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  1. As a newer player I just wanted to share some of my frustration with one aspect of how time units work. I would see at the bottom left of the screen of how many time units I needed to make a particular shot, but I wasn't factoring in line of sight. So I would click on a square to send in my squad making note of the fact that it would leave me with enough time units to shoot a nearby alien, only to realize I now didn't have enough time units to pull it off??? Eventually the light bulb turned on and I realized it was taking 2 points of time units per 45 degree turns of the body. Once I realized that, then it all came together for me. I like how the mechanic works now that I understand it, it just wasn't intuitive for me.
  2. It's mid November and my current objective is to interrogate an alien officer. I have one I can interrogate right now, but I was wondering if there would be any reason to wait? Or is it best to complete the objectives as soon as possible?
  3. Just did my first mission with reapers. Half my squad died to them, the horror... Anyway, after said mission I've not noticed I have less laser weapons than what I had before the mission. Do you lose the gear of squad members who get turned into reapers?
  4. I'm new to the game and I haven't messed with vehicles at all yet. Just wondering if any of you feel you need vehicles for a successful run? If so, by what month do you usually start making them?
  5. Soldiers turn into white silhouettes when they are hidden behind cover and are either selected or dead. I think it would be nice for that silhouette to be active at all times (when the soldiers are hidden behind cover), as I sometimes lose track of some of them.
  6. Tl;dr I’m sure this has been brought up before but can we get the Soldier Equipment screen in the combat demo, bruhs? I’m fairly new to Xenonauts, been bouncing between it and the combat demo for Xenonauts 2 lately. I know Goldhawk is planning a Kickstarter at some point this year and I just wanted to talk about the planned state of the combat demo for when the Kickstarter goes live. The only game I’ve played similar to Xenonauts is X-COM 2012, which I enjoyed a lot. When I played Xenonauts I was surprised by how stat-heavy it was and how fascinating Time Units are. And the fact that there is an infinite amount of normal items to equip my party with… once I realized that I was like why the hell haven’t I been playing this game since forever ago? SO awesome. My favorite two screens in the strategy layer are the Barracks screen (I love being able to sort the soldiers by their stats) and of course the Soldier Equipment screen. Is it possible to get something like the Soldier Equipment screen in the demo before the Kickstarter? I feel like it would really highlight the badass RPG underbelly of the game (if you had all of the infinite starting items and tooltips for all the stats and guns and all that fun stuff). Keep in mind I may be writing this post for my own selfish reasons. It’s hard for me to tell actually, probably 50/50. But IF it’s possible AND not too much work it MAY be worth it for the Kickstarter. Just a thought, either way I can’t wait to support you guys once the Kickstarter does drop!
  7. I've had a couple of times where a soldier will fail a grenade throw and drop it right by his own feet, however, when it exploded the soldier took no damage.