new game. Is the CE harder? I feel like my soldiers are getting shot more.
  12. Would community edition generate maps with that bug?
  13. Yes this was maybe 4 or 5 hours into buying and playing the game.
  14. Thanks for looking into it. If it is a newly discovered bug, then I am guessing it has not been addressed in the community edition?